This post is based on my field study that I did conduct last three months for the year 2014. You may seem not to approve some of this idea, but please correct me if I am wrong. Most of the things contain here were based on my own opinion. I am very welcome to some ideas that you may share on this subject matter. Thank you and hope it will be a help for those people in search for the same studies.

Available Learning Resources (Enumerable in bullet form) Characteristics and Unique Capabilities Teaching Approaches where the Resource is Most Useful

  1. Print Resources
  • Books
  • Newspaper


  • Framed Maps


  • Magazines


Reading Materials for Students

To give update on the recent news


Visualization for the students and fill their curiosity of children.

To give the children an additional knowledge in their environment




Useful in reading/assignments

For current events reports


Useful at any time esp. a basis for their history class.

Useful at any time and an additional material for any kind of assignments/project they have.


  1. Audio Resources
  • Sound Boxes



  • Radio





Good for many audiences



Learning through listening




Useful during a seminar/meeting/ an announcement to be given to the students

Useful for those Pre-school Students in learning through listening sounds/music.


  1. Non-electronic Visual Resources
  • Visual Aide




  • Flash Cards
  • Globe





Alternative in using black board and additional in providing a students a wider range of material for their learning

Visualization learning

Additional material for students.




Useful in classes.




Useful in elementary grade.

Useful during their assignment given to the students.


  1. ICT Resources
  • Computer Library



  • Laboratory Computer



  • Projector




  • Television



  • CD and USB




Collection of data



Materials used in student’s learning about computers


Materials used for powerpoint/ or any learning using software.



Visualization learning



Saving documents



Useful for those students who are willing to search in a wider field.

Useful during their computer class


Useful when a certain teacher needs a far range of materials for good visualization of learning for the kids.

Only useful as per required by the teacher for educational learning.

Useful in saving important documents.




The school is quite capable of providing their students will education materials. The technology they have is equipped of some materials used for the basic learning of the students, the only thing is that they are not easily accessible especially some materials. There are those materials that are not allowed to be borrowed either students or a teacher outside the certain perimeters. Some of those can only be accessible in their library upon request of a teacher as means of educating their students. Internet was not accessible in any facilities of the school.



Name and Signature of Observer: Jomairah T. Mulay




My Analysis

Were the learning resources/materials arranged properly according to their functions and characteristics?

  • Most of their resources are all inside there library room. In there, those materials are will arranged in accordance with their type. The example of this are their computers for library use, they are in one line, having 8 computers. Magazines and Newspaper are in separate rock standing. The books are will arrange according to their theme or subject. Their projector and television are in one section of the library.

Do the guidelines and procedures facilities easy access to the materials by the teachers? Why? Why not?

  • Yes, the facilities are easily accessible but only to be used inside the library. Examples of this are the projector and the television. They cannot be borrowed outside the library. Teachers are required to ask permission from their heads and the library-in-charge in accessing those materials for education means for their students. There computers inside the laboratory are accessible during the students’ computer lesson.

What are the strengths of this Learning Resource Center?

  • The Assistant Teacher from the Elementary Section told me that they have that certain books that usually not accessible from any schools or any other resources. For this reason some of these books, according to her, were being photocopied by the worker from the DepEd, due to scarcity of that certain materials. From this assumption I am assuming that they have this will equipped educational materials that are provided to them for their students. Aside from this, some of their equipments are safe from any damages that may occur when it used outside the premises of the library.

What are its weakness?

  • The weakness that may appear in this kind of set up is the lack of there access in the internet world. The world is working and moving in a fast pace. Many thing changes happen in one blink of an eye, and making your self updated in the world today through internet is an edge. If you taken this out from the learning system of the students, this can cause of not giving them the rightful access in realizing the reality of the out side world.

What Suggestions can you make?

  • I want to suggest putting up an internet within the campus or it could be only in the library. Learning is not only in books, four corners of the room as well as from the environment, but it is also outside. Internet will help the students to learn. I know that in this kind of learning, there are those websites that are not good for kids. However, in this new age there are those solutions as well; sample of this is making some restriction within the system.

 My Reflections

  1. Which of the materials in the Learning Resource Center caught to your interest most? Why?

o   From the materials that were presented in that said school, probably the projector was something that captured my interest. Though it was not something very extravagant, but as I’ve been in other elementary and high schools, this kind of technology weren’t that always easily accessible in some, but in there, you can really sees the presence of this material. Unlike some other elementary and high school, this kind of material is not always present and easily be applied in class.

  1. Which gadgets/materials are you already confident to use/operate?

o   As for me, since I am used in using computer. I could say I am confident in using this kind of resources since that I’ve been used to it. If I’ll become a teacher in future in times, I would love to use this more often in order to give the student a clear visualization of those topics that I need to emphasize to them.

  1. Which ones do you feel you need to learn more about?

o   The highly thing that I need to learn more about is about restricting the consumption of the internet for the children. Since I would like to encourage internet use for the students in the library, or any other premises of the school, learning how to restricting some website not to be used is needed.

My Portfolio

Paste an article about an example of technology gadget/material that you want to learn more about. How can this gadget/material be useful in instruction/teaching?


Interactive White Board
Interactive White Board


                In searching over the internet about these so called gadgets that can be used in teaching profession, I find this interactive whiteboard as an interesting to get ourselves involved with. According from the sources, this is the modern, touch-controlled edition of old chalkboards that works well together with any computer. The board is basically like a huge touch screen, on which teachers or students can write with digital ink and use their bare hands to control the content of the table. It can even be used as huge projector. Having this kind of gadgets in class will make your teaching more effective, and for the students to become more interested in learning.






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