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This post is based on my field study that I did conduct last three months for the year 2014. You may seem not to approve some of this idea, but please correct me if I am wrong. Most of the things contain here were based on my own opinion. I am very welcome to some ideas that you may share on this subject matter. Thank you and hope it will be a help for those people in search for the same studies.

My Map

To reach your target, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Observe a class on the regular schedule.

Step 2: Note down the various teaching aids that were utilized in the teaching learning process.

Step 3: Comment on the appropriateness of the teaching aids to the learning asks.
Step 4: Reflect on your learning.

My Tools

As you observe the ckass use the activity forms provided for you to document your observations.

Class Observation Guide

Read the following statements carefully before you observe.

  1. What is the lesson about?
  2. What visual aids/materials/learning resource is the teacher using?
  3. Observe and take notes on how the teacher presents/uses the learning resources.
  4. Closely observe the learner’s response to the teacher’s use of the learning resources. Listen to their verbal responses. What do their responses indicate? Do their responses show attentiveness, eagerness and understanding?

Focus on their non-verbal responses. Are they learning forward showing their interest on the lesson and the materials? Are they looking towards the direction of the teacher and the materials? Do their actions show attentiveness, eagerness and understanding?

Class Observation

Preschooler on Learning Side
Preschooler on Learning Side

For a couple of Sundays, I and my co-classmates did observed classes from different grade levels. It was kind enough that Ma’am Imelda Mamangconi, the Principal of AKIC-SLS was very accommodating towards our observation at their school. On this regard, I am indeed choosing the preschooler as my area of observation on this episode of FS 3 due to so many reasons.

                Every classes has their own way of Instructional Materials, and they indeed show a different kinds of IMs, but what I am amazed the most was the preschoolers’ Instructional Materials. They have this colourful class that you can almost see different colour from different areas from their classroom. If I could compare them from the higher level, theirs were the most outstanding than any other. Perhaps, this is due to their standing point as a new learner, which most of what they encounter is very new to them. Preschoolers have the most sensitive senses among the learners, and they still need a lot of things in order to understand some of their environment. In order to introduce this to them, teachers are required to show them what is attracting for the children in a more fun, colourful and innovative way.

                The class I did observed last February 16, 2014 was a senior kindergarten section Saturn. When I did enter to their classroom, I did ask a permission from the assistant teacher named Rahman Abdullah, a graduate of MSU-Main with a course of AB-Filipino. I told her that I was given consent from the principal to observe their classes, with a warm welcome, she indeed let me in inside their rooms and to my surprise I just “wow” myself from those things that were being displayed inside their room. Upon entering, everybody of them greeted me with a loud voice and an additional charming coming from the children. Below this are some pictures of Instructional materials within the class the I did gathered:

                 I’ll be enumerating some of their set Instructional Materials Inside. Let me have first the teacher, for they are a best IM for the learners. The Section that I did go to was under Ms. Norjannah K. Hadji Ali, the coordinator of the preschooler department. The teacher there was then their Arabic teacher. As she started her class, she did give out a loud and clear voice. She instructed the students to read the Arabic alphabets. All the preschoolers, obeyed as per instructed by the teacher wilfully, and as I view from the way they read, they seem to really familiarized and memorized almost all the Arabic alphabets. The teacher then gave out an activity that will ensure that the learner get the idea and learned it through instructing them to give an example of every Arabic letter that she would show to them. This answering portion was teamed up by group called: Green, Red, Yellow, and the Blue Team. To give them motivation, the teacher used the star as a way of recognizing their effort. Most of the students were really participating; some of them sometimes over do their action by giving the answer without the teacher’s permission. The way the teacher speaks was really loud and clear, which can be understood by the students well, and her projection was really good. This goes as well to the Assistant Teacher Ms. Rahma Abdullah, who gives out a very interesting friendly aura for the students, and always making herself clear.

                For those things inside the classroom, they gave out a friendly environment for the kids. The set instructional materials were very clear and colourful for the preschoolers to be more interested. There is that certain part in their classroom, where plastic boxes were in shelves. We indeed ask about this to a certain teacher about those and she mentioned that those boxes were children extra shirts and materials just in case they get their self dirty along their school days. These materials were already instructed to the parents to buy those things for their kids for the whole school year.

                Beside this boxes were a table containing some colour cups for the kids. These IMs were being used for the specific kids who like to have a different snack during their recess time. During that period, the school is providing some snacks for the kids. However, there are those kids who are very picky in relation to what they eat, so this idea were being made up in order to cater the other needs of the kids.

                After these IMs, one single computer was being set up at the back. This is used by the teacher in making their examination for the kids. All the preschoolers’ teachers were welcome to use this computer for school purposes.

                There are three tables that you can observe from this room. Two tables located at back and one table at the front. The said table located in front was table of the preschool coordinators Ms. Norjannah, and the remaining two were for the assistant teacher and a teacher.

                Next Instructional Materials to be mentioned were their activity notebooks and books. There activity notebooks can be seen in one area of the room, and this is located at the back. It can be noticed in their two coloured kinds of notebooks for every kid, an orange and the red one. Their activities books were being separated and placed in front, near the table of the teacher coordinator.

                The colour chart and letters were everywhere. They were being made creatively by the teacher for the kids to be motivated. The whole room were well ventilated and it was a light paint colour was being used inside the said classroom.

                The other IM’s that it could include in this are the table which consist of 16 tables and each table were occupied by two preschoolers. Shoe rock was also available in the said classroom. The school didn’t meet with the standard form of a classroom since they have this one single door for exit and entrance area. The black board was not your typical board for a starter, but a white board.


Arabic Lesson for the Kindergarten
Arabic Lesson for the Kindergarten


My Analysis


Grade or Year Level of Class Observed: Senior Kindergarten Section Saturn
Date of Observation: February 16, 2014
Subject Matter: Arabic, Number, and Reading
Brief Description of Teaching Approach Used by the Teacher: Directive Approach
Teaching Aids used

(Enumerate in bullet forms)







Comments on Appropriateness of the Teaching Aids used.

  • Teacher

They are well groomed, and they use a more friendly approach when they teach kids.


Teaching would not be effective when they aren’t sensitive.


I guess some teacher should learn how to be friendlier to the kids and be more compassionate to them.

  • Shoe Rock
This can teach the kids how to be more organized. Can be a destructing when it is placed inside the room. I suggest this should be placed outside the school room.
  • Chart
It can be an additional learning for the curiosity of the kids. Lack of organization. Chart should be well organized in a manner that the kids would get their attention.
  • English & Arabic Alphabets
It helps for the familiarization skills of the kids in relation to alphabets Can’t see its weakness. Visibly clear for the kids to see in a far distance.
  • Computer
This helps the kid’s examination to be readable through the use of its font, and can be used in preparing things for the kids. The computer they have should be placed in a safer area. It would be nice if the computer can also use a decoration that could blend in with the atmosphere in class.
  • Table
This gives a proper place for the teacher to work on their needs for their kids. Too much things on top of the table. The teacher is a model. Somehow, he/she has an obligation to clean her table up as a proper way of showing the kids of being an organized adult.
  • Activity Notebooks
This helps the kids to collect their portfolio in a more colourful way. Can’t see any weakness Their IMS in this was good since it helps the kids to recognize their needed activities for that certain issue.
  • Activity Books
Same with the Notebooks. This helps the kids to get the answer in a more clear view. Can’t see any weakness. This book should place together with the notebook in one place.
  • Hygiene Box
It helps to keep the cleanliness of a child. The box should always be monitored for lacking materials. The school gave out a good idea in addressing the individual needs of the kids.
  • Coloured Cups
It caters the other needs of the kids when recess takes over. The cups should be covered. Kids should be protected even in those things they are using. The school gave out an alternative supplies for the kids’ needs.
  • White Blackboard
Easier for the educator to teach the kids using them. It is kind of advance. Not be fitting for the preschoolers. The IM’s for the kids could be great if they use a board with lines.
  • Wall Paper
Gives an attraction for the kids. Too many colours It would be nice if they used a fixed colour.
  • Ventilation
It is well light up. Can’t see any weakness. For the reason that they are much closed door. They need to avail an extra light in case of brownout while the lesson is in session.

My Analysis

What do you think prompted the teacher to choose the material/learning resources that she/he used?

      In view of the fact that the teachers were dealing kids, I guess they prompted their self to use a more creative way of making their class room colourful and full of different kinds of learning chart. This is in consideration that kids love brighter things that their eyes can set on. Teachers were also being innovative in thinking other alternatives that could possibly cater the other kids’ needs on hand.

What difficulties, if any, did the teacher experience? How can this be managed?

      The assistant once told me a certain difficulties that preschool teachers can encounter and one of this is when the kids started their first day of classes. At first, they were very vulnerable, some of them would run to their parents nor would cry because of some unfamiliar faces that surrounds them. This gives a hard time for the teachers, and they are complied to sort this out through thinking how to get that fear from the kids of going out and go to school. Furthermore, when the kids goes to school some of them don’t have any idea of doing a certain basic action like how to toothbrush their teeth, what to do when they are at the comfort and so many things. This leads for the teacher to nurse them, and teach them the appropriate action that needs to be done on that certain deed.

Over-all, were the learning resources/materials used effectively? Why? Why not?

      Yes, I could say they are effective. The way I did observed the kids were very lively at their room. In relation to their portfolios and their needs, they know what to use and where to get it. Based on their Arabic lesson that day, they seem to understand and familiarize will enough about their Arabic lesson. They are very enthusiastically giving out a chorus answer which I could determine it as a sign of learned lesson on their part. They seem to be diligent enough about the things that surround them. In their Math lesson, the kids even has the ability to recognize months, and days during their lecture, and this might be thanks to their IMs of months and days that were being displayed in front of them. I wouldn’t say it isn’t effective since it is far more obvious the way the children lively cooperating with their teachers. The educator themselves really do know how to handle them, and even give some thoughts about giving them an extra tender, loving, care for the kids.

My Reflections

  1. Put yourself in the place of the teacher. What you do similarly and what would you do differently if you would teach the same lesson to the same group of students? Why?

      I would probably do the same like teaching them the appropriate manner of doing things, teach them with loud and clear voice, and be friendlier with them. I do also need to stabilize balance instructional materials inside the classroom. Nevertheless, I will probably need to address more activities that would highly need participation from everyone in the classroom.

When I was a student, I was the silent type, but as the time goes on I do realize that guts or self confidence is the most important aspect in one’s career and this thing is something that I want to cultivate from the students to be enhanced. In addition for the preschooler, if there will be a waiting time for them, I would highly recommend telling them stories as to use the time of their waiting into developing their creativity or should we easy imaginary skills at the young age.

My Portfolio

                Include here pictures/Illustration of the materials used by the teacher. Put your comments/annotation about that you observed.

The following pictures are the things being set up or used by the preschooler teacher as materials inside their classroom.

Preschooler at rest
Preschooler at rest

Using a white board inside the classroom can be treated as a good way of using it as an instructional material since it is easy, clear and not messy kind thing to use. However, the only defect in this regard is that preschooler are a beginner, I guess it would be appropriate to introduce the basic, a blackboard with line. This would give them the idea about the importance of writing in an appropriate manner through making it up straight which they can reflect it on their pads.


Using imagery in learning as your instructional material is a best way to teach kids because, they like images. This kind of IM would exceed if the instructor put some colours in her output.

Inside the Classroom
Inside the Classroom

This is my first time to enter a preschooler classroom, and I could say it is an impressive one since most of the kids’ needs were already being set up in there.

Wider range for kids!
Wider range for kids!

This section has a wider room compared to the other section which I guess exceed from the standard room of a certain classroom.

Math Learning for Kids
Math Learning for Kids

The assistant teacher was using colourful materials as to teach the kids on how to use time and calendar.

Activity Notebooks
Activity Notebooks

Activity notebooks that the kids used during their activity at a certain period. These things were located at back of their room.

Chart Display
Chart Display

                The teacher also considers putting some good material of chart that could teach the kids appropriately in relation to some good habits.

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