A Clan Reunion

OMG! It’s been six days that I haven’t done my assignment here on Ultimate Blog Challenge. I have been trying the past few days, but since we have a slow connection here in our place, it is somewhat kind of irritating when this sort of thing happens. Sorry my dear readers for this undeniable regret of unposting written words to be shared to the whole wide world. ^_^

Anyhow, when I was typing this statements, I was hoping that this one will be posted on this 11th day of the UBC. So, here we go, the thing I am going to share with you guys was our family reunion last October 6, 2014. Here in our country, we did had our holiday on that day for the Muslim Celebration of Edil Adha. It was fortunate that this celebration had be fall on two days before. So, we took the opportunity to enjoy this day together with our family, as spearheaded by my mother’s first cousin. Oh! By the way, the clan that I am telling here is from my mother side, specifically to her father, my maternal grandfather. I was not really into this reunion at first and wanted to stay at home. I was thinking then that it would make sense if I’ll do this since I’ll be tending our store for the whole day, and sale some goods even a little. After thinking, I did considered my mother’s cousin’s effort to convince us to join on the said reunion. So I finally decided just to join in, and not to be scolded by him when I don’t go. Will, I guess, it doesn’t hurt much if I hadn’t go there by any chance. So far, I couldn’t get every details into words. For this I will be posting selected pictures that will totally give you a scene to the said reunion. (I didn’t mentioned our family clan on this blog, since I am expecting for them not to see my blog..hehe unless they will). So, here are some pictures to be shared:


Before we leave, we were waiting for someone. Since they didn’t arrive early on, we just played along to take a picture while waiting at our gate way together with my auntie and nieces.


After an hour of travelling more than 30 kilometers away from home, we did arrive at our rendevouz point, at Villa Lacida, Linamon, Lanao del Norte. Many of my relatives were there, and for so many years of not seeing them, this year was our another meeting for such a long time. The adults were somehow their in order to listen to speeches on the prepared program by our relatives. I was their sitting at the last end of the table. Guess, where I am? Hehe (I guess, you couldn’t..hehe)


While the young adults, and elders where in the program meeting.The young ones where doing there own thing. And that is, to have FUN together with everyone! ^_^


I was a little bit shocked seeing those young ones all in one. Some of those were my nephews and niece from my cousins, who brought their children along. It is such a wonderful thing seeing them lively.




While taking pictures of the people around, I did caught a bunch of people who were in different trip on that day. I guess, this people were an athlete players, playing along the sea shore.


I did capture this picture, and I did love this one. Seeing a happy children while swimming gives a positive vibes.


Row! Row! Your boat! A Big sister and two little brothers riding on a boat. ^_^ Hope they did enjoy the scene and the ride!


While I was sitting there taking my rest from taking pictures. I thought of taking Aisha a picture. Her first one, was kind of bad since she was serious. So I took another picture, telling her to smile. She did try to smile, but instead of smiling she did showed this expression that you see. Isn’t it cute??? Hehehe..Cute! Cute! Litte niece


Haha! Love this picture as well, a snap shot from the person whose going to have a nice swim.


This is the main game! I love this picture since it shows many expression. These people who was holding a man in his orange t-shirt were all my cousins. Either you like it or not, if they catch you, they will hold you and throw you on the sea side. Im so thankful that they were doing this only to boys or else, I am sure I am an unlucky one if they did this to girls!



Reunion is a good thing for families to held. In our case, the family decided to take this reunion twice a month of every year in order to close the bond between relatives that has been lost for a long time and amend those misunderstanding issue between each other. I guess, its not a wrong thing to be in here. The only thing is that I was not that so close with them, but I am glad seeing them healthy and strong. Allah bless everyone! And see you soon in the next grand!


Four things I Adore

This picture was captured by www.adele,tv,
This picture was captured by http://www.adele,tv,

I usually stay at home, and most of the time I’m alone. In the long run, I got used being like this. I feel calmer when I am at this state. I felt I want to do this most of the time, but even though I wanted to I still need to step outside to be with the rest of the world. In any ways, there were so many kinds of human being in this world. I guess, I am one of those people who usually gets the act up as a loner or something since I feel kind of like it. I want to try to be as outgoing person as possible, but as far I extend myself from doing it, it just can’t. One can surpass their limitation, but some couldn’t. In the education side, there were those type of leaners. Out of those kinds, I can associate myself as an Intrapersonal learner. As I see it, it is somewhat disadvantage, because as a person who having this were somehow being selfish as I look at it, because you do your things based at your own pace. Your concentration is good when you are alone. I cannot deny this fact because as I see it, it is. You don’t want it, but in the end, it’s my innate nature.

                There are those people who hold a very unique qualities that other people don’t have yet they are blessed. I guess, it is an aspect that most of the people envy them. Personally, if you’d asked me, I would tell I do, I don’t deny it. However, instead of envying them, it is like I more of appreciate and adore those people who have these kind of attitudes:

  1. Those people who is persistent to do something;
  2. Those people have a good social skills;
  3. Those people who can carry themselves anytime;
  4. And the most important thing is, those people who are religious enough and really devoted in the Religion Islam.

The mentioned words were something I really do admire in a certain person. How much more if they have it all. I would say, it’s pretty awesome.


The person who changed my life

Mentor can be defined as a trusted counselor or guide. In other words, this mentor could be refer to someone whom you gain knowledge or idea that benefited you to bring it along with your life as you move forward for your future. It is such a fortunate enough to meet a caring adult whose advice, guidance, and example made a difference. Ask yourself today if there is someone who gave you an important lesson that changes everything in you.

Person who changed my life

I’ve been reading a book this past few days and yet I haven’t finished it, , I would give you a glimpse of this book called “A person who changed my life”. This book was edited by Matilda Raffa Cuomo and foreword by a great woman herself, Hillary Rodham Clinton. This book was a collection of essay came from the prominent people who recall their mentors that changed their life forever. This book contains more or less 70 people who tells their story about their mentor whom they thankful for. This book is a very wonderful one since it gives an inspiring stories coming all the way from the people who are now known today. If you are looking for a book that will inspire you, try and read this book.





My Concrete Experience

This activity will enable you to ask yourself about the different future practices or actions that you will do in teaching. You may not have done it yet, but if you become a teacher what do would be your response to each item? Your answers will identify what your philosophy of education is all about.

Answer each item in the Survey Questionnaire very honestly. There is no right nor wrong answer for each item. After you have answered each item, record your answers and look at the interpretation at the back of this work text.

After you have answered the questionnaire yourself, you are to ask two teachers to do the same activity.

Lazada Philippines

(based on Sadker & Sadker, 1998 Teachers, Schools and Society, 2nd ED)

Each of us has a philosophy of education or a set of fundamental beliefs regarding how we think schools should run. What is your philosophy of education? To find out, read each of the following statements about the nature of education. Decide whether you agree or disagree with each statement. Use the following numbers to express your response:

4 Agree Strongly                               2 Disagree

3 Agree                                                1 Disagree strongly

 FS6 E2 1


Photocopy two copies of this instrument. Request two teachers to answer the remaining questionnaire. Tabulate all the answers in the Matrix provided.

Now that you have responded to all 40 times, write the number of the response to each statement in the matrix below. Add the numbers in each column to determine your attitude and those of the two teachers toward key educational philosophies.


Among the three of you, who is more inclined to be an essentialist, perennialist, progressivist, essentialist or behaviourist?

  • I and the teacher number 1 are the one who are inclined to be more essentialists.
  • Teacher number 2 is the one who is incline to be more perennialists.
  • Teacher number 1 is the one who got the total of 30 is incline to be more progressivist.
  • I got a point of 24 which indicated that I am inclining to be an essentialist.
  • Teacher number 1 got the highest with 25 as the total score which indicates that she is inclined to be a behaviourist teacher.

My Observations

                Visit a teacher in a school and observe what school/classroom activities reflect his/her philosophy of education while she is teaching. Identify and describe teacher’s action or behaviour and match each with the identified educational philosophy.

  1. Observed actions of a teacher who is a progressivist:
  • The teacher that I could possibly site as an example in this philosophy was Ms. Rash. She is a Math teacher that applies more on examples that the students complied to answer in regards with their understanding on the subject matter. Her tactics is, after discussing the lesson, she would then write some problems at the board and later on the discussion she would call a student to answer the problem and make them explain it in front of their classmates. She is somehow trying to in calculate a critical thinking of ability in them.
  1. Observed actions of a teacher who is a behaviourist:
  • I could not totally make a 100% assumption, but the way I view it, the principal at AKIC-SLS was an example of a teacher that hold out this kind of philosophy of teaching in her. During our days of observation, I did notice that Ma’am would always state a certain students who excel in the whole high school department and uplifts their particular achievements, as well as their capabilities in us. She was very proud making some of her students to experience a change of environment through sending some of them in the United States of America as exchange students.

My Reflections

                Based on your concrete experience and the actions of the teacher you have observed, how important is your philosophy of education to your future career as a teacher? How would your experiences and observations contribute to your becoming a teacher?

  • In order to become a teacher with a vocation and mission to change something within the society. I could say, I need to do a lot of things in order to reach the part where I can confidently provide my students of those things they needed, and through experience I could possibly relate more, see more in them the kind of philosophy that could be more applicable in a certain set of students that would fit.
  • Philosophy is very important as a guide in providing a student’s a quality of learning. Teachers needed to consider the individual differences of her/his students and used the best method for them to learn, choosing a certain philosophy might direct them and motivate them to learn more on the subject matter that you would choose for them. The teachers’ priority is the teaching method and strategies that befitting for her/his students, because we are preparing them to face the reality of the world.

My Affirmed Concepts

                Identify at least three concepts learned in your previous subject like “The Teaching Profession which are related to the Experiential Learning Episode 3 (Teaching Belief/Philosophy) that are confirmed or affirmed in this activity? Enumerate.

  1. Affirmed Concept 1

That the teachers are following a certain philosophies which I believed before that teaching was something you teach kids without any of these, and now it was affirmed to me that using philosophy in teaching is a requirements to be a good teacher.

  1. Affirmed Concept2

It was affirmed to me that that the school we are observing, the teacher specifically was using a certain philosophy. One person that I affirmed who uses a progressivist was Ms. Rashidah R. Rashid, who is a Math Teacher and a graduate of education, who could totally understand what are the type of philosophy she’s going to use in applying her teaching. Since she is math teacher, she was using that mentioned philosophy in her kids since it is implying the attitude of living NOW. Her teaching is by living at the PRESENT!

  1. Affirmed Concept 3

In the surveyed questionnaire that was given to a two teachers and for me to answers, it was affirmed that everyone is entitled with their own opinion of a certain subject matter. After collecting the data, these three persons results a different sum total, which shows what kind of philosophy they are inclined to be. From different point of views in this subject matter, it can easily be seen that each of us can bring different philosophy to the students, that could possibly a causes of our own believe and idea on a certain situation. This makes every individual to be more unique.

My Future Application

                Using the first hand experiences in this activity, how will I use these when I become a teacher in the future?

  1. In teaching learning teacher needs to consider mostly what their students do need in relation to their subject matters. The application of your teaching and how you present them to a set of learners affect their interest. You have to be keener on how you will deliver as their learning is the priorities among others in education.
  1. In addressing diversity learners a teacher need to adopt and choose the kind of philosophy that is more applicable in a certain group of learners.
  1. In creating a conducive learning environment you have to look on the environment of the students. If a teacher realizes that the kinds of environment is not suitable for her learners and the methods she is using, then its time for her/him to look on the alternatives to make some changes. In regards to teaching, the teacher needs to look carefully on the “how to teach” of a certain philosophy in order to integrate it with the current environment they have.


Fly To Tokyo Dream

The following statements after this were entered in a certain contest last September. A friend of mine suddenly told me about a certain contest at TLC ASIA. This contest will give the winner the opportunity to go to Tokyo for 4 nights and 5 days travel. Without further ado, I did join on the said contest. After their deadline, I’ve waited and waited for a certain days hoping to win but it was kinda sad since I didn’t won the contest. Huhu…Maybe, better luck next time. So, Im just going to post in here to share my entry with everybody else.

Tokyo My Dream
Tokyo My Dream

It’s been years and years since I have been dreaming of going to the place they called “The Land of the Rising Sun”. I couldn’t remember what age I was in, but what I knew was that it all started with the word “anime”. I guess most of the people in the world already heard about this word. I was fond of cartoons since when I was young, but I was never been satisfied with watching cartoon made in America like that of Tweety Birds, Tom and Jerry, etc. One day, I’ve watched a certain anime, which I couldn’t remember what its title was, but from that day on, I was then so fascinated with it. I look and watch some of those kinds of anime year by year, until such time that I had seen my most favorite anime entitled “Samurai-X”. This anime was a story about a legendary swordsman, who wanders and help people. As I continue viewing this anime, I came further and further of having so much likings in Japan. Though this is an anime, but it tells some of the previews history of Japanese, and show much of its culture. My fond of watching so many anime series made me see the Japanese Culture little by little. In Japanese works even in this area, you can see some of wonderful culture, its people, and the way they deal with their day to day lives. For this reason, I could never lend my eyes off on watching anime, and even search further about the culture of where this anime originated. You can say I am a fanatic of anime culture, or in others words, I am an otaku.


I am now 27 years of age. I haven’t fulfilled what I opt to do, and that is going to Japan. One day, an English Teacher had mentioned me about something such as “going to another place is like going to another world”. This engraved inside my mind, and always remembered it whenever I am dazing off in dreaming of a wonderful adventure. Along with this was my dazzling vision of the day I will be in the said place. I would think it would be brilliant experience. I did planned to save up for this travel, but due to some circumstances, I didn’t. From day to day, I would tell my parents of my plan in visiting the said place, however, all they could think was a big doubt inside my head. They were saying that it is somewhat a big imagination, and that it seems an impossible for me to do. Yet this thing didn’t stop me from doing so. I believe that if a person really wanted something, he/she needs to put his/her effort to realize those dream. When I heard about this opportunity, I jumped with joy saying “At last, this is an opportunity!” God did gave me a sign, and this would be my chance. If this push through, this dream will really be biggest fulfillment in my once in a life time life.

There is that person whom I really loved to be with in this Travel, and that is MS. “Obar-Obar”. I meet her more or less four years ago. A very adventurous lady, who is in search of a most memorable experience. I like her for being such a person who really works hard for the cause of the things she really wants. She fights for what she believes in, and that is one of the things that I really adore in her. Aside from this, she showed me a kindness which I couldn’t find in many people around. She is true person and a friend. If I win in this contest, it would be surprise her. I could say I would like to give this as a form of a gift to her for all those things she have done.