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An Evil Presence of the so called Depression!

Troubled woman
Troubled woman

              What is Depression? As stated from the meaning from the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, this monstrous word means a serious medical condition in which a person feels very sad, hopeless, and unimportant and often is unable to live in a normal way. I have read so many articles in relation to this sickness, and many of them says different kinds. I don’t know what is real or not, nevertheless I had seen and observed, it is in did an illness that causes havoc to one self. I did wrote this issue as I’ve seen Robin WILLIAM’S article about his death a few days ago. It is so sad to know such guy who boost with energy in giving hundreds of people from across the oceans a laugh that meant to forget their own problems, only to find out that he has been fighting his own selves for how many years. Another man, was that guy who was an actor from the GLEE Club series, who seems to kill his self. Together with this was also Whitney Houston, who caused her life due to drugs. It seems a lot of Americans where really into drugs and alcohol when they feel depressed. And 100% not only them, who suffer from this ill-mannered coping mechanism of depression, because there are many people around the globe who are involved in this kind of action.

A word that not meant...
A word that not meant…

                Do I have the right to blame them or not? I guess, I don’t have the right to blame them in causing this menace in their own life since each and every one of us have different kinds of problems in life. Our generation in today’s age, we could manage to do whatever we wanted through technology, unlike the people of the past generation. Then along with this advancement, where the problem started, we became more dependent and many situations arises along with the mentality of each and every one. Many of us were gifted with a talent of coping up this improvement, but some humans don’t. It is a sad thing to say that many of the people who don’t know how to handle theirs selves ended up by bringing their own death. Unlike, harikiri in Japanese who kills their self because of disgrace, but this one wasn’t about honor. They’ve said that an act of suicide was a selfish act for the person who is committing this matter, but they didn’t know some of this people were fighting this as far as they did remembered in defeating their own problems. I could say it is hard when your enemy is your own self.

When death welcomes!
When death welcomes!

                I could not tell if what I’ve felt before and maybe now is somewhat in this kind of form, but I did felt this. I tell you, it is something you’ll never wanted to wish for. Why? Because a total negativity causing yourself a pain like your into the depth of hell. One feeling of this was like a constant feeling of being worthless. You feel like you don’t wanted to wake up every morning and telling yourself “How I wish I never waked up”. Another feeling of this monster was, every hour of your life, you feel uneasy and your health were being eaten until your mind is giving you an order to kill yourself. The worst thing here was, when you are at that point where you wanted to escape something but then again there is no way out, this moment will drag your brain out from thinking, “death is the only way”. When you feel this moment, you will feel shaky and find a solution to escape from something you wanted to escape for. Feeling all this kind of emotions is a one way or another causing devastating event in one’s self. In the religious side of story, they were saying that if you have a weakness in thy heart, and weak in believing in the power of God, they’ve said you were being punished. In some point I question this one, I did one time asked, how come? Did I do something wrong to undergo in such thing? Upon feeling all the negativity in some point in my life, I’ve reflected with those stuff that I have done before. I found out so many weakness in myself upon searching for an answer why I started feeling this kind of emotion. As I searched for an answer, it feels like I’ve been scanning pages to pages and learning this and that. One thing I did learned was, there were those attitudes and some other things within thyself that you could not accept that it is within you. You don’t like to admit that limitations are embodied in you, and that everything is uncontrollable. I’ve cried for so many days, and some answers about my other side of problems were being revealed to me. I don’t regret from knowing, and I’ve come across knowing myself better. I could say my religion saved me in one way or another. In Islam, killing one self is a TABOO. IF you kill yourself, you will not be judged in the life after, but instead you will directly be sent to HELL with no further ado. In my religion, alcohol and drugs are prohibited to intake since it causes oneself a great deal of destroying oneself little by little. There was a saying as well that it is your responsibility to take care of your own body, and you will be asked in the next life how did you used your life, and from thinking this question I wouldn’t like to answer some negative things.


Overdose with Drugs
Overdose with Drugs

                Those people who came across with the so called alcohol and drugs were by mean being harder to themselves. Yes, you will find yourself forgotten those wary feeling inside after taking them, nevertheless this emotion were just a temporary feeling that an expiration will be set in an hour. Due to its limitation, they intake and intake until they were addictive and cannot see the point of no return of going back. Maybe, indeed some survive from this addiction, but most of them cannot. Psychologists, therapist and another drugs can heal them in a minute, but then again it’s just temporary. The one who will decide is the victim itself on how he/she will instruct his/her own will. People can give them advice, but never can they make that victims let them do what they wanted. We are innate with the termed WILL. A decision that was being entrusted to us by the High Living with the power of knowledge and how we used them already depend upon us, as a human. I believe that everything have its own reason. Maybe, it is a sign to understand ourselves better with this problems, but over abusing and reacting in such a manner that will cost you more will just do no good.

Help Message!

Yesterday morning, I was looking at my email inbox. When I do this I am also checking up on things inside my Junk Inbox (SPASM) if there were something for me there that are urgent. To my curiosity, I did saw this one email from an unknown addressee stating from her Subject:



I got puzzled in this message.


I did click it and there, I read her statement stating “I need your help”. Then right after that I’ve decided to give her a reply asking; “help from what?”. The next day after that (like right now) I am here again at the office checking up on my emails, and there I saw another message coming from her and when I opened it, KABOOM! A big phrase suddenly appeared, with a good English and Grammar Skill. She mentioned many things, and one of this was introducing herself. There were so many thing she did mentioned, and one highlighter from the things she spoke about from her letter was about a transfer of a big amount of money that consist of Million Dollar. She wanted to transfer this money to me, because as she explained, her husband died and no child to give this money, and left with a greedy friends and relatives to leave that certain amount. According to her, most of the properties of her husband were already sold by his relatives and now that she is sick, those people were just waiting for her to be pronounced as a dead person at the hospital she was in. For this reason, she wanted to fulfill her husband’s wish. This wish was to use this money in helping some people in need or build an orphanage for the children who don’t have any home to go to. She even mentions about Allah (swt), and other religious stuff. When she did mentioned this, somehow I suddenly got doubt whether she was stating the truth or not, because if she didn’t I guess, I won’t read her letter any further. In the last portion of her letter, she was saying to reply her message urgently by me, stating my full name and address, and even tell something about myself. If I do so, she wanted to pursue the money transfer she’s going to make.


I really doubt this message since there were those instances where I received few of them to some countries like in the continent of Africa, stating about money transfer. Since this woman was mentioning again and again about the name of the Almighty, I did send her a reply and I did state there:

“I’ve been receiving a certain email just like this, money transferring. I am not sure either to trust you or not. There are so many things just like this that I have been receiving for how many months now and I guess, I need a definite proof of this story.

Furthermore, I am very confused of why you are entrusting this amount of money, who is a very stranger to you?

I replied in this message of yours since you are speaking about Allah (swt) in your story. So, I am assuming that you are a religious person. I am a Muslim born here in the Philippines. I am an average person living in an ordinarily life. I don’t have anything to be proud of except for the fact that I am living a good way of living. If you want to trust me on the things you’ve mentioned in the letter. Gave some information that I could validate, because a mere letter and a mere story telling is a mere lie without getting things into full details. I could not give the information you need unless; I could see the truth behind this.”

However, if this is true…I guess, I could fulfill her husband’s wish, because here in our place, there are those certain areas that needs help. There are those children from remote area who needs a lot of attention because of their poor situation there. There are those children who cannot go to school because they need to work for their parents, and sacrifice their studies. As well as students who are in need of school materials. I guess, I need to build a team on this project since I could not do this alone. I will ask help from my good friends, whom I could entrusted this kind of stuff.  These things will happen if this woman is stating the truth; if not then it’ll be a punishment for her and a sin.

helping hand

PS: Guys! I am raising a fund going to Japan and I am hoping for someone to back me up on this plan trip. hehe You can visit it the information at Trevolta Page. Thank you!



Today, I’ll be sharing about what I had learned from the seminar I went to last two weeks ago. I’m sorry if I didn’t share this to you guys earlier on. Anyway guys, I did find the seminar very productive. I didn’t catch the speaker’s name but I got interested from what she is tackling about, and how she was presenting her message. Her voice was loud that you can sense the sincerity out of it. Feel the strong sense of being a Muslim by words.

Islam does have many type/kinds under it, just like Christianity, but Islam is beyond 1 type. According to some sources, Islam has 72 and Christianity does have a 71. Please correct me if this number is wrong. From those big sectors in Islam, I am a SUNNI so as well the preacher and the people who are there. The preacher suddenly mentioned about this group of SHIA, one of the sectors of Islam, who are trying to preach this kind of teaching all over our place. It was being said that they are giving money to some people especially those younger people to attract them in becoming a part of their activities, which I think isn’t right. Making the people believe in your belief through buying them isn’t a pleasing attitude. You cannot tell what other people to believe in, because that is a natural instinct. Anyway, maybe some of you are wandering what’s the difference between these two sectors of Islam.

Sunni – based on Wikipedia is the largest branch of Islam; its adherents are referred to in Arabic as ahl as-sunnah wa l-jamāʻah (Arabic: أهل السنة والجماعة‎), “people of the tradition of Muhammad and the consensus of the Ummah” or ahl as-sunnah (Arabic: أهل السنة‎). For short, in English, they are known as Sunni Muslims, Sunnis, and Sunnites. Sunni Islam is the largest religious denomination for any religion in the world. Sunni Islam is sometimes referred to as the orthodox version of the religion. The word “Sunni” comes from the term Sunnah (Arabic: سنة‎), which refers to the sayings and actions of the Islamic prophet Muhammad as recorded in Hadiths.

Shi’i Islam is based on the Quran and the message of the Islamic prophet Muhammad attested in hadith recorded by the Shia, and certain books deemed sacred to the Shia (Nahj al-Balagha). In contrast to other Muslims, the Shia believe that only God has the right to choose a representative to safeguard Islam, the Quran and sharia. Thus the Shia look to Ali, Muhammad’s son-in-law, whom they revere and consider divinely appointed, as the rightful successor to Muhammad, and the first Imam. In the centuries after the death of Muhammad, the Shia extended this “Imami” doctrine to Muhammad’s family, the Ahl al-Bayt (“the People of the House”), and certain individuals among his descendants, known as Imams, who they believe possess special spiritual and political authority over the community, infallibility, and other quasi-divine traits.

Unlike Shia, Sunni believes that the last sealed prophet is the Prophet (S.A.W), and after him will be no other prophets to come, yet shia go beyond in this believe and made Ali as the last prophet as so it seems in the records. I don’t really don’t know what was their aim but as for me, I grow up in a Sunni believe and I will be one, until the end of time, In sha Allah. This is the reason why the preacher told us to be more careful in going to a seminar, for us not to be deceived.


Let’s go the main discussion of this seminar. The preacher tackled about the Dhunob, which is mostly known as Sin. The meaning of this Dhunob is doing work against Islam. Let’s enumerate some of this that was being told there:

  1. Doing those acts that were told forbidden is a SIN.
  2. Not doing those obligations as stated by the ruler of all is a SiN.
  3. The preacher just told us that there are major and minor sins.  That is punishable with 40 kinds of punishment.

One great example is committing a fornification. When you commit fornications then the punishment for you will be 100 stones. You will be stoned by the people even your family. If you live, then that will be it. However, if you commit adultery while you are married, you will be stoned to death. If the male survive from this punishment, he is required to be thrown out for one year.

  1. Those people who talk ill to others are a Sin. It will not be forgiven unless he would do the “Tawbat” or asking forgiveness.
  2. It will also be a sin committed if you bribe some people to vote you in the election or the other way around is also a sin.
  3. Following your whim/desire is also a sin.

According from the records there are 4 major sins but Omar (R.A) enumerated 7 of them.

  1. Praying to others beside Allah (S.W.T).
  2. Sorcery
  3. Killing other people
  4. Spending the money that was left for the orphan child.
  5. Spending the earned money that came from interest.
  6. A Muslim person who runs away while in the middle of the fight.
  7. Accusing a woman for committing adultery/fornification without any evidence.

Other sins were also being enumerated from the seminars and these are the following.

  1. Not asking forgiveness from Allah (swt) believing that what he/she had done is something not to be forgiven.
  2. Promising something that he/she isn’t sure of doing it for real.
  3. Gaining interest.
  4. Adultery/Fornification
  5. Stealing
  6. Accusing your spouse to be committing Zina.
  7. Drinking wine/alcohol.
  8. Being prideful person.
  9. Cutting the ties with family member.
  10. Lying
  11. Bribery
  12. Male doing the Female actions or vice versa
  13. Being cruel to neighbor
  14. Boys who don’t pray in mosque.

These were the thing that I did take noted on the occasion, and I know there are lots of them. Sins are inevitable to man, and asking forgiveness is something that matters in this kind of situation. As a person, I asked Allah (swt) to enlighten my heart, and make me realize that living is only for Him.


A wish for this day!

Ya Allah, et me convey my wishes as for this moment for I cant bear with it. I am making myself so worried over so many things and this time, I came across with something I didn’t even imagine this past few years, and let me wish for it just this seconds. Let me wish to stop myself from foreseeing my own negative possibility of my future. Let me give enough and more strength in believing in YOU. I may not have the right to predict over something especially for myself, yet let me give the strength I needed in order to write my destiny through your guidance and add more IMAN in my heart. I may not live longer more than anyone else, but let me live a life with purpose.

I love her as my MUSLIM sister!

woman                There is that certain person who did came in my life, and indeed I am very thankful to her because of some aspects. I won’t be mentioning that person’s name here as to keep her name in private. She is a very religious person, thoughtful, kind, caring, and very firm in her conviction. I did meet her long before, and in some circumstances our path did cross in one moment in life. I did judge here as woman of upper classman. I also did classify her as a woman who seems to be arrogant and don’t care about other people and won’t talk that much. But when that opportunity came along, and became an acquaintance of her, everything of that idea suddenly vanished. The saying that goes “Don’t judge the book by its cover” was very true. I never thought she would be like a big sister to me in the long run, and I felt like I am very welcome to her. When we do have those times together, I am always asking about our religion especially on my misunderstanding over things, and when I do that she always explains it to me in a very concise manner and in more understandable way. Despite of what I had under through during my dark stage in my life, she never question nor intrude in my private life. Maybe, she did understand some of my sentiment, and where am I that point. However, I felt that if ever I do need someone to tell, i could count on her. I always asked, what does she have for her to attract me in her wonderful attitude? I did even prayed that if chances happen, i would like to adopt here way of living because as for me she has something within her that I admire the most.

                    In our religion, there is that saying which goes to those people whom God’s love has that kind of aura which radiates and influences those people who surrounds her and in my own perspective, she has that. May Allah (swt) forgive me, but in some way or another she has been favoured in a good way. I am very thankful to God, that in some way He did make our path cross. I love her as a sister, and admire her as a sample of a Muslim woman. May Allah (swt) protect her family.



           There are times were you can ask if the world is being unfair unto you. You see people from all different walks of life, and as you see the bigger picture of it, you realized how small you are! How different you are from them! How arrogant you’ve become! You can try to do same act, same thing as they did, adopt their abilities and copy every skills they have, but that’s not what your heart really desired for. However, if you ask yourself “what really did my heart desire for?” is it this? Looking deep within and searching for an answer that keeps you going, but in the end the only thing you came across off was a shallow part of you that broken into pieces.   Upon realizing those, you want to blame the world, blame the people, and blame everything in your life. But that is something that the Shaytaan wants you to think, the blaming part in life. I just heard about this in one of a lecture of some known personality in the religious perspective, that human are prone to this part. In the story of Adam, when Allah (swt) created Him in his image (please correct me if im wrong with this), Allah (swt) then ask the angels to prostrate on Adam. Every angels prostrate to him, except the IBLIS. He then asked Allah (swt) why do he need to prostrate ADAM? Because of his arrogance he was then exiled to Heaven, and promises to get every human on earth as much as he could to follow him. Furthermore, the IBLIS started to blame and blame Adam of why he was being exiled…but upon blaming part, the IBLIS never did tackle and realized the root cause of his suffering of why he was being thrown out! And this part is where our hearts is. The people are occasionally wanted to blame other people because of his misfortune, his out of lack. Due to this reason, arguments were created among brothers and sisters, and pride will came in. The evil wanted us to do same thing as He did to Adam, and this only can brought chaos. If only human can identify the root cause of their own misery before blaming others, then the possibility of changing their set of mind might as well be consider to change!

Seems like an everlasting Journey

I          I am also a person who likes to dreams. Like the common people, my heart long desired to go to some places that gives off so many beautiful scenery that makes your heart be pleased to what God had created. For this, I had already dreamed for a million times of going somewhere, yet I did, but just for once. I have been outside my country for one month to a place where many people in my religion are obliged to go to. I must say, this place is such a wonderful work of art by the Almighty Allah. This place is no other than the country of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, specifically in Mecca.
                    I was like dreaming the day when we set off to that place and until now, all the experiences I had back then were like yesterday. The very thing that sets my mind off to that place, that I couldn’t forget, was the fragrance coming from inside of Kaabah. I was then standing outside wanting to go inside and even before I entered, I felt the easiness and lightening off the loads I had in my shoulder that I could almost forget the world around me. I am always thankful to the Almighty Allah for a splendid and most unforgettable feeling I had back then, and very thankful that just for once in my life, I felt that kind of easiness. This maybe my first time going out, but I’m very much thankful to God because, He may didn’t give me a chance to go beyond the border of this country I was born more often, but I was given a chance to meet different people from different races in one setting and in one journey. This became a proof for me to believe something, that those prayers and wishes to the one and only creator really make big differences. He may give your wishes, or maybe not, yet there is always reasons behind all the reasons. Someday, I will go back, Insa Allah=p

Television, is it for teaching or for deception?


          I was reading an article in an Islamic website, which hit me into something that I usually do as a habit to kill most of my time, and still doing it! This is about watching television. For how many years, I have been so hooked up watching anime, and some other TV programs that could possibly entertain me. I love watching them because it gave me the feeling that I couldn’t experience in the real life. However, I didn’t realize the effect of too much consumption of this action until I got myself to the point of being locked up in a disorder that I didn’t even know it exist! From the articles which I have read, the following statements were being pointed out:

· television is like a drug
· when people sit down to watch TV, particularly for long periods, they tend to be in low moods
· The longer they watch, the less able they are to concentrate.
· As time goes on, they grow sadder, lonelier, more irritable, and more hostile.
· Television is a good tool for manipulating, not for teaching.

           Thinking about my observation, Television do really have a bad effect on its viewers. I wouldn’t deny that this kind of entertainment were somewhat helpful, but there should be a limitation that must be set up in relation to this. Watching TV, and spending longer in front of computer ads up more isolation within you and become more self-centered person. There is no real interaction with the society, all we have is our self and the idiot box in front of us, and this type of action were dangerous. A statement were also being stated in the article I was reading that caught my attention to and this was stated as follows;

“Television can titillate, it cannot teach. It can bring images into our heart, not ideas into our mind. It appeals to the emotions, not the intellect.”

          So, most probably watching TV, its main point was attracting the emotion of one’s individual while the brain is stock up and become more stagnant! One’s a heart become so crumpled, and destroyed within, most probably it will cause a very obvious side effect, and this thing could possibly leads to negative side effects. As an individual, I could possibly agree on this part! Television is more or less for deception, and not for an ideal of teaching!

When the hearts goes way out!


          Have you ever felt that there is something missing in your life? Something that you are looking for, but unfortunately you don’t know where to start? As for me, I always feel this. I was then at home, when I feel this urge again. Sadness suddenly squeezed me, and my heart weighted like it was poured a lot of stone inside of it. While I was then browsing, I saw a status posted by Queenie Padilla:

“Offering Salah (Prayer) is good thing but the best thing is to offer it with great concentration (Kushu) and it can only be attain by giving Dawah, visiting Islamic gatherings, listening reminders and reciting Quran. There is no more Kushu in our prayers that is why even praying hard won’t get answered, sometimes.”

        I then thought that, I’ve been a Muslim for almost years now since I was born, but I didn’t have the opportunity to grow my spiritual being. Maybe it was my upbringing, but as much as I would like, I don’t want to blame anyone from this thing that had happen. Previous years, I wanted to do all that stuff that was mentioned by Queenie, and successfully, some of them were already made possible by a lot of efforts on my part, yet the world is much stronger. I always felt that my heart and my mind is very innocence to be influence by other feelings, and my most fearless enemy is no other than myself. How can I defeat this kind of enemy? (This is what I had asked myself.) In Islamic perspective, your other self is what they call “nafs”, and in English term, the other side of yourself is your “EGO”. Some of the human beings when they have something done that are wrong; occasionally they can’t stop their self from doing it. I could say the EGO part is much stronger. I want to defeat this kind of thing in me, but my enemy is much stronger than me. It’s like I am being held up until I choke down when some factors suddenly came up, and my heart beat faster than the usual beating and I hate it. Every day I would like try to force myself to do something, because if I won’t, I will only trap myself in this thing called cage of life. I don’t know when will be the day that I will completely forget about this world desire, but I am hoping that Allah (swt) will enlighten me and bring some people in my life that would help and understand me in defeating this kind of enemy.

                There are those times, where I always wanted to search for a school for Islamic studies far from home to force myself, but to no avail I didn’t find anything. Ya Rabb, let me find my own destiny to feel and answer my prayers and give me wisdom that I needed. Fulfill what my heart desire in terms of spirituality, and change this sadness deep inside into an enlighten one that hope it will change me forever.

                Below this is a video that I would like to share to everyone out there, who is also looking for an answer that they would like to achieve and make this sadness of life goes away.

From the Signs of the Hour is People competing with one another in construction high buildings!

Abu Hurairah related that the Messenger of Allah (s.w.a) said, “The hour will not arrive until the people vie with one another in constructing tall buildings. And the Hour will not arrive until two huge groups, each having the same claim, fight, and between them there will be a great amount of killing; and the hour will not arrive until knowledge will seized, earthquakes increase in frequency, time converges, trial appear(or become widespread), and killing increases in frequency; and the Hour will not arrive until lying Dajjaals are sent, almost 30 of them, and each one of them will claim that he is the Messenger of Allah. And the Hour will not arrive until a man passes the grave of another man and says, ‘Would that I were in his place.’ And the hour will not arrive until the sun rises from its west, and when it does rise (from the west) and people see it, they will all believe, except that that is when ‘no good will it do to a person to believe then, if he believed not before, nor earned good (by performing deeds of righteousness) through his Faith.’ And the Hour will not arrive until there will be much wealth among you, to the degree that the owner of wealth will be distressed to find one who accepts his charity.” (Bukharee) Muslim related it from Abu Hurairah as well, but through a different chain of narrators.