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2 days Trip to Siargao

A co-office bonding is really very important, for this reason our office conducted a Team Building going to Siargao dated April 6-8, 2018. The team building was fun and what we enjoy more was the whole place. It was spectacular. Above this text is a video contain some of the video clip I took from the places we did visited that day. If your are someone whose from Iligan, below this we’re our schedule that you may follow for your trip to Siargao.

April 6, 2018 (Friday)

9:00 pm Departure from Iligan
Land Travel to Hayanggabon Port

April 7, 2018 (Saturday)

Port to Santiago

8:00 am Port to Siargao
Island Hopping (Daku, Naked Island and Guyam)

11:00 am Pick up Lunch at Boulevard Gen Luna

Lazada Philippines

3:00 pm Transpo to Cloud 9 Resort
(Best Surfing Spot)
Rated by CNN as No. 8 of the Top 0    Surfing in the world

7:00 pm Check-in at Accomodation

April 8, 2018 (Sunday)

6:00 am Breakfast

7:00 am Sugba Lagoon

At Sugba Lagoon

1:00 pm Travel to Magpupungko

At Magpupungko

Tayangag Cave

Tayangag Cave

Travel back to Port

3:00 pm Land Trip to Iligan

2:00 am Home sweetie Home

For expenses

2,900 = Package Rate
300= Iligan to cdo
30= Transpo Cloud 9
60= Transpo port-hotel

Additional Expenses:

        70= Tayangag Cave
455= Sugba Lagoon

We did spent 3,815.00 for the whole trip.

I dont take the credit in scheduling our trip, its either scheduled by the tourist who assist us, and of course our co-office mate.

So I hope when you go to Siargao, be sure to enjoy the place.

Lazada Philippines

A Quick Sight to Malaysia: Truly Asia

Following my post yesterday, May 4, 2017, I am also going to share specific photos from our travel to Malaysia last 2015. Due to time constraint, we did visit the place for 1 ½ day, see 3-4 places and almost missed our plane. Thanks to the kindness of a Half-Indian and Half-Chinese driver who pressed the car’s accelerator and take its speed to the airport. If you’re going to the said place, better to have 3-4 days of visit. Below here were the happy moments on that certain days:


For the whole travel, we did booked our flight going to Malaysia as our point of arrival. From there, we did took our night train over KTM Intercity train going to Malaysia and Singapore borders, then take our leave for a Singapore sightseeing for 2 days. Afterwards, our departure area was through Malaysia’s Airport, took a ticket for KTM Intercity train going back to the City of Kuala Lumpur.

If you’re going to ask me which City is much safer, I will say, Singapore it is. However, if ever you’re going to let me pick one of the 4 countries that I have been to, Japan is something I admired the most. Yet I will set Saudi Arabia aside since this one is a Holy place, and the most important place for us Muslim in the entire world.

The next trip, I want? I will still wanted to go back to Japan and see Hokkaido. A place located at the Southern part of the said country.


Front Cover

This will be my first entry for the Month of May. I haven’t had the chance to share my experience about our trip to Singapore and Malaysia last 2015. So I’ll be just sharing some pictures of our travel back then. Like anybody else, I did enjoy our trip thanks to Cebu Pacific Promo deals, and especially thanks to my friends. It has been one of many memorable things I had for the year 2015.
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Day 4: Tokyo Disney Land

Surely days fly so fast and its already at our 4th day. We were planning to be entertained at the said amusement park, and see how majestically it was. I am not an amusement type of a person, but as to fun related aspect, I am really into it.  I like going on a fast ride like roller coaster, bump car, and whatever that  takes my adrenaline keep on moving fast.

Then before going there, we did woke up at around 8 am. We got tired last night transferring our luggage from one train to another. We did got lost, and realize that Shibamata was too far from the city centre of Tokyo. Upon arriving there, we mistakenly pin point someone else’s home. This freaked us out and called for some help from the citizen, and called a police. The ending was that the house that should accommodate us that night was just the adjacent house we wrongly thought it was. We were very sorry for the trouble we did cause that day. Nevertheless,  this kind of situation is indeed part of the journey.

In the next morning,

We already up to our next destination. The weather was a little bit okay, not so cold unlike the previews days. I almost didn’t use my scarf to protect myself from coldness.

It was a long way route going from Shibamata to Tokyo Disney Land. We almost spend our time like three hours. We even got the wrong ride. To tell you the truth, the amazing train ride was like a maze to us. Those who are interested in making a trip to this wonderful country, you need to take heed all the advices by the people who already have been there. One thing I could contribute is for you to do an extensive RESEARCH! If you won’t do so, your time staying there will be consumed in finding your next destination, and do a little bit of sight-seeing later. Nonetheless, this isn’t should be the pattern. It should BE less travel, more sightseeing.

We did arrived at Tokyo Disney Land at around 1:00 pm. To give you a glimpse, here are some photos we did captured.

Being with your friends on travel and experiencing such as shown in the picture is really overwhelming. You know what I mean on this part. That feeling of being you, and showing the fondness that is part of you without even caring about what other people says. As long as your with them, and sharing this moment is all that matter.


Yet, there is really a disadvantage in waking up late. (v.v) We didn’t got the chance to ride most all the amenities inside Tokyo Disney Land. We only did experience two out of many. We did noticed about a fast pass. This fast pass is an opportunity given to any Tokyo Disney Land visitors to schedule their time, and be prioritized when your schedule is up without queuing in a lengthy and time consuming line.  At first I indeed noticed this from a blog, but didn’t give too much attention due to excitement. It was a regret, in fact if only  I did took an importance to that blog we would be riding more rides, and make more memories out of our trip there. Nevertheless, we did made a good lasting memory that day.

Did I mentioned earlier about an “extensive research”? Be reminded even though your with your friends, relatives, co-office mates, etc during your trip; don’t give too much confident to relay on them! I don’t mean this on a negative aspect, but on the lighter side. You still needed to do the researching part. Why? Experience is really the best mentor. It happened to me. I got separated from my friends. While we were searching for our next ride, it was coincidentally that it was also a pick hour. Every worker were leaving from their offices at that time of the day. We were then also busy looking at our cell phones for a route. However, I was then not minding too much about it, and just do the observing thing. My friend mentioned about going to Higashi-Matsudo twice as our next stop, and I did took that in mind. A minute later, the train arrived and everyone was in waiting line for the door to open.  Second later, everyone is going inside. I was confident that my friends was also taking their steps toward the train door. I felt that the train was starting to move. I did look at my right side if my friends where there, but they were not.  My mind got rattled at that moment seeing them outside the window of the train. The feeling was like a slow motion scene in a movie upon seeing them. They were saying something, giving me signal that I couldn’t understand. My mind suddenly blank out at that instant, and the only thing that came out from my lips was the word “Higashi-Matsudo”. My mind was confused, distressed, feels like I wanted to cry however I need to shake things off, and decide! I took the courage to ask the people around, luckily, the guy in front of me told me that the train I was riding was a wrong train going to Higashi Matsudo. Like OMG! What do I do! What do I do! These words keeps on popping inside my mind. The guy instructed me to wait for a train on our next stop for Higashi-Matsudo. I was like a lone wolf separated from the pack at that moment. I was then waiting to the said place, but after 30 minutes of waiting, I didn’t see them. So I had to decide to go to the next station at Takasago Station. I thought at that moment, if there was a place where we could highly meet up, it will be at that station. There were no other stations beside that station where we could ride a train going to Shibamata station. Thankfully, 15 minutes after I arrived, I saw them and  feel relaxed. I was thankful to Japanese citizen, who helped me to find my way back to Takasago Station. Arigato Gozaimasu!



Ok guys! Let’s continue what we have just started. After going through with our enjoyable first day and second day, let’s move to the next day for a far more exciting moments.

Day 3. The Imperial Palace and Imperial East Garden Tour plus Asakusa Shrine

We did fail in going inside the Imperial Palace on my first visit, and only came to Imperial East Garden. This time, together with my friends, we did see and be with other tourist inside the palace.

You need to get your visit be scheduled before going to the palace. Thanks to a certain blog, we got this idea beforehand. Through visiting the website of the imperial household agency almost all dates were full, lucky for us, the date the we planned to visit the said place has more slot for the 5 of us. Below is the print out that was send by the agency to be presented in front of Kikyo-mon Gate:


Date of Application/2017-02-04

Permission Number/702131526

DATE/TIME 2017-02-16 10:00





  1. Please be at the ” Kikyo-mon Gate” entrance 10 minutes before your tour start time.
  2. Please bring a printed copy of this Notice of Permit on the tour day.If you can not print the permit number, please let the receptionist know your permit number.
  1. Please follow the instructions of the staff.
  2. The tour is approximately 75 minutes long, covering a distance of 2.2 kilometers (approx. 1.3 miles), and covers a limited portion of the Palace Grounds.
  3. The interior of the Palace is not included in the tour. An English audio guide is available at the Visitor’s House, Please ask the staff for further details.
  4. This permit is valid only for the members listed on the application form. All group members should bring a passport or other legal identification. If a member is unable to attend, please inform the staff when you arrive.
  5. Photography is allowed, but large group portraits are not permitted.
  6. Large bags, such as luggage, are not permitted on the tour.
  7. Visitors are requested to refrain from smoking while in the Palace Ground.
  8. Tour is subject to cancellation without notice due to unforeseen circumstances and Palace obligations.
  9. If you want to cancell your tour, please contact the Imperial Household Agency.
  10. You are permitted to visit the East Gardens of the Imperial Palace while it is open.


JR ; 15minutes’ walk from Tokyo Station(Marunouchi Central Exit)

Subway; 10minutes’ walk from Nijubashi-mae Station(Chiyoda Line Exit 6)

10minutes’ walk from Otemachi Station(Mita Line Exit D2)

*Cars and bicycles are not allowed to park.

* Please let us know your opinions and comments.

Upon arriving at  Kikyo-mon gate, you will be instructed to wait. After a while at exactly 10:00 AM we are now permitted to go inside and they let us gather to certain room.IMAGE 1

They then gave us hand outs, audio, and did informed us to go to the comfort room since the tour will take an hour and a half. Some of the visitors did do so, and that also goes for us. After a while they instructed us to line up as to start the tour guide. So here’s some sneak peek.

They didn’t let us go inside the buildings that were seen here. However, the scene was really great. The only thing it concerns me about this tour guide is that the personnel who handle this and speaks about the palace speaks Niponggo. Most of us tourist couldn’t understand it, except those tourist handed with an audio and the Japanese people. How nice will it be if they would hire someone to speak English for us tourist to get even more understanding about the place.

 Our next stop was the Imperial East Garden which is just near the palace. We did visit this place hoping for a cherry blossom, and when we came there it’s still a plum. Though it’s not yet the full bloom cherry blossom, my friends did loved it and I was astonished again for the second time around.

The next stop was the Asakusa Shrine. We didn’t get the opportunity to do a souvenir shopping for our friends and family from earlier trip. To our surprise, in this area there were so many store that sells different stuffs. Even hello kitty was there, which my friend keeps on talking about, wanted to buy for her co-officemates for a souvenir.  From all those products, it’s hard to pick which one to buy. And the most surprising thing is that, I did get to experience eating a Fish Bread!


I couldn’t believe it but I just did. I’ve been looking for this from my first trip, and even when I was then at Osaka and Kyoto, I didn’t get the chance to find one. It did took me to go to Tokyo for the second time around to eat this kind of bread. I just love the one with chocolate, and cheese flavour. It’s Oishi! Red Bean is something didn’t pass to my taste buds. Sorry.

So going back, another store that we were curious about is the Halal Restaurant called, Naritaya Halal.IMAGE 10

It cost us an hour to find this place. And it’s a popular resto for the Muslim tourist which cause us to wait up in line to be entertained. After waiting for a half a hour, I ordered a Ramen worth 1,200 yen.


In fairness, my tummy is really satisfied and full after eating this ramyunJ I would recommend for those Muslim people who would love to eat some ramen. And just to let you know guyz, according to a Japan citizen, Asakusa is an area where most of the restaurant are halal. You need to grab a copy of a brochure at a guided tourist office to see it, and choose.

After experiencing ramen, we did planned to find a for rent Kimono. But due to some unpredicted event, we did delayed this plan for about an hour.  At around 5:15 pm, we hurried it up to find one, but most of the for rent Kimono House closed at 6:00 pm and didn’t cater us. Fortunately, one of the store recommend us to this certain shop, who provides a for rent Kimono until 7:00 PM. Without any further ado, we started to look for that store and ask some nearby citizen to help us out how to get there. It take us a minutes since what we’re looking for were just nearby and we didn’t notice it ahead. We directly went to the second floor of the building were ONE is located. As the elevator open its door, it took us by surprise by all the KIMONOS on standby waiting to be rented out. The female care taker told us, that it will take them 45 minutes to get us dressed, and cleared to us that it will be less hour to use the kimonos. After explaining those, we did told them that even for a less hour, we wanted to  experience wearing the outfit. Instead of doing it for 45 minutes, they did it less than that. As per observation, dressing a Kimono really take things complicated since it takes you to be dressed up layer by layer. This how it goes for us.

Thanks for the ONE SHOP for letting us wear this beautiful Kimono even just for an hour. Dreams do come true.


MAMIS NO BOUKEN: Japan Day 1 and 2 Adventure

Let’s continue our adventure from here on. I will then enumerate the things we did experienced from that trip as to shorten the long travel home.

DAY 1: I did go back to Shibuya Crossing Line. As always, shibuya is the utmost busiest crossing line in the whole world, and Hachiko stands near it as always as he does

Me and my co-officemates did went here the previous, but the difference is that  this time, together with my friends, did a little bit of sightseeing around shibuya.  It’s a bit confusing at first, but the whole place is a totally awesome. I bit it would be much better if you go around the place in a daylight.

While walking down the street, I was so surprised to see this store nearby.

image 5

It’s a Disney store.  I was looking for it through websites and did even search for the possible location of the store, but never thought that it would be in front of us that moment. Location is Zip code 150-0042, Humax Pavilion Shibuya Koen Dori, 20-15 Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo. We did buy our tickets in advance for our trip ticket at Disney Land


DAY 2: It’s a Mt Fuji day. The last time I went here at Mt. Fuji was kind of cold and didn’t show up until the end. We did go here through Hakone Line. However this time around, we choose to go through Kawaguchi Line.

image 7

image 8

Thanks to Google Map we did find our way going to the rendezvous point.  After arriving there, I was then so excited to go to Kachi Kachi Ropeway. According to some reviews, this place is a nice place to watch the mount fuji, and it has a story to tell but to our dismay the place was closed then. I was so sad about this, but what can I do about this? So, we then headed to our next trip, ride a boat around Kawaguchi river.


To my surprise, Mt Fuji was absolutely astonishing, marvellous and so beautiful that day. I could not describe it any better than those adjective I did mentioned. To give you a glimpse, here it is


Isn’t it so beautiful? How thankful I am to be there at a very picture-perfect moment. Now, here I am. I don’t blame Japanese people to be mesmerized with this delightful view. It gives a special feeling, a day to remember. We took our chance to grasp the view inside our memory from a 30 minutes boat sailing experience, and we always find ourselves in awe.

image 11

After the boat sailing, we thought of experiencing snow in this time of the year. Philippines is a tropical country, and snow is a big no no in our place, and we highly anticipated to experience this. However, it didn’t go as planned, yet snow was all over Kawaguchi side of the road. Happiness isn’t all about meeting our expectation, but finding it even in a smallest aspect of it. Most of us really enjoyed it, especially those three.

image 12

An hour of playing snow outside, we did drop some of our energy, ended up looking for a resto. From this quiet neighbourhood of Kawaguchiko, “Sun Poppo Coffee and Restaurant” was the place where we could find answering our hungry tummy.

We amazingly enjoyed staying near Mt Fuji thru Kawaguchiko. Before ending this Day 2, I would really love to share this figures we did find along the way.


I find this very artistic, but I could not find the meaning out of this figures. While looking around, I did came across a tablet with a writings that is plastered in a stone wall about the whole meaning of this, and it states:


This bronze statue is one of the last and finest masterpieces of Japan’s greatest sculptor, the late Saibo Kitamura. Kitamura visited Kawaguchiko at the age of 101 and was deeply moved by the magnificence of our surrounding mountain scenery as well as the mysterious quality of the lake itself. This statue is the product of the two long and laborious years he then spent in an effort to give this feeling of wonder form.

The vase portion of the statue represents Lake Kawaguchiko, fountain of wisdom, hope, life and plenty, in other words the source of life in all things. As for the two female figures dancing around the vase, the woman on the left represents “positive” and the woman on the right represents “negative”. The eternally varying dreams of these two opposites come together to become one in the “source” flowing on to symbolize the never-ending occurrence and renewal of life. The work is a truly powerful expression of man’s eternal search for the essence of the universe to which he aspires, given life and form through the genius and skill of this great master.

3/10/1987 The Town of Kawaguchiko.

Day 3 and 4 will be posted on the next blog

MAMIS No BOUKEN: Japan 2017

Hi guys! I haven’t written anything here last 2016, as I thought I could do the blogging thing here in our place, but I couldn’t. Our signal here was kinda slow, and this makes me  kind of less interested. However, I assumed I could not do it but luckily my interest in doing this is yet awaken again. What would be the things I will post? Maybe, I should go with the stuffs that interest me.

Some of you might already see my past post about my travel to Japan last 2015, but then again here I am another report on 2017 Japan Trip. This time I am with my college friends. Due to super anticipation with the said trip, I did made this while waiting for the time being



Of course, I didn’t post this before going, but after passing the immigration just to make sure.


Japan is my most wanted vacation trip that I ever dreamed of, and going there for the second time around was really an opportunity even just for 5 days. There were those thing I haven’t done during my 2015, and this time, it did came true. Before going any further this is the itinerary that I did, please do click the below attached document


As a part of our needed documents for applying a Japan Visa, this one is a must (which I will enumerate to my next post about the needed requirements).

Most of this were done, but some aint, since our time is limited. From an  experience itself, I do recommend for everyone who is planning to take a vacation to set your trips in to 2 places per day. One place for the morning trip, and one place for the afternoon trip. If the time allows it, you can add for an evening trip. Maybe, eating a special delicacies in a resto to make the night more pleasing.               As a part of our needed documents for applying a Japan Visa, this one is a must (which I will enumerate to my next post about the needed requirements).

Going back to our trip, Alimo did reserved a hotel reservation  to Hotel Naka-Meguro with additional payment for Transportation going from Narita to the Hotel. It is very convenient for us to do this, since it allotted us more time to visit shibuya crossing line

In fron of Hotel Naka-meguro

Have you noticed something from my itinerary? At first I did booked a hotel from 3BR middle of SHIBUYA,SHINJYUKU,SHIMOKITAZAWA wifi through AirBNB. It is quite less, we were so please since it will cost us less. However, 2 weeks before our trip, the host cancelled our reservation without any further explanation. We were rattled about this, thinking were to book again and the money we just spend from that hotel. Two days after or more, were so thankful that air BNB haven’t paid the host for the said reservation, and returned the money to my friend’s credit card account in full. For those who are planning to book a hotel through Air BNB, assure your host that there will be no cancellation and if they are legit. (Will be continued on the next article)


Japan: Once upon a Dream!

I cant help my feelings to wander whenever I think about that place. Its been a huge impact for me. I can still feel the coldness of the wind that touches my skin. The spring that brings happiness inside one’s heart. The cherry blossoms that was in full bloom, that I could never imagine to see it in person for real. The last  but not the least, the people who were generous enough to show us kindness while on travel. I feel so wonderful and grateful. These were the things that I did experience:

  1. Visit places such as Imperial East Garden in Tokyo, Osaka Castle, Fushimi Inari in Kyoto and many others.

Osaka Castle

Fushimi Inari

Mesmerized by the Sakura Tree
Mesmerized by the Sakura Tree

2.  First time to see so many people in one place, such as Ueno Park, enjoying their activities with their friends, family, or special someone.

Ueno Park


3. Tried a vending machine

Glad to tried vending machine as what Ive seen it in movie and anime.
Glad to tried vending machine as what Ive seen it in movie and anime.

4. Wear a long skirt for the first time in my adulthood during my visit at Harajuku.

@ Harajuku
@ Harajuku

5. See and taste amazing sweet cakes.


6. Eat my first ever cold ramen.


7. Visit a Mosque in Japan, such Camii Mosque in Tokyo



8. Frequent ride in a train and running along fast to hop in.



9. Get lost and wander the place.


10. First Japanese guy to offer his sit while we’re on a crowded train. sweet 🙂 (So bad, I didn’t had a picture with him)

Lets pretend this is HIM, shall we?
Lets pretend this is HIM, shall we?

11. Feel coldness in my hand that seems to numb.


12. Ride with Captain Hook at Hakone.

13. Eat my first onigiri at nearby 7/11 located somewhere in Nishi Nippori.



14. First time to feel my heart pounding over excitement seeing the famous crossing in Shibuya Station.


15. Meet Hachiko


16. Stay at train station over one hour, and happy to observe Japanese people


17. First night bus travel from Tokyo to Osaka (vice versa) for almost 7-8 hours


18. Roaming around Akihabara alone in more or less 30 minutes, and see the wander of this place.


19. Fulfill my dream of taking a bath in bath tub. (The most relaxing ever, especially when you dream about it long before.)


20. First to eat the so called “Takoyaki”.


21. Be at Osaka Castle with so much history inside it.


22. Be at the tallest building called floating Garden observatory, and try walking at the Lumi Sky walk



23. First time to see a street performing monkey


24. One with nature through visiting the bamboo path in Kyoto.


25. First time to be at the Top of the Mountain at Fushimi Inari


26. Touched a Chubby Japanese Cat in Kyoto :p


27. Had a memorable photos with Japan citizens.






So, here you go guys!I will never stop longing to go back there at Japan. I’m hoping I’ll be back soon, and the next time, I will include Hokkaido in my Itinerary:)

P.S: Its been so long that I haven’t post in here, but hopefully it will be full articles before the end year.

The Island Born of Fire

Camiguin (Tagalog pronunciation: [kamiˈɡin], (Cebuano: Probinsya sa Camiguin, Tagalog: Lalawigan ng Camiguin) is an island province of the Philippines located in the Bohol Sea, about 10 kilometres (6.2 mi) off the northern coast of Mindanao. It is politically part of the Northern Mindanao Region of the country and formerly a part of Misamis Oriental province. Camiguin is the second-smallest in the country both in population and land area after Batanes. Mambajao is the capital of the province and its largest municipality both in area and population.


The province consists primarily of Camiguin Island, as well as a few other surrounding minor islets including:

   White Island, about 5 kilometres (3.1 mi) west of the town of Mambajao

   Mantigue Island, about 14 kilometres (8.7 mi) south of Mambajao.

Camiguin Island is a pearl-shaped island with an area of approximately 238 km2 (92 sq mi). The island measures about 23 kilometres (14 mi) at its longest and 14.5 kilometres (9.0 mi) at its widest breadth. The island is mountainous with the highest elevation reaching over 5,000 ft (1,500 m). It is encircled by a national road with a total length of about 64 kilometres (40 mi). As of the August 1, 2007 census, the province has a 5th class income classification with a population of 81,293.


The name Camiguin is derived from the native word “Kamagong”, a species of the ebony tree that thrives near Lake Mainit in the province of Surigao del Norte, the region from which the earlier inhabitants of the islands, the Manobos, came. Kinamigin, the local language of Camiguin, is closely related to the Manobo language.

An earlier Spanish geography book writes the island as “Camiguing”. There is reason to suppose the Spaniards dropped the final g.

Spanish Colonial Era

Old Spanish documents indicate that the renowned explorers Ferdinand Magellan and Miguel López de Legazpi landed in Camiguin in 1521 and 1565, respectively. The first Spanish settlement was established in 1598 in what is now Guinsiliban. Guinsiliban which comes from the old Kinamiguin word “Ginsil-ipan” which means “to look out for pirates from a watchtower” has an old Spanish watchtower where the Camiguinons kept watch for Moro pirates.

The first major Spanish settlement established in 1679 was called Katagman or Katadman (known as Catarman). The settlement grew and prospered but was destroyed by the eruption of Mt. Vulcan in 1871. The former location is what is now Barangay Bonbon of Catarman.

Sagay, located south of Catarman, was formally established as a town in 1848. The word Sagay is derived from the name of poisonous fruit tree that grow in the area. Mambajao became a town in 1855. The name was coined from the Visayan terms “mamahaw”, meaning to usher breakfast, and “bajao”, which is leftover boiled rice. In the early 1900s, Mambajao prospered to become the busiest port in Northern Mindanao. Mahinog was established as a municipality in 1860. The name Mahinog comes from a Visaya word meaning “to ripen” or “to become ripe”. Although Guinsiliban was the oldest settlement in the island, it was only in 1950 when it became a municipality. Mahinog was formerly governed by Mambajao while Guinsiliban was formally governed from Sagay.

American colonial era

In 1901, in the middle of the Philippine-American War, American soldiers landed in Camiguin to assume political control over the island. A group of Camiguinons, armed with bolos and spears, led by Valero Camaro, fought them in a short battle in Catarman. Valero Camaro was killed by a bullet on the forehead and became one of the Camiguin patriots of the early independence movement.

In 1903, the first public school in Camiguin was built in Mambajao and in 1904 the first public water system was installed.

World War II

On June 18, 1942, the Japanese Imperial Army landed in Camiguin and set up a government in Mambajao. They gutted central Mambajao in reprisal to guerrilla activities in the area. The remains of some of these buildings still exist today.


On July 4, 1946, the Philippines gained independence from the US. Camiguin was then part of Misamis Oriental. In 1958, it became a sub-province.[10] and was made into a separate province on June 18, 1966, and formally inaugurated in 1968.

These are some information in relation to Camiguin, but as to my own opinion as an observer of this place is that, this place seems like a paradise to me. You will see different attractions and you will be amazed with all the different kinds of water bodies, from hot spring to cold spring, and even a lot more. I did have an adventure at the said place last 2012 with my co-officemates. I thought it was just an ordinary place but to my surprise it wasn’t. I could recommend that if you are a person who really love to travel and explore new things, go in the said place. You will see so many information through net that it will be helpful to you. The information above were taken from Wikipedia, and I’m sure, a lot more detailed information is something you can find in so many websites. The things I could share to you guys were some pic that I did gathered from that visit last two years ago, and here they are:

DSC06171 DSC06172 DSC06174 DSC06190 DSC06197 DSC06201 DSC06236 DSC06283 DSC06341 DSC06489 DSC06547 DSC06549

ILIGAN City: Destinations and Tour

Iligan City
Iligan City

                Hi Guys! Are you a traveler? Wanted to go somewhere but doesn’t have any ideas? Why not stop over here and see some beautiful sight here in the place called the City of Falls or known as Iligan City. I got this interesting information from a store and wanted to share it with you guys. I don’t want all the goods to be on my side. Sharing is loving. Hope the Tourism here in Iligan won’t mind me sharing this based on their pamphlet. Where are we going to start?

Getting here:

                The fastest and most convenient is to take a plane from Manila or Cebu to Cagayan de Oro, with seven flights from Manila for 1 hour and 20 minutes, and from Cebu for 20 minutes. From Cagayan de Oro, you can take either a bus or a taxi or rent a car and travel 89 kilometers to Iligan.

                Its public sea-port serves passenger ships taking Iligan-Cebu and Iligan-Manila routes and cargo vessels both inter-island and foreign.

Language Dialect:

                Cebuano, the major dialect in the city is reported as the mother tongue of 94% of the population. The remaining 6% of the population speaks Tagalog, Maranao, Ilonggo, Ilocano and Waray-waray. Conversational English is however spoken and understood by the majority of the population, the street and directional signs are likewise in English.


                Iligan City is located at the northeastern coast of Mindanao facing Iligan Bay; 795 kms. South of Manila.

                Iligan’s Topography is such that 65% of the area is mountainous; 30% nearly level to moderately sloping and only 4% is level. Its coastal plains have a maximum expanse of only 3 square kilometers. The mountains running parallel with the coastal plains are not very high and do vary in size.

Timoga Cold Spring:

                Known for its pristine, cool and crystal clear waters freely flowing downstream towards several swimming pools. Shed, snack bars, cottages and stalls selling Iligan’s tastiest lechon (roasted pig) abound the area.

Tinago Falls:

                Literally hidden in a deep ravine, the falls cascading beautifully into a basin-like pool, clean, deep and icy cold. Located at Barangay Ditucalan, 13.8 kilometers from the city proper. To get to the waterfalls, simply take motorcycle ride which are parked along the highway in Brgy. Buru-un. Fare usually cost 25 pesos per passenger.

Macaraeg-Macapagal Ancestral House

                The house boasts as the only house in Mindanao where two Philippine Presidents resided. One being the father, and the other the daughter, Pres. Diosdado Macapagala and Pres. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, respectively. In 1994, upon the instigation of the Pres. Diosdado Macapagal, the lot where the house stands and a two hectare cocoland nearby were donated to the City Government of Iligan for the purpose of developing the place into tourist destination with the memorabilia of the Macaraeg-Macapagal family in exhibit. Nita declaration…

Iligan City Hall

                Situated on top of Buhanginan Hill, 130 feet above sea level, is the seat of Government of Iligan, built way back 1958. It is also a favorite promontory of Ilganons for viewing the sunset or skyline of the city by night. The grounds are sometimes utilized for official social functions,

Anahaw Open Amphi-Theater

                This is located at the Buhanginan Hills in the south-eastern side of the city hall. It is only 2.3 kilometers from the city proper. Probably the biggest open Amphi theater in Mindanao. A beautiful site to view Iligan City, where children can romp around the playground. The road going to the top of the hill is challenge and favorite destination for early morning exercise.

National Power Corporation (NPC) NATURE’S PARK

                This is home to Iligan’s famous landmark, the Maria Cristina Falls. It is the most resplendent among the 20 plus water-falls and also known as the “Mother of Industry”. It is 320 feet high, spews 130 cubic meters per second of water and the veritable source of power in the city and some parts of Mindanao. Located at the borders of Barangay Ditucalan, Maria Cristina and Buru-un, 9.3 kilo-meters from the city proper. The NPC complex houses Agus VI & VII HEPP, generating 200 MW & 54 MW respectively, thereby assuring ample amount of electrical needs to its clients in this part of Mindanao.

                The National Power Corporation has managed to preserve the verdant surroundings. In 2006, it started introducing other amenities and facilities attune to its environment-rich area. Some added attractions are the Butterfly and Orchid Garden, Zipline, tree climbing, canteen, souvenir shop, picnic cabanas, and a lot more.

Mimbalot Falls

                One of the 3 water falls found inside the Tourism Triangle Development zone. It is the smallest but the most accessible being located 500m from the highway. Brgy. Buru-un host this waterfalls along with the Timoga Swimming Pools, Maze Park & Resort and the Iligan Paradise Resort.

Diyandi Festival sa Iligan

                Folklore depicts Iligan’s patron saint, St. Michael the Archangel as the protector of peace. During the 70s, at the height of the secessionist hostilities in Mindanao, people believed that Iligan remained untouched and safe from rebel attacks because of the miracles of St. Michael.

                One evening, when a hostile group was poised to attack Iligan City, the rebels retreated because they could not find the city as it was transformed into lake. Another story told is that the Patron Saint makes his rounds in the evening as evidenced by amorseko grass on his clothes and muddy boots.

                These are just a few of the many stories about St. Michael passed on from generation to generation. Even the story of his installation as patron saint of Iligan continues to inspire and endear him to each every Ilganon. His feast every 29th of September, is a grand celebration in Iligan, In fact, it has transformed into a month long festival, the DIYANDI FESTIVAL SA ILIGAN.

                DIYANDI is a ritual performed by an all-female group outside the Cathedral during the Pagkanaug, before every novena and before the start of the Komedya, or Comedia de San Miguel, a folk stage play depicting the celestial battle. The ritual depicts the courtship between Maranao male and Higaonon female, and culminating into offering symbolic of their union and bountiful harvest to St. Michael the Archangel. The ritual aptly describes the peaceful co-existence of Iligan’s ti-people-Maranao, Higaonons and Christians.

Top 7 Hotels

Address: Raymond Jefffrey Road, Iligan City Philippines
Email:         Tel. No. (063) 221-4926; 223-8118/223-8877
2.       CORPORATE INN Year 2011-2012
Address: Isabel Village, Pala-o, Iligan City, Philippines
Email:           Tel. Nos. (063) 221-4456 / 221-4457 Fax No: (063) 221-4459
3.       CELADON PENSION HOUSE Year 2011-2012
Address: San Miguel Village, Pala-o, Iligan City
Tel. Nos. (063) 221-0711 / 225-4686
4.       SMC-HRM Laboratory Year 2011-2012
Address: Quezon City, Iligan City, Philippines 9200
Tel. Nos. (063) 225-3610
5.       ELENA TOWER Year 2012
Address: Tibanga, Hi-way, Iligan City
Tel. Nos. (063) 221-5995 to 97 Fax No. 221-5996
6.       FAMOUS PENSION HOUSE I Year 2011
Address: Branch 1-#2 North gate Street, Brgy. San Miguel, Iligan City
Tel. Nos. (063) 223-0683/223-0684 Cel. No.: 09228919636
7.       KINGSWAY INN Year 2012

Address: A. Bonifacio Avenue, Tibanga Hi-way, Iligan City

Tel. Nos. (063) 223-3937/221-0277

To 8 Restaurant

1.       Gazpacho’s FoodHaus
Address: City Hall Drive, Quezon Avenue Extension, Brgy. Pala-o, Iligan City
Tel. No.: (063) 221-5215
Address: Badelles Extension, Iligan City
Tel. No.: (063) 221-3401/221-2559
3.       LAI-LAI Yeung Chow & Restaurant
Address: Mariano Badelles Sr. Avenue
Tel. No. (063) 221-5320/223-8919 Fax No. (063) 221-0116
4.       TATAY’S GRILL
Address: Tambo, Hi-way, Brgy. Hinaplanon, Iligan City
Tel. No. (063) 221-1740
Address: Corners Burgos and De Leon Sts., Brgy. Poblacion, Iligan City
Tel. No. (063) 221-7913
Address: Dona Teodora Blvd. Brgy. San Miguel, 9200, Iligan City
Tel. No. (063) 222-1925
7.       FONTINA Coffe.Restaurant.Gallery
Addresss: A. Bonifacio, Tibanga, Hi-way, Iligan City
Tel. No. (063) 221-6312
8.       Z RESTO BAR
Address: 2nd Floor, Highway 30, Tibanga Hi-way, Brgy. Bagong Silang, Iligan Ciy
Tel. No. (063) 221-5889


                If you’d like to visit and see the various attractions that Iligan offers, you may request for a tour guide at the City Tourism Office or you may wish to go around on your own. Here are some tips for the unguided tourist for a whole day tour.



7:00 Breakfast

8:00 ETD Buhanginan Hills

From Poblacion (City Proper) take a Jeepney (Iligan-Pala-o City Hall City Hospital and inform driver to take you to City Hall. Fare P 7.50

8:15 ETD Buhanginan Hills

Buhanginan Hill houses the City Hall which is 52 years old, the New Sangguniang Panlungsod building, the Anahaw Amphitheater. You’ll get a good view of the city from the Buhanginan Hill too. Some 200 meters from City Hall is the Bahay Salakot which houses the City Tourism office.

9:30 ETD for Maria Cristina Falls

Take a jeepney from Buhanginan Hill to City Proper. Tell the Driver to drop you at the East-West Bank, infront of the Masonic Temple and pay a fare of P7.50. From there, take a jeepney (Iligan-Buru-un) to Maria Cristina Falls. Fare is approximately P14.00. Inform the driver to drop you at the crossing going to Maria Cristina Falls.

10:15 ETD gate of NPC Agus VI and VII Hydro Electric Power Plant Complex

From the crossing of the national highway and road leading to Maria Cristina Falls is the NPC main gate which is some 150 meters from the highway. You shall be asked to register at the gate. Fill-out some forms and pay an entrance fee of 35 per person.

As the waterfalls is yet located some 800 meters from the gate, a shuttle ride is available at P10 per person which will take you around the complex.

Maria Cristina Falls is open to the public every day, from 8 o’clock in the morning until 4 o’clock in the afternoon.

11:45 ETD from Maria Cristina Falls to Timoga

From the gate of NPC complex, walk towards the highway and cross it. From there, take a Buru-un bound jeepney and tell the driver to drop you at Timoga. Fare is P7.50. There are stalls along Timoga highway where you can take your lunch. Recommended restaurant/eatery is the Gloria’s Ihaw-ihaw and must-eat (for pork eating tourist) is lechon (roasted pig) and puso (hanging rice.)

1:00 Macaraeg-Macapagal Ancestral House

Across Timoga’s food stalls is the Macaraeg-macapagal Ancestral House where two Philippine presidents have stayed.-President Diosdado Macapagal and President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

1:30 ETD for Mimbalut Falls

Across the MAcaraeg-Macapagal Ancestral House, take an Iligan-Buru-un jeepney and inform the driver to take you to the School Fisheries, Fare is P7.50. Jeepneys make their u-turn at the School Fisheries as it is the end of the line. Get off from where they make their u-turn and walk some 500 meters to Mimbalot Falls. After viewing, walk back to the highway and take Buru-un-Iligan Bound.

2:00 ETD for Tinago Falls

Tell the driver to drop you at the Buru-un talipapa(stal selling fishes and vegetables). Fare is 7.50. At the talipapa are habal-habal (motocycles used as public transport). Inform dispatcher that you are going to Tinago Falls. The rate is P25 per person, for minimum of 2 passengers per motorcycle. If you are alone and you do not wish to wait for additional passenger then the fare is P50. You may make arrangements with the driver to pick you up at the Tinago vicinity and special rates can be arranged and negotiated. At the Parking area going to the TInago Falls, guides/porters can be arranged. Fees can be negotiated.

***The fares/ and other rates indicated above are based on current fares (as of August 2012) and may therefore change depending on legislated/approved rates.

Aside from the places that were mentioned, there are those other places that are also a good recommendation for you to see, which in myself haven’t also got there.

Dalipuga Falls

Dalipuga Falls
Dalipuga Falls

Pam Pam Falls

pampam falls
pampam falls

Kalubihon Falls


Hindang Falls

Hindang Falls
Hindang Falls

It is actually located before you reach the baranggay hall and is just a 7 minute trek from the road. But to be sure, you can ask your guide from the cave to take you to the water falls.

Hindang Cave

Hindang Cave
Hindang Cave

In order to get here, you need to take a jeepney from the city proper to Brgy. Kiwalan. Get off at the junction road right in front of Granex-port. A few meters from the highway is the jeepney going to Brgy. Hindang, stopping at their baranggay hall (which is usually the end of the route if you take the jeepney marked. Brgy. Hindang). The usual fare is P50.00 per person. Upon reaching the barangay hall, register at their log book and pay P5.00.

Ask for Assitance from the locals for guides to take you to the caves. It will be a 2 hour trek going up a little bit steep trail. Don’t forget to bring extra tshirt and drinking water as wekk as good flashlights. Usually guide fee is 300 for a group. Guide Fees are negotiable.

Dodiongan Falls

Dodiongan Falls
Dodiongan Falls

Take a jeepney from the city proper to Brgy. Digkilaan/Dulag (marked 8A) and get down at the junction going to Siarza Memorial School. Ask for assistance from the locals to guide you going to the waterfalls. The trek is an easy one but be ready to get wet when you cross the usually ankle deep water. The trek usually will take you 20 minutes.

The pictures that were attached to here were from internet, and im hoping I could put some pictures that i did captured on those places. I am planning to explore this places with some friends in this month of November. Anyway, if you got a chance, try to drop by here in Iligan and see this places that you will never see in other places here in Philippines.

If you are the typical person who love to bring some souvenirs, there are also stores that you can choose from and these are Cheddin’s Peanut, Ming’s Antique Collection and Suka Pinakurat.

Thank you for reading and Happy Bloggings!