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Collected Quotes!

The following quotes are something that i have collected from movies and some quotes that I’ve written on my own in not so many years ago. ^_^ I’ve decided just to post it in here, anyhow this a free press, so might as well share it to you guyz! (Though I know no one will be interested in this thing!)

  • Valuing someone higher than your life. This feeling cant be seen.  But even though it cant be seen, its still there. Its just like how those unseen stars exist in the sky.
  • Maybe true happiness is right next to us and we just don’t realize it.
  • During the winter, the moisture in the air freezes and gives out a dazzling light, just like jewels. If you see a diamond dust, your wish will come true.
  • Having dream is a wonderful thing.  You see, pursuing your dream is just like searching for a single glimmering speck buried in the sand. Like the first star of evening shining in this dark, vast sky. There will be tough times, but you must keep on searching without giving up.


  • My heart has been sealed and chained   long time ago even before it started to beat.
  • As life goes on, my life has been slowly becoming smaller and smaller and it even getting closer into something deeper, yet only those wonderful  memories I treasure that makes my world lighter and with Allah’s grace.
  • When we seek for something far beyond our capability forcefully, then it is hard for us to look more carefully. However, finding our own dream and seeking our own happiness is like spending your time looking for a glimmering speck buried in the sand. When we find, it comes the realization that life is something about looking deep within yourself with heart and soul..~char~~~~~
  • As time goes on,  i feel that my world is becoming more lonelier  and too small for me to move on.
  • Life is no longer  the way it is, as the clock ticks,…I feel my life is running out. =,( the candle deep within me is slowly fading out…and im afraid~~~~~~I feel that  there is no one who awaits me  for all the things I am building now. I wonder, if this life of mine have values. I think none. Th e people i know already swifted  away by the air away from me. I feel empty today…someday, maybe, i will be alone…forever.
  • Life is becoming more boring.
  • When one hope dies deep inside; someday, somehow new things shall be set in order to revive the hope that was taken yesterday.
  • When your world trembles and your hope is starting to dies out, that will be the time you will feel fear, and the darkness shall engulf the whole of you. However, let not that conquer yourself and make oneself believe once more in the little light of hope and make it grow once more to revive the remaining hope the once was taken by yesterday.
  • What are we afraid of? Are we afraid of  the disaster  that may befall on us or are we afraid of the unseen, which is ourselves? Which is which?  We created shadows over shadows in our heart. We keep on chasing and chasing over the things  we wanted and struggling for what we dream of. However, we are afraid of admitting that we, ourselves , are much afraid of things deep within and revealing the truth within thy heart.
  • Can I stop the time from ticking? We, as a human being,  chase over all things in this world, but we don’t always notice that our main enemy, beside ourselves is the time that takes away every seconds of our breath and every memories that we usually wanted to stay as it is. In short, time is one of the reasons why changes are inevitable.  This is not just a fact but it is the real of reality!
  • From my own point of view, when our present became yesterday, and our yesterday became past, therefore, it only means that our past was just a fragmented piece of history as a whole. Sooner or later that piece might turn out to be a legend that there is no renowned basis to provide evidence to your own existence when time comes.
  • Silence always comes  along with the wind of sadness. Sadness carries its parallel word of loneliness..Loneliness brings forth isolation.
  • As my feelings became stressed out and suppressed by so many thoughts, it always comes deep  inside me of wanting to warp this thoughts to a zone that could freeze until I could no longer  be aware of the heart-rending sentiments that I have.
  • In order to create your own destiny, you must have the determination.
  • We human being such as we, could sometime wants to go higher and higher aimlessly without realizing that the path we have taken is a detour going to a hard fall, and forgot to look down. THere is no such thing as easy and have everything in an instant, because everything always start in a scratch. Like a new born baby, whose destiny is yet to be written by him alone.
  • As long as there are strong feelings for each other, one day, the feelings will connect. Then that will give energy into something known as the power of miracles. A strength  that cannot be born by itself.
  • To love someone is the most meaningless thing in this world, and wanting to beloved is just an endless rotation of hope and despair.
  • If you need an answer, don’t use your brain to think about. Try do what you want to do.
  • You’re going to come across a lot of unfairness in the course of your life, but you’ve just going to have to deal with yourself.
  • There’s knowing how others are feeling unless you ask them. And your feelings cant get through to others unless you tell them.
  • I was very happy when I saw you smile, with the sime that melted everything away. Spring was still far away. Inside this wet and cold earth. I was keep waiting for the plants to sprout. Even though today is another painful day. Even though I still carry the pain from yesterday. If I can open my heart that I want to believe in. I can never be born again.
  • Got my head hit by a wind today and thought, “If one person wanted to change something within thy self, he/she must wish for it him/herself. It’s not anybody’s business, but it is solely your own problem. So, deal with it!”
  • I guess, I wasn’t meant to be the one to get my wish.
  • Time moves at its own pace, yet we never bothered to watch our own action. We thought life were going to be at ease most of the time, but we cant accept the fact that it will never will be.  A momentarily solitude could break of just like a crystal shattered  in one piece, and every thing turns into dust. Things will change no matter how we wish to be still forever. It seems that yesterday were just a dream, and what we have for tomorrow seems to be a despair of breaking ourselves from the delusion that ourselves had been created from the past. The fear itself from taking one step, is a fear of taking ourselves to the future. We weren’t given an ample of time to take things seriously, and yet we were carried by the wind without even asking us if we really wanted to. What we have today is just like a dream of what we have from our yesterdays, and we tend to keep the good ones as a memories, since we ourselves cannot accept the fact that it was over.  Things just moves according to the cycle of fate of human.
  • Each time is a borrowed moments, that no matter how we wish for it to stay still, it will never will be, since our life is also a borrowed one.
  • When hurting words suddenly stricken you down, one way to heal yourself is to smile.^_^. For a smile, might be the reason to turn your negative emotions into a positive one. For Allah (s.w.t) knows how you feel, and Allah is fair in giving judgment.
  • The family is disconnected when there is no one who binds them up.
  • Love to an opposite sex is a delusion that everyone should conquer before it conquers them all.
  • “A letter contains of what’s within one’s heart is something to be treasured the most.” Looking and reading at my friends’ letters & cards few years back then is something na nakakataba ng puso, I’m glad I kept it. I never thought it would come in handy at this point in time. ^_^
  • Collecting things in every pages of your life to remark your existing today is something to be called worth it and later on call it as a “treasured memories”. Doing so, you will notice later on that you already written many pages, a book of your own, attached are those pieces of