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Blog is Fun!


           I am happy that I did reach the 18th days of the Ultimate Blog Challenge. I could say that at first, it was totally hard but sometimes when you do bloggings in a daily basis it becomes part of your routine. I am glad that I did join this challenge because it drives me to do something that is worthwhile, and that I can share something to some people. This challenge also helped me to do bloggings instead of staring my laptop at home and not utilizing it; due to this reason my Cherry Laptop is now always in good use through writing every thought that I had inside. When I am away from my pc/laptop, I usually think of what blogs do I need to write about. What kind of subject does I intend to cover on that day? There are those times when I cannot think of a topic because I have so many things in mind to tackle and a lot of things to think about. When this happen I usually take breathe in and relax.

            One thing that amazes me about reading blogs from other bloggers is that I could discover something from them. Once I sit down, look on the pc/laptop, browse those amazing blogs, and when there is one thing that interests me…*poof* I’ll stop there, read and feel the experience from that blogger’s written words. I’ll read word by word, and analyze it as far as my brain can dig in, sometimes I find myself engulf in them. When I notice a good piece and loved their writings, I can’t explain the exact feelings, but I feel like I was put on a spell to be so consumed and be so envious of their talent and skills in writing. I really could say that those people who write and blogs are really amazing people. Though, I don’t include myself because I am at my first level of expressing my thoughts through here. I can say that I am included on those certain group of people who are introvert. I don’t usually express my feeling towards other people, but once I get to know them and knows me back; that thing is something that I could thank for. I want to expand my life through bloggings and reading them is fun. This will be my way out from this monotonous life I have, and experience life through the words of those bloggers out there.

That’s all for now folks.


Happy Bloggings!


When the hearts goes way out!


          Have you ever felt that there is something missing in your life? Something that you are looking for, but unfortunately you don’t know where to start? As for me, I always feel this. I was then at home, when I feel this urge again. Sadness suddenly squeezed me, and my heart weighted like it was poured a lot of stone inside of it. While I was then browsing, I saw a status posted by Queenie Padilla:

“Offering Salah (Prayer) is good thing but the best thing is to offer it with great concentration (Kushu) and it can only be attain by giving Dawah, visiting Islamic gatherings, listening reminders and reciting Quran. There is no more Kushu in our prayers that is why even praying hard won’t get answered, sometimes.”

        I then thought that, I’ve been a Muslim for almost years now since I was born, but I didn’t have the opportunity to grow my spiritual being. Maybe it was my upbringing, but as much as I would like, I don’t want to blame anyone from this thing that had happen. Previous years, I wanted to do all that stuff that was mentioned by Queenie, and successfully, some of them were already made possible by a lot of efforts on my part, yet the world is much stronger. I always felt that my heart and my mind is very innocence to be influence by other feelings, and my most fearless enemy is no other than myself. How can I defeat this kind of enemy? (This is what I had asked myself.) In Islamic perspective, your other self is what they call “nafs”, and in English term, the other side of yourself is your “EGO”. Some of the human beings when they have something done that are wrong; occasionally they can’t stop their self from doing it. I could say the EGO part is much stronger. I want to defeat this kind of thing in me, but my enemy is much stronger than me. It’s like I am being held up until I choke down when some factors suddenly came up, and my heart beat faster than the usual beating and I hate it. Every day I would like try to force myself to do something, because if I won’t, I will only trap myself in this thing called cage of life. I don’t know when will be the day that I will completely forget about this world desire, but I am hoping that Allah (swt) will enlighten me and bring some people in my life that would help and understand me in defeating this kind of enemy.

                There are those times, where I always wanted to search for a school for Islamic studies far from home to force myself, but to no avail I didn’t find anything. Ya Rabb, let me find my own destiny to feel and answer my prayers and give me wisdom that I needed. Fulfill what my heart desire in terms of spirituality, and change this sadness deep inside into an enlighten one that hope it will change me forever.

                Below this is a video that I would like to share to everyone out there, who is also looking for an answer that they would like to achieve and make this sadness of life goes away.