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Life is not a wishing factory


Last night after we had our review at slrc, together with my friend Khikz, we went to a cinema and decided to watch the movie entitled “The Fault in our Stars.” The story is narrated by a sixteen-year-old cancer patient named Hazel, who is forced by her parents to attend a support group, where she subsequently meets and falls in love with the seventeen-year-old Augustus Waters, an ex-basketball player and amputee. The story itself is really a heart warming kind as it tells about a life where hope should prevail despite of hardship through disability or lacking in ones ownself. There were two quotes that I did catch along the certain situations. One of this is:

“Pain is meant to be felt”

I encounter this when Hazel Grace was at a certain cafe, holding a book while looking at those two lovers happily kissing. Upon looking at them, Hazel wander and as I interpret the way she looks at them. Maybe she is thinking and wishing to be normal like those two, whom can fall in love, and do things normally. I felt this sentiment on her side that she felt envy towards other people who can do things normally, while her who do acts in limited action due to her condition. This situation is not only applicable for those people who are disabled but also applicable in every human being. Happiness is not always the feeling that we meant to feel in this one life time journey because along with this is an attachment of pain. A pain that is meant to be felt. From my own experience, I never felt pain in my entire life except the pain that I had felt starting years ago (this pertains to my emotional state), and until now, it torments me. I try to resist it, but it never fades away. What I did realize is that just go on living. Thinking about the problems over and over again will just give us pain.

“Life is not a Wish Factory.”

This quotation was mentioned by Augustus Waters during their conversation with Hazel at Amsterdam near the river. As a person, I sometimes wish for something not feasible. I am worked up in believing about a fairy tale story, and a lot more which give me joys but when one hit his/her head with a hard knock out of truth, there I am reminded that this is reality. Back then I was hoping for a fairy tale love story, but life did give me the opposite. I could say that not every wish is meant to happen.

The stories in the movie, has their own bases. As what I have said to someone close to me, every movie has a basis which relates with the real life story. This is why you cannot judge easily a movie on how they were created because everything has their own story. Over all, the story is a mellow type of a movie where everyone can be moved by the story itself.

The Wandering Heart

After years, we’ve never been a real couple. Perhaps, it is me who is the reason for this or you who seems to be undecided on things you want to do in life. I always wander wither you really like me or not. I did question you this one, but the only thing you answered were silence words that the wind couldn’t even tell wither you utter a words or not. It disheartened me about this issue, but I couldn’t force you because I really am afraid that you might declare a negative words that will even give me side effects, just like a poison that could kill its patient in one drink.

I put every words on this writing because I have no one else to relay this one. Perhaps, I might be looking for someone to understand and give me the appropriate answer to my queries in your action. Or I might be hoping for you to read these words that I’m putting in this wall, because I always wanted an affection coming from you that no one else can give in this world. I am seeking love, not from a sister nor brother, not from a parent nor anyone, but only your love that I am after. Yet this one seems a light year away for me to reach. I didn’t even know if for example I would travel unto this, will I ever see myself at the end? I couldn’t tell.

Do you know that whenever you go home, you’re living a scar in my heart? Do you have a heart that could feel this wanting from a wife to her husband? Do you know that the one who is writing this one really does love you, but she’s been in doubting mood because she didn’t know you will? She couldn’t reflect herself to someone like you who put his self in a protected side of a barrier. You were planning a lot of things in your life, but do you ever think of a plan for us? I am afraid, I could tell you didn’t. It appears you don’t know what to do with me all along. I could never imagine with someone else better than you, but if ever there is someone who seems to care enough for the writer itself, who exceeds you, then maybe I couldn’t help but to hope for this one. You always left my heart a scar, and I didn’t know how long I will keep this. But remember, in everything there is always an expiration, as I said earlier, if there is someone who will go beyond you, who cares for me a lot more than you do, then let me say the word sorry but I might fell for this. You could not keep a wandering heart from wandering for your love that seems an impossible to reach.

Don’t let this heart from wandering, because someday it will grow weak from WAITING!

Wandering Heart
Wandering Heart