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EGO needed to be cured

Egos Kill Everything
Egos Kill Everything

            There are so many ailments that human can feel. As the technology advances these also goes with diseases in today’s time. I guess collateral for such advancement in our society were being created. One of the diseases that I wanted a cure is the EGO or SUPEREGO of human being. I myself am not free in this kind of thing. This Ego conquers me in so many ways. I wanted to fight it but sometimes it is a very strong enemy. Only those chosen people who can control their whims and desire in protecting their self from the event that may full on them in an appropriate way. However, most of the people that are affected of this, causes them to have a mental breakdown over their true good human nature. I already stated this thing in my previews post, as to reiterate it, SUPER EGO sometimes lead us into being selfish. If I am wrong, kindly correct me from this idea, and tell me your opinion, but this is what I think about.

                If I am pharmacist, scientist or whatsoever, I would love to invite a cure that is inexpensive for the people to take. I would like to take them like a daily vaccination that must be injected to people, in order to subside their molecular activities inside their brain. I want to trigger that part of their brain that controls this feeling. I guess, this thing would lead in what they everybody else wanted, “WORLD PEACE”.

                Hope I point out my opinion on this topic here at Daily Prompt.