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Four things I Adore

This picture was captured by www.adele,tv,
This picture was captured by http://www.adele,tv,

I usually stay at home, and most of the time I’m alone. In the long run, I got used being like this. I feel calmer when I am at this state. I felt I want to do this most of the time, but even though I wanted to I still need to step outside to be with the rest of the world. In any ways, there were so many kinds of human being in this world. I guess, I am one of those people who usually gets the act up as a loner or something since I feel kind of like it. I want to try to be as outgoing person as possible, but as far I extend myself from doing it, it just can’t. One can surpass their limitation, but some couldn’t. In the education side, there were those type of leaners. Out of those kinds, I can associate myself as an Intrapersonal learner. As I see it, it is somewhat disadvantage, because as a person who having this were somehow being selfish as I look at it, because you do your things based at your own pace. Your concentration is good when you are alone. I cannot deny this fact because as I see it, it is. You don’t want it, but in the end, it’s my innate nature.

                There are those people who hold a very unique qualities that other people don’t have yet they are blessed. I guess, it is an aspect that most of the people envy them. Personally, if you’d asked me, I would tell I do, I don’t deny it. However, instead of envying them, it is like I more of appreciate and adore those people who have these kind of attitudes:

  1. Those people who is persistent to do something;
  2. Those people have a good social skills;
  3. Those people who can carry themselves anytime;
  4. And the most important thing is, those people who are religious enough and really devoted in the Religion Islam.

The mentioned words were something I really do admire in a certain person. How much more if they have it all. I would say, it’s pretty awesome.


The Image through the Moonlight Rhythm!


                I played your songs in this quite night. It seems I am typing these words through my keyboard where I imagine of playing the moonlight in a piano along with an orchestra as it arises my imagination in a splash! Let me give an insight of what image I do see in thy rhythm, as to let this feeling of you go through with the wind and cast it away in thy darkness.

                The writer herself feels she was a heroine in a very tragic story, where her other half (husband) betrayed her for a woman from a far distance. In comparison to other people in thy history, some royalties were imprisoned by their own destiny. Most of them marrying the person who claimed by their clan to be with her/him as to increase their wealth, and produce so many linkages with so many famous people. Prestige, wealth and pride were at seems to be the most precious that a person could ever have. It seems a futile to go against the tide of betraying the clan, since what is at stake is thy name of thy family, THE HONOR. Two hearts intertwined by faith without even giving a chance for their hearts to settle. Do you think will they ever last? Will you ever love someone as per instructed by the people nearest you? Most of the reader would answer to choose faith as predicted by their own will.

                What’s the hardest is that heart cannot be instructed to whom you will give thy love! A man who love somebody more than his life is something unbreakable. Even if you chained him to other woman’s chest. It will just cause pains and revenge. True love cannot be departed from each other. Though, a woman who became the third wheel is the most painful that a human can feel. Tormented by unrequited love. Forever dreaming of unrealistic event of the man he thought she would love. Tears beside her bed, and a thorny roads along her way. Day by day imagining the love she would have. Seeing the image of the man he has, but never has she owned, together with his woman that he loves but never owns. A woman whose heart is in pain, is like a curse that neither medicines, time nor miracles can heal! A man can tell lies after lies making his own credibility worsen, nevertheless, this is just a small amount of a price to pay compared to the heart being lied to. Forever being delusional of something she will never have, a pain that will kill her every day of her life. Hoped that she had married the first and the last man in her life, but it turns out to be a dead dream! Forever in the eyes of emptiness!

Someone to tell…


How it is good to tell someone anything about something you wanted to say, and that even a little thing would be something you could share without feeling something so opposite or kind of awkward afterwards. I would like to write this on this wall at least I can get this thing off inside me. Alright, someone came inside my room to borrow something. I don’t want to be on details as for the names are concerned. Okay, they then wanted to borrow a formal dress. I take out everything inside my formal dress out of the closet. They pick what they need to choose, and when they’ve done that, they slowly went out. However, before doing so, the last one who get out of my room suddenly speak of something which is a verse, and that I know. I feel kind of offended. Why? Because I feel like a monster or something that she needed to speak that off inside my room. I don’t know. Wished I could say this to someone. I guess, I just need to be off inside my mind to move on! Will I just shared this thing off as too move on. If you wanna ask something about this, just ask the writer. Okay Guys!? See you for another blogging.

EGO needed to be cured

Egos Kill Everything
Egos Kill Everything

            There are so many ailments that human can feel. As the technology advances these also goes with diseases in today’s time. I guess collateral for such advancement in our society were being created. One of the diseases that I wanted a cure is the EGO or SUPEREGO of human being. I myself am not free in this kind of thing. This Ego conquers me in so many ways. I wanted to fight it but sometimes it is a very strong enemy. Only those chosen people who can control their whims and desire in protecting their self from the event that may full on them in an appropriate way. However, most of the people that are affected of this, causes them to have a mental breakdown over their true good human nature. I already stated this thing in my previews post, as to reiterate it, SUPER EGO sometimes lead us into being selfish. If I am wrong, kindly correct me from this idea, and tell me your opinion, but this is what I think about.

                If I am pharmacist, scientist or whatsoever, I would love to invite a cure that is inexpensive for the people to take. I would like to take them like a daily vaccination that must be injected to people, in order to subside their molecular activities inside their brain. I want to trigger that part of their brain that controls this feeling. I guess, this thing would lead in what they everybody else wanted, “WORLD PEACE”.

                Hope I point out my opinion on this topic here at Daily Prompt.

LIFE isn’t all about REVENGE

Just early this day, I heard so many negative news about the place where I so called HOME. Curfew hours, killing somewhere, kidnapping some people. Some even predicted that it was all about revenge due to the election and even some say that they needed money. All this unreasonable reasons really made my heart so loosen, and that made me asked myself, “how could one human take a way life in just one click because of this unjustifiable reasons. “ Sorry if I may be ignorant with your entire raison d’être, of why you’re doing all of this things, but did it came across with your mind, that taking away of LIFE is a SIN? Revenge will only cause revenge. You kill one of her/his family, next morning they will kill one of your kin in order to revenge. But what is all good about this thing? Is it good because you kill someone for the sake of your dead comrade? Is it good because you kill your own enemy and that no one will hinder you from doing all your stuff anymore? Your dead comrade will never be happy of what you have done. Instead you’re making their SINS more unbearable. Even how you tried to eliminate people, your life will be put on cycle just like that. In the end, how your answer did came across with you? Did you find the true Happiness? Did you get what you wanted from the start? If anyone can justify the perfect reason on this so called REVENGE let me know, because the perfect answer to this had never came across with my mind ever since, and let me know how it should be justifiable from the start.

I believe that KARMA will roam around in your life, unless you’ve change yourself for good. I am not perfect human for saying this, and I am not a saint to say these things, and I am not that religious to lecture some people in here. What all I am saying here, are the things I’ve learned from living in this life for almost 23 years. Forgive me for being so sentimental, but this is how I feel right now. The truth is, I feel SADNESS, and the word they called FEAR? I am feeling it right now, and it’s not for my sake why I feel those emotions but for the people whom I cared the most. We didn’t know how the future will bring us, and what we might do, but for my case, if I can give something in order to save those people I cared the most, I will.

Only the Almighty Allah I can ask for help from all of these things that are happening. May Allah (s.w.a) guide us on the right path and protect the people whom we cared the most. Islam didn’t teach us to satisfy ourselves by destroying one’s life, but instead ISLAM do teaches us how to live our life in tranquility with everyone.

An Interview with Myself


•Who has been the most important person in your life? Can you tell me about him or her?

        Many of the people around the globe would tell that the most important person in their life is no other than the one who gave birth to them, and I’m one of them. My mother is the most important person in my life, who always been there for me and worries a lot about me. I guess if the world would turn me down for so many reasons, my mother will love me for so many bases as well, and this is what I appreciate to a mother just like my mom. The next important person in my life would be my father. He always punches a joke to make me smile, but to no avail he usually does it in a wrong time. He did give me everything I need and for our family, and what I admire him the most is his perseverance in doing something so earnestly. There was a video that i captured where my father was walking in the rain holding a so much used umbrella which I find it CUTE, and this is it guys:

       The next person would be my brother, who is 10 years younger than me. I know I never been a big sister to him, because I’ve been a spoiled brat. I used to be the only child and this explains why I’ve been unfair to him in some ways. But little does he knows, he is always my brother and what is more unique about him? He is more confident than me. I do care about them, but I just don’t know how to show it to them.

 •What was the happiest moment of your life? The saddest?

       Before sadness engulfs me, every day was the happiest moment in my life. During my childhood, I don’t worry too much about things in life. I’ve been concentrating myself in giving what I can give to those people around me. It might not be in physical form but the kindness that I could possibly give. This type of things is what makes me happier because good karma brings me something good in return, blessings.

•Who has been the biggest influence on your life? What lessons did that person teach you?

The person that brings influence in me; 60% is from myself, 30% is my parents and 20% would be my environment. I am a loner type of a person. I don’t usually talk too much. When I need or accomplish something, I tend to do it by myself, because I learn in life that no one can help me, more than myself.

 •Who has been the kindest to you in your life?

The kindest person in my life would be my mother, of course. A mother’s love is much higher than anyone there in your life. They know your suffering, and they feel when you’re happy. My mother is a quite type of a person, but she did show her love through giving me what I need, and ask me what I want. She is a full time house wife, all the care that needed by a child where already provided by her to us, her children.


 •What are the most important lessons you’ve learned in life?

“Expect the Unexpected”

        This is the famous quote that everyone knows. As a person, I expect too much in something that I want, but when disappoint prevails me? I usually get hurt too deeply. So now, I am trying not to expect too much on something that is coming. I just let faith flow. If it is a destiny then it will be. However, though I believe in destiny/faith, I also need to work my part as an individual.

 •What is your earliest memory?

        Earliest Memory? Is this about my childhood memory? Let me go down deep in my memory lane, what was I did remember back then…hmmm. Aha! The latest that I remember is during my kindergarten days. The first time I went to school, I never stayed for 30 minutes, right after coming inside the class, due to indifference in my environment. It was so funny because I did remember that I almost cried asking my mom for me to take me home. LOL!

 •What is your favourite memory of me?

        Hmmm…since I am interviewing myself, I would then answer this on my own. My most favourite memory, it was back then during my high school days. Aside from having fun at school together with my friends, I am also having a great life together with so many people around our home. Back then, our home was full of single women. Most of them were my cousins, and aunties. My favourite thing about this part of my life is that we usually do some weird stuff, laughing out over something, and talking much girl stuff. I was then the youngest around the house, so I get all the benefits as young one back then. Now, our home became so boring and I don’t like going home when I feel the presence of emptiness in there.

 •What are the funniest or most embarrassing stories your family tells about you?

        So far they didn’t tell me anything about the most embarrassing one. The only thing was when they let me saw the picture during my months old with a popo on my napkin…LOL!

 •If you could hold on to just one memory from your life forever, what would that be?

“The day when I got married to the man I thought it would be there for a life time. “ I want to freeze that moment; it was March 19, 2011


 •If this was to be our very last conversation, what words of wisdom would you want to pass on to me?

            Let me change this question, if I want to pass on wisdom to my next generation that would be;

“Always hold on to your religion, seek for him.”

Don’t commit mistake as I do.


 •What are you proudest of in your life?

I don’t have it yet, but maybe I’ll be more proud if I will have the chance to have a daughter or a son of my own. That would be greatest thing for me.


 •When in life have you felt most alone?

        I guess, at present…can’t give too much details though.

 •What are your hopes and dreams for what the future holds for me? For my children?

I dream of a good life, peaceful thinking and a happy family without anger and a controlling ego on my part.

 •How has your life been different than what you’d imagined?

Very much different from the way I imagine during my high school days.

 •How would you like to be remembered?

This is a hard question. I want to be remembered as someone worth of her words.

 •Do you have any regrets?

I usually wanted to regret something, but as much as I wanted, I need to suppress it because what is happening isn’t in my control.

•Is there any message you want to give to or anything you want to say to your great-great-great grandchildren when they listen to this?

The only thing I wanted to say to them is;

“Learn the religion of your forefather, which is Islam, and you will never go wrong. Try to be true to yourself, especially to others, because in this way you are not deceiving yourself. Live, Love and be contented of what is given by Allah (swt) through your hard work. One thing as well, I would like to emphasize to male ones not to hurt woman, and be true to the person they are with.”


Thank you for Reading, and Happy Blogging!