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This will be my first entry for the Month of May. I haven’t had the chance to share my experience about our trip to Singapore and Malaysia last 2015. So I’ll be just sharing some pictures of our travel back then. Like anybody else, I did enjoy our trip thanks to Cebu Pacific Promo deals, and especially thanks to my friends. It has been one of many memorable things I had for the year 2015.
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Japan: Once upon a Dream!

I cant help my feelings to wander whenever I think about that place. Its been a huge impact for me. I can still feel the coldness of the wind that touches my skin. The spring that brings happiness inside one’s heart. The cherry blossoms that was in full bloom, that I could never imagine to see it in person for real. The last  but not the least, the people who were generous enough to show us kindness while on travel. I feel so wonderful and grateful. These were the things that I did experience:

  1. Visit places such as Imperial East Garden in Tokyo, Osaka Castle, Fushimi Inari in Kyoto and many others.

Osaka Castle

Fushimi Inari

Mesmerized by the Sakura Tree
Mesmerized by the Sakura Tree

2.  First time to see so many people in one place, such as Ueno Park, enjoying their activities with their friends, family, or special someone.

Ueno Park


3. Tried a vending machine

Glad to tried vending machine as what Ive seen it in movie and anime.
Glad to tried vending machine as what Ive seen it in movie and anime.

4. Wear a long skirt for the first time in my adulthood during my visit at Harajuku.

@ Harajuku
@ Harajuku

5. See and taste amazing sweet cakes.


6. Eat my first ever cold ramen.


7. Visit a Mosque in Japan, such Camii Mosque in Tokyo



8. Frequent ride in a train and running along fast to hop in.



9. Get lost and wander the place.


10. First Japanese guy to offer his sit while we’re on a crowded train. sweet 🙂 (So bad, I didn’t had a picture with him)

Lets pretend this is HIM, shall we?
Lets pretend this is HIM, shall we?

11. Feel coldness in my hand that seems to numb.


12. Ride with Captain Hook at Hakone.

13. Eat my first onigiri at nearby 7/11 located somewhere in Nishi Nippori.



14. First time to feel my heart pounding over excitement seeing the famous crossing in Shibuya Station.


15. Meet Hachiko


16. Stay at train station over one hour, and happy to observe Japanese people


17. First night bus travel from Tokyo to Osaka (vice versa) for almost 7-8 hours


18. Roaming around Akihabara alone in more or less 30 minutes, and see the wander of this place.


19. Fulfill my dream of taking a bath in bath tub. (The most relaxing ever, especially when you dream about it long before.)


20. First to eat the so called “Takoyaki”.


21. Be at Osaka Castle with so much history inside it.


22. Be at the tallest building called floating Garden observatory, and try walking at the Lumi Sky walk



23. First time to see a street performing monkey


24. One with nature through visiting the bamboo path in Kyoto.


25. First time to be at the Top of the Mountain at Fushimi Inari


26. Touched a Chubby Japanese Cat in Kyoto :p


27. Had a memorable photos with Japan citizens.






So, here you go guys!I will never stop longing to go back there at Japan. I’m hoping I’ll be back soon, and the next time, I will include Hokkaido in my Itinerary:)

P.S: Its been so long that I haven’t post in here, but hopefully it will be full articles before the end year.

On Becoming a Teacher

My Concrete Experience

  1. Who am I as a person? Do I have personal qualities that would make me a better teacher someday?
  2. With the use of the checklist find out your personal characteristics which would help you make become a good teacher. The qualities listed are few of the many attributes needed but the list given you would suffice.

Look into yourself very well and answer each item very honestly. All your answers are correct, so you do need to worry.


Below are indicators of personal qualities which may describe you. Place a ___ mark on the blank before each item if the indicator gits you most of the time or an ___ mark if the description does not fit you most of the time.

Chart 1
Chart 1

Number of checks in each cluster (Min-1 to Max 5)

Chart 2
Chart 2

My Observations

                Your concrete experience, enabled you to describe, what you are as a person. The qualities reflect who you are. Make a similar observation of ten active teachers in a school. Your observation will be done through a survey and will produce empirical evidences. This observation method will enhance your skills to collect data, like when you doing research.

                You will be provided with a Survey Checklist for you to produce 10 copies for your 10 respondent teachers. (They are on the last pages of this workbook). Make a proper request from these teachers who will become your respondents.

Chart 3
Chart 3

The Observed Information


  1. To get the average, add the scores of the ten teachers and divide by 10.
  2. Look at the legend in your own checklist, and determine the description of the average.

Study the results.



  1. Which of the twelve attributes is the highest among the teachers?
  • Among the 12 attributes, buoyancy is the one that excel from among the high description with point one as a difference.
  1. Which of the twelve attributes is the lowest among the teachers?
  • The self-confidence is having the lowest among the 12 with 3.5 as an average.
  1. How many teachers are low in emotional stability?
  • Teacher Number 3 was the only one who has the lowest grade in terms of emotional stability.
  1. How many teachers are high in compassion?
  • Most of the teachers already reach the very high in compassion; meanwhile two of them didn’t reach that peek.
  1. What six attributes are found to be strong among the teachers?
  • Based on the Average of the whole attributes these six attributes are buoyancy, objectiveness, compassion, emotional stability, refinement and comparativeness with a tie total with that of Reliability
  1. What six attributes are found to be weal among the teachers?
  • As the opposite answer in number seven, these six attributes with a weak average are the self-confidence, self-motivation, intelligence, pleasantness, and comparativeness as well reliability can also be consider as one of them.
  1. What interesting observations can you spot from the other data not asked?
  • The cooperativeness in answering the questionnaire makes me so thankful to the teachers who answered it wilfully.
  • Happy. This is the one factor that I could consider that would bring your class in a good atmosphere and soothing for learning because learners drawn with this kind of aura.

Use the information from your personal results and those of the ten teachers in making your reflections that follow.

My Reflections

                After studying the results of your teacher survey, write down your reflection on the following situations reported to have happened in the school setting.

  1. Why are some teachers reported to have bumped a learner’s head on the wall or made a child swallow scratch paper or pencil filings? What attribute do you think is low for this teacher?
  • Emotional Stability. Based on the checklist under this attribute, it is all stated there the things that relates with a teacher’s temper. Once a teacher doesn’t have this kind of trait, they tend to do this without thinking too much. We cannot avoid losing our temper in some action as a person, but the thing is, we need to place them in an appropriate place. For this reason, a teacher should act and be more or less a mother that can stop their children without putting them in too much pressure. They are a child, making them swallow scratch paper or pencil filings as form of punishment will just make them loose their confidence that would affect them in the future.
  1. Why do you think some teachers are better loved by students than others?
  • In order to attract students, you need to have a heart and a certain attitude that would attract them. From among the attributes, I would say a teacher need to reach a high level of COMPASSION and OBJECTIVENESS. As a teacher you need to be at your best at anytime, you need to have happy disposition and appreciate students within your class. A Happy disposition can attract people, and this is also applicable with the students. One said that children are the best one to sense the feeling of others around them. So giving them an atmosphere that give them an ease, and learn the meaning of positive living will give them a boost to make their life in a better. A better influence will also be spread to the students, who will be drawn by this kind of feeling. As a teacher, you need to be more objective. Treating a certain situation in fairness is a must, in order for them to feel of being judged fairly, and will not lose their confidence in a certain situation. Children also need to be brought up in a way that they could learn a high value of fairness, and to whom they could look up to this aside from their parents? Their teacher.
  1. If you were to choose, which personal attributes should all teachers possess? Why?
  • I would say, a teacher should have a compassion, emotional stability, and self confidence. A teacher should have a heart. What’s good of having a brain with the heart that is full of nothingness? We, human are very expressive people towards other person. This is the reason why s/he needs to reach them through kindness, and our heart needs to function in a way that could understand the human heart. In the future, we need some people who need to spread love around the people, kindness towards others and a teacher could teach that to the students. A self restrain is needed in order to reach what we want for others. Unselfishness is also a must, so anger should be put in the appropriate situation. To act kindness and the courage to control your anger, self confidence is a must. Doubting once self of acting goodness to other is a toxic why of thinking. Confidence is needed in order to implement an effective teaching to ones’ students.

My Affirmed Concepts

                After reflecting on this episode and recalling my previous subjects, I have realized that there are several concepts in the teaching profession about personal attributes. I learned that has been affirmed and confirmed, examples of which are given below:

  1. When I was a student, I look up for those teachers who taught me as someone to be always prepared, and that they are the same from inside the classroom and outside, but it was not. From this experience alone, I did observe a teacher who was very different when she handled the class from the way she acted outside. This teacher holds out a humble and weak personality outside the class as I perceive it, but when she is inside the room, she is boosting with confidence. Her teaching style is very admirable since she can hide those weaknesses when she is in front of her students. As a part of the attitudes, this self-confidence is important enough in delivering your lesson to your students in order for them to be drawn by your teaching skill. I did realize this part after observing this certain teacher, which I really appreciate the way she handle herself in front of many learners and made me think of how this thing is important.
  1. There was an instant where a teacher suddenly called out those noisy kids inside the classroom and let them ask to go outside at the school were we currently observing. This teacher does this as punishment for those noisy kids. I didn’t experienced this when I was a student myself, but I did observe this kind of treatment from a teacher back then, who uses this style to punish them. Sometimes, there are those students who really are noisy, even how a teacher disciplined and warned them, they just do it. I could not blame the teacher for doing this like of punishment due to the reason that they can no longer handle this kind of attitude in class. Adopting this kind of punishment is better than hitting the kids with eraser nor making them ate some pencil filing to make this shut,

My Future Application

                Using what I have learned in this episode, when I become a teacher, I should learn some of this attributes in order to implement this to my students. If God’s well that I’ll be a lecturer to some learners, I would like to learn this attributes and have a restrain factor with my temper when I become one. One thing that I have learned from this episode is that, teaching should have a heart. Teaching doesn’t only mean just teaching, but it is further than this kind of thing. It made me understand the real meaning of being a teacher is to have a good value within thy self as a teacher. In this way, I became more aware of what are the things I should do for myself that would be applied to my students. Starting on this day, I need to have a self evaluation, and consider this attributes to be enhanced as I go along with this line of profession. In the near future, I would love to teach kids and make them realize of those beautiful things in this world, and become more positive in life. Fate will bring us all to the places where we should be, and I am praying to Allah (swt) that if this is good for me, hope He will fulfill my desire to help myself and become a tool for a change through imparting knowledge to the young ones.

Technology in the Learning Environment

This post is based on my field study that I did conduct last three months for the year 2014. You may seem not to approve some of this idea, but please correct me if I am wrong. Most of the things contain here were based on my own opinion. I am very welcome to some ideas that you may share on this subject matter. Thank you and hope it will be a help for those people in search for the same studies.

My Map

To reach your target, follow the steps below

1. Decide on a specific content area

2. Find out the learning resource relevant to your topic that are available from your school/university’s learning resource center.

3.Develop a pile of teaching aids (flash cards, pictures, cut outs transparencies.

4. Organize them in box

My Tools            

                As you observe the class, use the activity forms provided for you to document your observations.

Survey Guide

  1. Are there learning resources useful for your topic in the resource center you visited?
  2. Are the available materials, appropriate for your target grade/year level?
  3. List down those that can be useful for your topic.
  4. What other materials can you make? (like flash cards, posters, cut-outs, transparencies, etc.)

An Observation 

  1. To clarify on this part, in the since that I am not yet in the teaching world or practised teaching, I will relate this question on the teacher that we did observed last February 2, 2014, whose name was ISHAQ PUNDOMA. He is a teacher on the subject matter chemistry. The teacher used Manila paper in discussing his topic in relation to LIPIDS and other science vocabulary. He used the white board as well in order to show the students on the segregation of chemicals; eg. Molecules and its division. The resource teacher utilizes the materials inside the class very well, and as of the topic he was discussing was somehow composed of the information he gathered in certain book that was advised by the school for that certain subject matter to be used, and could also be found in their own library.
  2. The materials being used was applicable for the fourth year level in the since that they are now grown up. The Manila paper that was being used as a visual was good IMs for him to use with an indication of his outline for the discussion on that day. It was easy for the student what to expect on that day and recall their past lesson. The subject matter that was being handed to them was suited to her level since it is in the curriculum of the said level.
  3. The possible that the resource teacher could use aside from visual aid, white board and black board are the following:
    1. Power Point Presentation
    2. Pictures
    3. Object that can be made out of styrophome and other materials
    4. Video/Movie
    5. Others
  4. In the discussion of Sir Pundoma, he can also use a poster, cut outs, or even utilizing their media room for the learner to be more exposed to the subject maters, where they could gain the concept in an easier way.

My Analysis

Give at least three benefits of doing a survey of available materials before making your own materials? Explain each.

  1. You’ll be far more prepared for the materials you needed, and if there were lacking in the planned materials at least you can do and have an alternative resource materials you need to use. As a teacher one need to utilize the available materials within the environment.
  2. It will not give you stress when you’re already on the day of your meeting with your class. You have at least days to prepare your materials in a well created craft.
  3. If there is a need in changing your subject matter on that day due to lackings of material, you can still have the time to do so.

My Reflections

  1. Which of the materials did you like making the most? Why?
  • In the resources that I did observed, one thing that i did really like is through using a presentation through power point. This idea came to me when I already started learning here in St. Michael’s College. As I consider, utilizing this kind of material can cause a good visual learning for the kids, since most of the kids are best in learning through seeing. Aside from this, through the given idea by the master teachers last March 8, they did given us some good ideas which we could adopt in teaching our kids in the future and one of this is the so called MNEMONIC. (Since, I am not yet in the teaching world, I could base upon what I did observed and known from the three months session from this learning.)
  1. What difficulties, if any, did you encounter in making the material? How did you overcome them?
  • Based on my realization, the hardest part in making the material is the idea on how will you present it to the students. Either they like it or not. Are they going to gain learning from this materials that I am using? Will they understand my discussion through it? These are some possible questions that suddenly popped out when I am making my own presentation to the class. On how you’re going to outline your topic based on your subject in a way that kids could get it is the hardest part since that, the way you understand things is very different from the way they understand it. This cause the teacher to think their needs and think of the possible aspect that could be more applicable to them
  1. What tips can you give teachers regarding preparation of teaching materials?
  • The simplest tips that I could give for the teachers regarding preparation of teaching materials is that, they need to prepare it ahead of time. In order to change something on the materials with allotted time if they needed to do so for the betterment of the learners’ understanding when the teacher is going to present it.

My Portfolio

Learning Resource on a Specific Content Area

                Use this graphic organizer to present the learning resource relevant to the topic chosen. On the line inside the box, indicate if the resource is already AVAILABLE, MAY BE PURCHASED, OR WILL BE MADE (by you, of course!)

TOPIC: The Great Three Wars in the 20th Century           Grade/Year LEVEL: Fourth Year Level


Experiencing the Teaching-Learning Process

On the English side!
On the English side!

This post is based on my field study that I did conduct last three months for the year 2014. You may seem not to approve some of this idea, but please correct me if I am wrong. Most of the things contain here were based on my own opinion. I am very welcome to some ideas that you may share on this subject matter. Thank you and hope it will be a help for those people in search for the same studies.

My Tool

As I observe a class, I will use the Observation Sheet for a more focused observation.

Principles of Learning Teaching Behaviour of the Teacher/Learning Behaviour of the Learner as Proof of the Application of the Principle of Learning.
  1. Learning is an experience which occurs inside the learner and is activated by the learner.
The teacher discussed all the topics in relation to their lesson, and the quiz that was given. Some students were very participative.
  1. Learning is the discovery of the personal meaning and relevance of ideas.
Teacher answered those test questions verbally in front of the students in order to let the student assist their answers. E.g The Students realized the importance of preparing one’s self before exam.
  1. Learning is a consequence of experience.
Assessing children in their learning and mixing different kinds of strategies is an edge. The teacher gave out a quiz based on their lesson last week, and answers them afterwards by calling some students to verify their answers.Some students were disappointed due to low scores they did receive.
  1. Learning is a cooperative and collaborative process.
The teacher was very enthusiast and alive in giving instructions to the student and even giving out an examination.

The students were drawn from the teacher’s energy and followed her instructions accordingly and even giving out their answers wilful during the question and answer portion.

  1. Learning is an evolutionary process.
The teacher’s action becomes evolutionary since she adopts multiple tasks within the one hour session. She even diligently deals with her grade 5 students with the level of their abilities and skills.
  1. Learning is sometimes a painful process.
Learners were given a certain quiz but it becomes painful for them when they didn’t prepare for it even though the instructor told them about the quiz ahead of time.The students who didn’t do well realize the consequence of not studying before the quiz.
  1. One of the richest resources for the learning is the learner himself.
The teacher let the students’ answers through asking them while assessing each other’s papers.

The students were raising their hands while the teacher was giving out the question in class.

  1. The process of learning is emotional as well as intellectual.
The teacher was starting her class through giving out a friendlier expression. The possible reason is in order to set a friendlier atmosphere while giving out a quiz for the kids, and get the tension out of the students’ shoulders.
  1. The process of problem solving and learning are highly unique and individual.
The teacher was discussing the basic angles and geometric figures by details were somehow highly unique especially in a way the teachers present her teaching. In terms of the student, some were giving their best out to answer their teacher’s question.
Principles of Learning Teaching Behaviour of the Teacher/Learning Behaviour of the Learner as Proof of the Application of the Principle of Learning.
  1. Learning is an experience which occurs inside the learner and is activated by the learner.
The Teacher let the student answers the chemical equation based on their learning the previously.
  1. Learning is the discovery of the personal meaning and relevance of ideas.
The teacher discussed previously the topic about chemistry formula, and she let the student answer some formula written in the black board. After this she let her student to explain the answer in front of their classmates.
  1. Learning is a consequence of experience.
One learner didn’t answer the assigned equation very well, letting herself to solve it again. A consequence that when you don’t understand the lesson well, one tends to come up with a wrong answer.
  1. Learning is a cooperative and collaborative process.
The learner’s were not participative, but the teacher groups them to answer the chemical formula, letting them to choose one of them to discuss their answer infront.
  1. Learning is an evolutionary process.
Most of the students do have a lot of question about the written formula, but the teacher tried to explain it further.
  1. Learning is sometimes a painful process.
One student was suddenly asked about a certain formula but came up being quite and left the question unanswered.
  1. One of the richest resources for the learning is the learner himself.
Most of the learners do well in answering the equation, giving them more confidence within their self.
  1. The process of learning is emotional as well as intellectual.
The learners’ correct answer makes them happy and build up some confidence within them
  1. The process of problem solving and learning are highly unique and individual.
Answering a complicated equation gave the learner a hard time to come up to the final answer. However, when they arrived correctly to the right answer, feeling of happiness felt.
Principles of Learning Teaching Behaviour of the Teacher/Learning Behaviour of the Learner as Proof of the Application of the Principle of Learning.
  1. Learning is an experience which occurs inside the learner and is activated by the learner.
The Teacher let the student to answer the mathematical equation, and the learner began to solve the given problem based on their understanding.
  1. Learning is the discovery of the personal meaning and relevance of ideas.
The teacher let her student solve the problem in front of the black board and make them explained the answer they presented.
  1. Learning is a consequence of experience.
Some of the learners were able to answer in front, and upon answering some aren’t well prepared and realized the consequence of being unprepared.
  1. Learning is a cooperative and collaborative process.
The learners were raising their hand, cooperatively wanting to solve the problem on their own.
  1. Learning is an evolutionary process.
The teacher exerts a lot of effort giving more motivation to her student, and does a multi tasking while the lesson was on going.
  1. Learning is sometimes a painful process.
Those learners who didn’t do very well were somehow learned the consequence, and one of this was not to be able to answer the problem in front of her fellow classmates.
  1. One of the richest resources for the learning is the learner himself.
Most of the learners were raising their hand signifying the fact that most of them do well and understand the lesson and some even explained it very well.
  1. The process of learning is emotional as well as intellectual.
As I observed, the teacher were enthusiast, and most willing to give a lesson to them making her student participative and radiate her enthusiast attitude towards her students.
  1. The process of problem solving and learning are highly unique and individual.
The learners’ solve the problem very well and well understood by them. Some learners could even teach to her seat meet that didn’t seem to understand the lesson well.


My Analysis

  1. What is the impact of the Resource Teacher’s observance of these principles on the teaching-learning process and on the learners?
    • To become an efficient educator you need to consider these principles in your way of teaching. It is not easy to be an educator since you cannot just do what you want in teaching children, it’s not. Many things need to be considered. If one teacher wanted to have a strong foundation in her/his own teaching and implant a very great impact to his/her students then this is the answer. One of the teachers that I did indeed observe somehow implements these principles. I could say not all but most of them. This can be signifies how her learners reacts from the way she teach, and the way learner’s enjoy her class. For the learners, skills and abilities are not one day growth; it is a step by step process. The learners don’t really have the idea about these principles, but looking at them, they are indeed very active in cooperating with their teacher. An atmosphere of ease was surrounded in whole class, where teaching can be more fun for the students as well as ease in acquiring the knowledge needed.


  1. Which learning principle was applied most?
  • As I observed, the most applied principle on that day were “learning is a consequence of experience” and “Learning is a cooperative and collaborative process”. As what I had explained from my previews statement, that most of the student were very active in participating, a very cooperative one. The teacher was also enjoying her class. In the quiz, which was given on that day, some of the student didn’t have a higher score which possibly made them realize that they need to study more.
  1. Which learning principle was applied least or not at all applied?
  • The learning principle that was applied least from all the principles was the number seven, “One of the richest resources for the learning is the learner himself”. In this situation, teacher mostly facilitates with the learning for the students and they, the students, are the one who gives some ideas about a certain topic. In relation to the class that I did observed, this thing were least used. Mostly of the class was being done by the teacher herself.
  1. Do you agree with these principles of learning? Or have you discovered that they are not always correct?
  • Yes, I do agree with these principles. A principle in a certain area of subject is a very important factor that can be used in determining a certain facts. In education, the enumerated principles can be used in studying a certain schools if they are doing what exactly supposed to be an act of teaching kids. The status of how the teachers and learners do can easily be determined. For the further advancement of a certain school, this could be a basis of studying the area of learning should be changed or need some improvements in terms of executing the subject to be tackled in every class.
  1. Lessons I have learned from my observations on the classroom application of the principles of learning.
  • The thing that I’ve learned from my observation is the fact that a teacher should be aware in using these principles in order to be an effective educator.

My Reflections

My reflections on my observations of my Resource Teacher’s observance of these principles. Did my Resource Teachers adhere to these principles?

                In the short period of time observing the teachers at AKIC- SLS, I could say that they are adhering these principles well. As seen from their students, they are really well participating and seem to enjoying their class very well. One teacher was very effective in implementing these principles as a whole since you can distinguish how she conducts her class. She can create a well balanced classroom, an environment full of energy, and made the students get motivated in participating inside the class. As an observer and as a person, you can sense in a certain situation about things that seems wrong. From that observation, and sitting in that particular class made me feel of going back from being a student. A feeling of that kind of atmosphere, were you can feel the enjoyment of learning, and being drawn by the teacher’s energy and enthusiasm; that feeling of getting those lessons inside your head without coercing your mind to learn it, that feeling of learning from the mistakes that indeed committed on that day, and thinking of doing good the next time around. This feeling that felt on that day is an experience that these typical principles were being implemented.

                The learning’s goal is to give the children what they need, and make them realize things that they could not gain outside the class with guidance of a teacher. The teachers need to present these principles if he/she wanted to make her/his students feel the essence of true learning. Not adhering with these principles will give one’s learner an incomplete learning experience on their part. The development of their thinking skills and the importance of the topic being learned will not be achieved. From the way it looks, this is the importance of these said principles. The teacher that I did observed even gave assessment on her students’ skills which it can be a help in knowing the feedback of her teaching from her students, either it’s effective or not. The learners’ interest should be in the top priority, so as an educator, we need to adopt on everything that is needed in order to fully utilize all the tools that is needed to let them experience the best of learning.

My Portfolio

Principles of Learning in My Own Words.

  1. Learning is teaching kids with the things they aren’t well aware off and making the students interpret of the things they did understand from the lessons.
  2. Learning is knowing something that is beyond ones understanding, and the relationship of this idea to the real life of the students.
  3. Learning is something about learning ones mistake, and the making a correct decision and analysis over something.
  4. Learning is sharing of ideas through teachers, and with highly participation of the students.
  5. Learning should be multi tasking due to changes pace of time.
  6. Learning is not a punishment or discipline that the students should practiced, but the realization of getting your dream with a sacrifice for a successful life.
  7. A student should participate of sharing their ideas/opinion in a class.
  8. Teachers and Learners’ abilities can be measured up through their psychological, sociological, emotional, and intellectual aspects.
  9. Learning should involve high thinking skills in order for each student to be developed in advance regardless of their differences, and considered a certain materials based on their multiple intelligence.


The view in my Daily Life.


         I usually woke myself up 5:30 in the morning. When I already step out from my bedroom, I make sure to pay a visit at the kitchen before taking a bath. What I do is clean the rice cooker, and prepare the rice for my breakfast. One time, I did leave some rice leftover; I then mistakenly cooked it “again” due to my half asleep self yesterday morning. When I remembered that the cook rice where already cooked? I immediately went out and put off the rice cooker. Seeing what happened to this overcooked rice suddenly loss my appetite that morning. The rice was so sticky and watery.  That was a dangerous thing to do, and I’ve learned my lesson from there. I’ve learn to be sure to see what I am up to when I am half asleep.

           There were those days that I would be awakened in bad feelings. An emotion that pulls me down that makes me feel wanted not to go to the office or do anything except to sleep. However, when this feeling comes in my way I would force myself to get this mood out of my system and would think:

I need to work.

I need to earn money.

I need not want to bother my parents further.

I need to self discipline myself.

I needed to be strong because I don’t want to bother anyone but myself.

I would stay in the comfort room for about 20 minutes. This includes my awakening session. ^_^ .

            Muslim people are obliged to pray five times a day, and an early morning prayer is included. My chores after taking a bath would be: early morning prayer, taking my full break fast while watching a Channel 30 Star World, Cleaning things up (when I am in the mood), and the final round would be preparing myself to go out. At around 7- 7:30 am I would likely go out for me not to be late in the office.

             When I step outside my house, I would see different kinds of people from different walks of life. There I would see kids whom are prepared going to school, properly groomed and almost ready to conquer the day. College students would be out together with their books, reading about their majors and preparing for a test on the same day. I would also see a guy together with his three little cute puppies, taking a morning walk. While waiting for a Jeepney, I would take a moment of walk. See people, observe the way they do and all the things. I don’t criticize them, but what I love the most is seeing people with different attitudes and thought of how wonderfully they are being made. Each is unique, and has a different personality from each other. I don’t know if you would find that very amusing, but for me it is.

This photo is not a view of our office but a mere sample.
This photo is not a view of our office but a mere sample.

            Not later than 10-15 minutes after riding a Jeep, I will be in our office. There are those times, when I roam around the office for a task that I needed to be done; I can’t help myself but to see some of my co-workers in a wider range. When that happens sometimes, I feel happy seeing all of them getting busier with their self. Most of them would pick up their pens, writing and filling up forms for their report. Some of them would be in front of the computer, entering some data for the clients needs. One would be listening to clients complaints, and serving them the services thereof.  Student Trainee is also there assisting clients for the membership within the funds. As for their facial expression, there you would see someone who is happy, sad, not in the mood. I guess this one had a really knock off when he/she rose from her/his bed. There you will also someone humming or singing in a minimum low voice as not to be heard so much. This guys were the one who awakes in an inspired mood along there way. This kind of people would always be so inspired doing the entire task they are asked to. In the office, you would also see someone getting a hot water from the dispenser, putting some coffee, and gently stirring it. To some of them, they would use to do this, because they still have a hang over in their dreams last night and feeling like they are still half asleep and needs a wake up booster to make their whole working hours still awake and last. Further, I would think while looking out them that most of them carries a burden  that they won’t tell to some of their co-officemates. These people are group of people who are inspired, and work for a purpose. Each of them has their likings and disliking. A group of people who holds a different personality that they show it to the people in their best way they can.


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