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A day with ZUMBA

         Zumba for Fun

           I would love to entitle this blog of mine as “My Love affair with Zumba”, but as you can see I didn’t do it for the reason that readers might say something about being weird. Anyway, I wanted not to write this, but my mind wanted this to put it into words and share the feelings that I am experiencing right now. So let’s start. I know most of you my dear readers tried Zumba, or having their daily dose of exercise thrice a week, right? Now, here is the question; what kind of feelings that you mostly felt after doing a one hour of exercise? Do you feel lighted? Do you feel more energetic perhaps? Share it to me, and I would like to know about it from your point of view. From my own experience, I would feel more relaxed. I’ve been into some mind bugging stuff in my life the past few months, but I am trying to recover myself and forget it day by day. I no longer wanting to experience those feelings when you are consume by something that you never wanted to experience. But life always tests us with unexpected experience. Zumba, became one of my outlet to let this thing out of my system.

                At first, I wanted to give up from this routine since it made me so tired, and feel the pain all over my body every next morning. However, I did thought it would be a waste if I don’t continue it. As the days goes on, I did pursue this hobby until such time that I am already hooked. It became a part of me. I don’t like working out alone. I love when so many people there, who shares the same interest as I do. There were those days where I don’t enroll at all, but when I do that, my body seems to be aching looking for this type of work out. For this reason as much as I can I would save from my salary for this one. I always intended to pay 800 pesos for one month where in good for 12 sessions.  This thing is equivalent for thrice a week in a month.

                I do this work out for one hour thrice a week, but usually I do this four times. After this, my friend always invites me for a 30 minutes’ walk. This made me even loss some sweat in a day, which is of course I am thankful for. Maybe, if I am not into this kind, I am probably a heavy weight right now. If you see me in person, you could say that I am a fat person, but I no longer deny that fact. I already accept the fact that this me, a fat young adult and no offense being committed. This body is a God givens grace, and that I need to be thankful for it. Maybe, someday in God’s will, I might reach the ideal weight for a 20 plus young lady as I am. Cheers! ^_^

Incorrect Grammars and Reading Habit


          Every time I go here on word press, and put my blogs on, I can’t help but notice my English usage. I usually thought how it sucks! I really need to drive myself in correcting this kind of “wrong grammar” usage. I guess I need to read, read, and read. If in God’s will, I need to open my fact sheet on correct usage and relearn them. The information that we did accumulate over the years tend to drift away from our memory when we are not using them. I guess mine was indeed drifted away by the problems that I did encounter over these past years of being stagnant.


            On reading, I am not a well reader. I only read when I am motivated or in the mood. But I guess, I need to try to add reading into my habit as to exert my effort of diverting my mind from not thinking too much about those useless thoughts. I really need to do this! Nothing will happen if I stay in and not doing something. I might stay myself locked in but at least I can explore the world through reading. Hopefully, in time soon this will become part of my routine and become obsessed with it. Hope, God will let me do this. Self-discipline is needed to set this up in my system!


Happy Bloggings, and Good Day!