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Voice Over 101: Life

Isn’t it awesome to find something that you feel like doing it? I just did, I am newbie on this side of interest, and I’m loving it. I don’t know how far will I go on this thing, but I believe there is something to look forward on this. So, here’s my sample. Feel free to view:)

Scripts: https://www.edgestudio.com

Life isn’t just about passing on your genes. We can leave behind much more than just DNA. Through speech, music, literature and movies…what we’ve seen, heard, felt…anger, joy and sorrow…these are the things I will pass on. That’s what I live for.

We need to pass the torch, and let our children read our messy and sad history by its light. We have all the magic of the digital age to do that with. The human race will probably come to an end some time, and new species may rule over this planet. Earth may not be forever, but we still have the responsibility to leave what traces of life we can. Building the future and keeping the past alive are one and the same thing.

Sound: http://ngefreesounds.com/

Video: CG Meet up

Voice: of course mine:)

Happy Voice Overing;)

Chicken Soup for the Teacher’s Soul

I am selling this book entitled Chicken Soup for the Teacher’s Soul. If you are someone who is a teacher by profession and needed some motivation, this book is for you! Its a second hand book, and I’m selling it at 450 php. Send me a message if you are willing. Thank you:)

Chicken for the soul
Chicken Soup for the Teachers Soul

Lazada Philippines

Exploring Graphic Designing

I was enrolled in Graphic Designing last 2015. I did this to add an additional knowledge about this subject. However, since I finished learning this designing thing I haven’t applied this into action. I am doing it rarely, but since last week I am inspired doing some designing things which I am going to share this to you all. So this were the graphics I have done.


LogomyselfQuote 09317Quote 0942017Sakura and meMArawi Collage

Any comments or suggestion will be nice:)

Hope you like it Guys!:)

The Wandering Heart

After years, we’ve never been a real couple. Perhaps, it is me who is the reason for this or you who seems to be undecided on things you want to do in life. I always wander wither you really like me or not. I did question you this one, but the only thing you answered were silence words that the wind couldn’t even tell wither you utter a words or not. It disheartened me about this issue, but I couldn’t force you because I really am afraid that you might declare a negative words that will even give me side effects, just like a poison that could kill its patient in one drink.

I put every words on this writing because I have no one else to relay this one. Perhaps, I might be looking for someone to understand and give me the appropriate answer to my queries in your action. Or I might be hoping for you to read these words that I’m putting in this wall, because I always wanted an affection coming from you that no one else can give in this world. I am seeking love, not from a sister nor brother, not from a parent nor anyone, but only your love that I am after. Yet this one seems a light year away for me to reach. I didn’t even know if for example I would travel unto this, will I ever see myself at the end? I couldn’t tell.

Do you know that whenever you go home, you’re living a scar in my heart? Do you have a heart that could feel this wanting from a wife to her husband? Do you know that the one who is writing this one really does love you, but she’s been in doubting mood because she didn’t know you will? She couldn’t reflect herself to someone like you who put his self in a protected side of a barrier. You were planning a lot of things in your life, but do you ever think of a plan for us? I am afraid, I could tell you didn’t. It appears you don’t know what to do with me all along. I could never imagine with someone else better than you, but if ever there is someone who seems to care enough for the writer itself, who exceeds you, then maybe I couldn’t help but to hope for this one. You always left my heart a scar, and I didn’t know how long I will keep this. But remember, in everything there is always an expiration, as I said earlier, if there is someone who will go beyond you, who cares for me a lot more than you do, then let me say the word sorry but I might fell for this. You could not keep a wandering heart from wandering for your love that seems an impossible to reach.

Don’t let this heart from wandering, because someday it will grow weak from WAITING!

Wandering Heart
Wandering Heart

A failed score…Can you do it?

The title itself is something that bothers me from this point in time. Why so? I already finished my second course namely education, having 24 units, last second semester of 2013-2014. I am indeed very thankful for this matter, given that at the very beginning of the class, I doubted if I could finish the subjects I did enrolled. However, thanks to those people who pushed me to get it done within months, and to the Almighty God, I did it!

Now, what’s next? I m currently enrolled in a review centre called St. Louis Review Center in preparation for the upcoming LET examination this coming August 17, 2014. At first, I was hesitant. I was thinking and asking this question if I could do it? Can I pass this? Will I continue? This feeling keeps rushing in before April 7, 2014 (the day where I need to pay my partial fee to the said review centre). The fear was then very strong within me, but because of my friends who already enrolled in the review centre, I’ve decided to do the same.

I thought “okay Jom, since you already finished the course needed for this examination, you must do it. Worst comes to worst. Just do your best”. As I said that to myself, I visited the review centre after that day and paid an amount of 1000 as a partial payment. I choose to have my review schedule during Saturday and Sunday of the week. Now, it’s been two months since that day. Observing my current status and the entire mock exam that we did after every lessons, somehow I didn’t liked it! According to the PRC, the passers rate for the said LET examination is 75%, and somehow my results in every mock examination didn’t reach that said rate.


I am somehow not satisfied and kind of irritated with myself because of this consequence. “Did my brain already stuck up due to my isolation and with not so active life?” this is the thought I am always thinking, and now I am kind of nervous what will happen in the real examination. Currently, I am trying to be more positive despite of this result. I still have 2 months in preparation, and I need to double time and give my brain a full time to study. In sha Allah, I can do it! Aja!

In sha Allah, I can do it!
In sha Allah, I can do it!

The Mark of Creativity


Should the creativity of students be recognized and approved in more simple projects (for example, producing photos with captions, caricatures on social issues, etc.?) Explain.

Creativity doesn’t need to be extravagant, and there are so many ways to enhance this part of oneself.  This thing can be developed starting in a simple way that a students can. Teachers have all the ability to do whatever s/he needs to in order to develop the students’ skills and creativity. But they cannot impose an assignments or project that could lead them to forcing their self doing those certain things, because this will only shows, you as a teacher being so dictator of everything they do. A teacher should remember that the students’ best interest is the main priority, for this reason they have the right to give them some choices how they wanted things to be done. Teacher needs to show that s/he values creativity in order for her/his student to be motivated as well. Doing so, they need to approve giving their students simple projects, because things start in a very simple way before they go through in a very profligate way. If the students are willfully doing this simple project and they loved it, there is that possibility that they will grow on them, and even do greater task.

Producing photos with caption, caricatures on social issue as stated in the sample question are a simple creativity that a teacher could give as an assignment or project for their children. This will focus on their visualization on how they could grab a best picture in a certain situation; they could also develop their thinking skills through deciding the best caption that they could put in the picture they did a shot on. Doing caricatures in relation to social issue might be a simple projects but I could say it is a very advance way of creativity. It let the students analyze and understand first the issue that their environment has before creating caricatures. Upon analyzing, kids helped to understand more and see what they’re environment composed to. This leads to opening their eye in the real situation of the world. Students tend to be more like of a self centered individual, but they don’t need to be someone like this forever and in order to do so they are complied to set their foot outside and let this experience be a tool in opening their mind. Being alive is not about living in the fantasy world, but realizing what is in the real world. Going back, after this analyzing issue, they can now visualize what kind of comic/caricatures they wanted to picture out, and the thing they wanted their target audiences to learn about.  This is a very delicate situation but very unique because they can be challenged to do well on giving a good impression on their art work that might lead them to do an extra effort. Plus, doing this kind of activity can cause them enjoyment or fun as well.

Land of the Rising Sun

                I’ve been dreaming about going to the said place called Japan ever since when I was young. It’s been my greatest dream. I want to see their different kind of world, their rich culture, their technology and a lot of Japan’s wonderful thing that you can never see in any other place in the world. Mostly, I want to see the so called “Cherry Blossom”. I know this tree is growing in some part of the world like in Korea, China, etc but then, I wanted to see this tree at its full bloom in Japan.


japan 2

japan 3

                I’ve been an avid watcher of anime that were created there, and maybe, this is the main reason why I was influenced in wanting to go to their place. Influenced by what I see and from the description they had in series of anime that promotes mostly their culture, and their other capabilities. I read about Japan and other information through reading magazine, websites, newspaper and books. I was thinking if ever this thing will be a dreaming coming true in the near future, it will be a great experience. In order to fulfil this, I was planning last year of saving much money in travelling, and from the way I calculated things by the means I have right now, I can’t reach the amount of money I needed for this year 2014 for this dream trip travel. However, a friend of mine suddenly brought this up. She also wanted to go there, and I was like “Hwaaaaat?” She did mentioned that the travel date will be possibly fall on April. I was thinking that this period were somehow great since I will be with someone on this travel, and that April were a great date going there since it’s Spring. Spring is where cherry blossom will make its way to bloom. Upon my mind roaming around, calculating the things I needed especially the amount that is needed, I was like loosen up because the travel will cost me more or less 70,000 php. Where I can get that money just for the stake of my dream, and that it is equivalent for only 5 days of travel? A very big amount to someone like me whose salary won’t make that much in three months to reach that certain amount. I WANT TO TRAVEL…huhuhu

                How I wish there will be a certain contest that I can join in and that this amount will be the winning price? Or is there anyone who is kind enough to give a FUND for this travel? hehe I guess, if there is, if you need a detail of my trip or something that goes along with the line of reporting about the travel..I guess that won’t be a problem.

Wishful thinking for a FUNDED Travel to Japan!


On Sabrina Ongkiko’s “Return on Investment”

Before reading my article, Kindly visit the speech of Ms. Sabrina Ongkikos’s “Return on Investment” at Youtube.com. I am very sorry If I didn’t included it in here but, soon I will. Thank you.

         Sabrina Ongkiko

             The speech of Ms Sabrina was quite amazing, in a way that you can really feel her enthusiasm in relation to her chosen career. You can feel her from her voice; from the way she poses and delivers her speech is totally admirable. I am not giving her coated words in order to give her some boost of her video, because in reality, it was a good speech that someone could give to her students, to someone’s co-workers, to the place she works at, and to the people from her surroundings. Looking from her get up on that day in her speech shows how proud she is to be a public teacher.

                In her first speech, she didn’t articulate there how students should be thankful to his/her teachers due to the effort they are doing, but NO, she didn’t articulate that, but instead she made it in an another way around. She did thank her students; because of them she did learn something. Though I am not a practicing right now, but I guess, what Ms. Sabrina wanted to convey was that, teachers also learn from their students. The learning in class is a vice versa way of teaching one another, and that’s what I picked up from her speech. Of course, I’ve become a student as well, but I didn’t realize this part; that a teacher can also learn from us. Ms Sabrina’s students must be proud, and surely when they heard this message from her, I’m sure it will inspire them more.


                The motivation that I sense from her speech is very strong, but the motivation is not something you could easily see in public teachers now a day, and how they viewed the public schools. To be frank, I did imagine how public schools to be a place of no learner, a place were giving education was weak, but she did change my views on this part. It is a good thing that someone in the field of education is making this kind of realization, because most of the people really view public school as a failure place of learning. She did show a positive feedback on this part, which gives you a good impression on this school that was being put down by the people all around. As a herald of good will, Ms. Sabrina gave a total good way of perspective, and indeed mentioned that PUBLIC SCHOOL is a PLACE of HOPE.

                There was that one line where in Ms. Sabrina told to herself that “matigas lang ang ulo ko”. She mentioned this when she was trying to point out how other people judge her, by her choice of career despite of her qualification. I guess it’s not her being “matigas ang ulo niya” of choosing this career, but it is her calling, as well as motivation in delivering to those people who didn’t believe in the public schools as a place of learning. Anyone who will hear this kind of speech will surely change his/her views 180 degrees about public school from poor to outstanding. She will not only inspire the students, the practitioner, the people but also the teachers to be inspired from their profession.

                Return on Investment, she is not pointing out about money in here. But what she was trying to convey in here is that, this return on investment was something to do about the inspiration that a teacher could give to her students, and that feeling of fulfilment by the teachers, seeing their former students getting their dreams into reality. The effort that the teachers were trying to instil to their student in their every day teaching is some sort of kindness on their part. They teach, we learn, and we apply. Upon that application, is a way of reaching one’s dream. A feeling of fulfilment for that certain student is being felt by the teachers who’ve happens to be a part of their success, and that is something of an investment from a teacher to their students.

students 2

                Appreciation, this is something that I can identify the last part of her speech. Appreciation in the sense that, she did mentioned some teachers who should be given the worth of mention due to their passion in teaching their kids despite of all the obstacles and those uncomfortable situation in a class. I am sure that she also pointing out that teacher in the public schools should be appreciated of what they are giving to their students to make the most of them better, and not seeing them as the opposite way around.


Zumba Zombie

                Halloween is getting nearer for those people who are celebrating this month of trick or treat. Some of them are looking forward for their parties, and be the character they want to be in. As for here in Iligan, Aero Jazz Fit facilitates a Zumba Zombie, yesterday afternoon (10/25/2013) at MSU-IIT Gym, Iligan City. The event was being spare headed by the MSU IIT Alumni Batch 1988 as a part of their reunion activities for the month. This Zumba party started at around 5:30 in the afternoon and long lasted within 2 hours. Aside from Alumni Batch ’88 who were there, some aero jazz students including me were also there to support to their activities. So, I got some of the nice captured moments here:

AJF Ladies preparation
AJF Ladies preparation
Masquerade Zumba
Masquerade Zumba
On set Stage
On set Stage
AJF on Zumba
AJF on Zumba
Pictures before the event
Pictures before the event
On stage of 3!
On stage of 3!
In crowd
In crowd
Panorama view on stage
Panorama view on stage
Dancing with the  beat
Dancing with the beat
Tiring but fulfilling!
Tiring but fulfilling!

            The program ended after two hours of non stop dancing.

Lets dance!
Lets dance!


Seems like an everlasting Journey

I          I am also a person who likes to dreams. Like the common people, my heart long desired to go to some places that gives off so many beautiful scenery that makes your heart be pleased to what God had created. For this, I had already dreamed for a million times of going somewhere, yet I did, but just for once. I have been outside my country for one month to a place where many people in my religion are obliged to go to. I must say, this place is such a wonderful work of art by the Almighty Allah. This place is no other than the country of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, specifically in Mecca.
                    I was like dreaming the day when we set off to that place and until now, all the experiences I had back then were like yesterday. The very thing that sets my mind off to that place, that I couldn’t forget, was the fragrance coming from inside of Kaabah. I was then standing outside wanting to go inside and even before I entered, I felt the easiness and lightening off the loads I had in my shoulder that I could almost forget the world around me. I am always thankful to the Almighty Allah for a splendid and most unforgettable feeling I had back then, and very thankful that just for once in my life, I felt that kind of easiness. This maybe my first time going out, but I’m very much thankful to God because, He may didn’t give me a chance to go beyond the border of this country I was born more often, but I was given a chance to meet different people from different races in one setting and in one journey. This became a proof for me to believe something, that those prayers and wishes to the one and only creator really make big differences. He may give your wishes, or maybe not, yet there is always reasons behind all the reasons. Someday, I will go back, Insa Allah=p