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Finding a way out!


               I’ve been writing on this blog emotionatpeek.wordpress.com for how many months now. I guess, 2 years to be exact? I don’t know why am I writing. Maybe in order to release this million of thoughts that exists in my mind, or gets my mind off the hook from having too many things to think about. I am writing in my spare times, even though I know that my grammars were very unthinkable or not very creative at all, but what the heck I am still writing. This is something to be called Ä trying Hard Writer in the 21st Century (laughing out loud).However, I didn’t dream of becoming a writer of a certain novel, just an average writer.  I don’t know the main reason of this thing, but I just write. I guess, the purpose of writing some piece of me is for the people to read my stories, and maybe if something will happen, this will be my legacy. Will enough of this thing, I don’t want to go somewhere in the dark side of my mind!

                I am beginning to think, if there is something for me in store in the near future. Thinking, thinking, and thinking, but I usually find myself blocked. I can’t see anything. Do I have a goal? What’s my calling? What’s the purpose of my living, if I can’t let myself get out in this certain cage that I built within me, then what is it? I’ve been hearing some stories, to be specific; religious stories, about this people who change 180 degrees in their life in an instance. I find those people who change easily a very amusing people, changing in a way to a religious aspect. From time to time, I would ask Allah (swt) to shift my attention to him. There are those instances that I am eager but there are some that it fades away. Human souls usually aren’t that stable especially on their faith. In terms of this part, my faith is fluctuating. This is a dangerous thing to think about, but i am praying He won’t let me be like of this people who were deviated. There are those instances where in, I would think of going somewhere in order to learn, but sometimes fear submerge, and poof nothing happens. I am afraid to take the risk, because deep inside I felt there is something. I wish I could change in an instant. Waking up early in the morning waking up in a different persona. However, this is just part of that wishful thinking.

In a crisis: The UNWRITTEN!

Honestly evaluate the way you respond to crisis situations. Are you happy with the way you react?


           Nobody is perfect. Everyone has their own flows in their life, and I guess putting your weakness in this blog is something should not be enlisted here. I am not against with the author of these 365 writing prompts, but for me, things should be kept hidden as they should be.

            I don’t know if you are following my blogs, and I guess some of you could tell what kind of person am I through my writings, and I left this to you as your pre judgement in relation to the author of this blog. Maybe, you are wandering why I don’t like to answering this too directly. One reason for this is that, there are those people who are very happy when they see you suffer. Instead, they give you sympathy or help you with your troubles, they would say the opposite. Let’s just admit about this, there are those people who don’t like us very much. Seeing a weakness in regards to you would somehow give them an idea on how to turn you down in a minute. I prefer answering this website in the other site that I am attached to. There is that one website, were I put all my negative thoughts and pain. Some of my friends there, or should I say “just friend”, already know what i am going through. It is safer to put all your negative thoughts that you can’t handle keeping it in a certain domain that no one knows by the people whom you know. That website becomes my negative inbox.

The Essentials of using Technology!


             Based on what I have learned from our last lesson, I did learned the meaning of this word “technology” in relation to education well.  In putting this technology based on my experience, I could say it did make a difference.  I wasn’t been in a digital atmosphere when I was in my kindergarten until grade 6, but the technology that were being used on those days was more on traditional technology. We did learn through using black board with chalk, Manila paper, colors, class session outside the class, sometimes using a radio, showing a film viewing inside the classroom which made me learn more things. I was in high school when all this computers where being implemented at school, adding this very interesting field made my high school days fun, for the reason of the excitement it did bring on my part. Like, I got the motivation in learning new things and create stuff using this machine. I did have a chance to combine this thing in my class work, and become more optimistic in the excitement of learning under the computer age. College days were far more interesting. In this time, equipments are getting in a fast speed of advancement. Laptop, projector, cellphones, CDs, USB, Portable Gadgets etc. this things helps me in doing my work at its optimum during those days. I love what I’m doing and I get the excitement of combining this technology in making some paper works and reports on those days. Sharing has been more fun using this new technology.


                Technology helps a teacher in so many ways in terms of building an innocent mind. From these matters alone, I did realize that mixing traditional technology in a very modern way of teaching is far more essentials in making the students be motivated. In this age, we cannot expect that students will solely sit down and listen; they are becoming more innovative in their own way. One innovative that I could possibly add in today’s learning is that, student of this time is far more on visualization. A mere manila paper, cartolina, black board etc. isn’t enough in making them interested, a teacher needed to let their creativity to be done in far more extent. They need to cope up with the changes. A teacher will be far more effective in class if they give something new for the student to experiment. Based on my own experience, I became more interested in the new technology and out of my curiosity; I did made a few exploration on this part and mixed in my daily classwork.

On Sabrina Ongkiko’s “Return on Investment”

Before reading my article, Kindly visit the speech of Ms. Sabrina Ongkikos’s “Return on Investment” at Youtube.com. I am very sorry If I didn’t included it in here but, soon I will. Thank you.

         Sabrina Ongkiko

             The speech of Ms Sabrina was quite amazing, in a way that you can really feel her enthusiasm in relation to her chosen career. You can feel her from her voice; from the way she poses and delivers her speech is totally admirable. I am not giving her coated words in order to give her some boost of her video, because in reality, it was a good speech that someone could give to her students, to someone’s co-workers, to the place she works at, and to the people from her surroundings. Looking from her get up on that day in her speech shows how proud she is to be a public teacher.

                In her first speech, she didn’t articulate there how students should be thankful to his/her teachers due to the effort they are doing, but NO, she didn’t articulate that, but instead she made it in an another way around. She did thank her students; because of them she did learn something. Though I am not a practicing right now, but I guess, what Ms. Sabrina wanted to convey was that, teachers also learn from their students. The learning in class is a vice versa way of teaching one another, and that’s what I picked up from her speech. Of course, I’ve become a student as well, but I didn’t realize this part; that a teacher can also learn from us. Ms Sabrina’s students must be proud, and surely when they heard this message from her, I’m sure it will inspire them more.


                The motivation that I sense from her speech is very strong, but the motivation is not something you could easily see in public teachers now a day, and how they viewed the public schools. To be frank, I did imagine how public schools to be a place of no learner, a place were giving education was weak, but she did change my views on this part. It is a good thing that someone in the field of education is making this kind of realization, because most of the people really view public school as a failure place of learning. She did show a positive feedback on this part, which gives you a good impression on this school that was being put down by the people all around. As a herald of good will, Ms. Sabrina gave a total good way of perspective, and indeed mentioned that PUBLIC SCHOOL is a PLACE of HOPE.

                There was that one line where in Ms. Sabrina told to herself that “matigas lang ang ulo ko”. She mentioned this when she was trying to point out how other people judge her, by her choice of career despite of her qualification. I guess it’s not her being “matigas ang ulo niya” of choosing this career, but it is her calling, as well as motivation in delivering to those people who didn’t believe in the public schools as a place of learning. Anyone who will hear this kind of speech will surely change his/her views 180 degrees about public school from poor to outstanding. She will not only inspire the students, the practitioner, the people but also the teachers to be inspired from their profession.

                Return on Investment, she is not pointing out about money in here. But what she was trying to convey in here is that, this return on investment was something to do about the inspiration that a teacher could give to her students, and that feeling of fulfilment by the teachers, seeing their former students getting their dreams into reality. The effort that the teachers were trying to instil to their student in their every day teaching is some sort of kindness on their part. They teach, we learn, and we apply. Upon that application, is a way of reaching one’s dream. A feeling of fulfilment for that certain student is being felt by the teachers who’ve happens to be a part of their success, and that is something of an investment from a teacher to their students.

students 2

                Appreciation, this is something that I can identify the last part of her speech. Appreciation in the sense that, she did mentioned some teachers who should be given the worth of mention due to their passion in teaching their kids despite of all the obstacles and those uncomfortable situation in a class. I am sure that she also pointing out that teacher in the public schools should be appreciated of what they are giving to their students to make the most of them better, and not seeing them as the opposite way around.


Pay for the Price

              October 30, 2013. It was a day of unexpected event. I was planning to enroll in a Professional Teaching here in Iligan. I was thinking, if I don’t grab the chance to enroll in another course, what will happen to me? I feel I needed to enroll in a certain course for me to have an option in the near future while I’m still young at age. I did plan this last year, but now I am fully interested in making it real. I thought to myself, I need to pursue this by hook or by crook. After I was informed by a teacher from a prestigious school here in Iligan, St. Michael’s College, that they are accepting an installment payment for an amount of 1,000 PHP every exam as a tuition fee. My hopes were somehow increased. I thought of saving 1,000 PHP from my salary every month that comes. I only know that until when I got there to enroll last Wednesday, and was qualified for Certificate on Professional Teaching. I was hoping I could finish my task on that afternoon, until that lady from the Guidance office told me that since I was a Special case, the enrollment will be on November 4. I was disappointed and suddenly told the Guidance Officer about my day being wasted due to some misinformation that they told me a few days before going there. I was hopeful, and wanting to finish my task, but it turn out to be so unwell.

                For the reason that I don’t have any choice to do something, the only thing that left me was to leave their office holding my requirements feeling disappointed. I was absent at the office that afternoon. Before leaving the premises of St. Michael’s College, I then thought to myself “I needed to grab this opportunity to inquire about the offering of Professional Teaching to some other schools.” In this regard after a few minutes, I did go to St. Peter’s College. I went directly to the dean of their College of Education and asked her about their schedule. I was informed that they are offering a Professional Teaching. In the first semester, you will be given 18 units (that units were needed for you to be qualified in their so called LET Exam). There schedule would be 6:00 PM- 9:00PM, Monday to Saturday. In accordance with the payment, the dean told me to go to their Accounting Officer to inquire about the tuition fee. Below this are there listing:

St. Peter's Bill
St. Peter’s Bill

                Looking down on those amount suddenly strucked me and remind me of St. Michael’s College Tuition Fee. I thought to myself “Oh My God! I was expecting that I will only spend 1,000 PHP every month, and the problem is that what if they have the same system like the Saint Peter’s College.” That thing suddenly popped out inside my head.

                After finishing my queries in that school, I went back to St. Michaels College to fully understand there mode of payment, and there, I was informed. The amount of their payment per unit is much higher than St. Peter’s College, where in the course that I prefer to enroll cost 466.15 per unit while in the other school in St. Peter only cost 364.84. If I will total the 18 units times to 466.15 it will cost me 8,390.70 PHP, plus the Miscellaneous fees of 790.76, and Other fees which is 1,220.29, it will drain my pocket in total of 10,401.75. When I was told by those numerical numbers “I thought, what’s this? I thought I only needed to pay an amount of 6,000 PHP for my tuition fee for the whole semester. How did it come to this?” I was left shocked for a moment there. I turn my back at the cashier holding the piece of paper they gave me for a bases and thinking how can I  put up with this 10,401.75, which if I divide this to 4 terms, I needed to pay 2,604.44 every exam four times in one semester. It was beyond my imagination, and limits of my plan of saving from my salary for the course I wanted to take. Below this was my draft I made when I was computing all things I needed.

My Calculation
My Calculation

`               I was left in a status of a shock when I found out the amount of money I needed. Feeling disappointed I went out from the school and thinking if I can have another job to raise this money, but my problems is how? Hope I could attain in some way or another in finding a solution on this problem as much as possible.

Smash to smithereens


         I want to smash the very thing that I feel deep inside me, and that’s my Ego! I never knew myself before I got out from being a single woman, since I got married I’ve seen and noticed what I’ve never seen before.  I don’t like the feeling that deep inside you, two of yourself were fighting over something. The other one is trying to stop your feelings, especially when your ego tells you this and how good it was. Sometimes, I could control it through relaxing my mind and think. Everyone has a two side of their self but usually we need to know ourself better as to prepare ourselves from going deep from being broken.

          Secondly, I want to break my shy self. I wanted to boost my confidence on. Did you ever feel of being so shy in an occasion? And that you needed to take a deep breath in order to relax your shakey body? For me, I do feel that. I’ve grown up as an introvert person. I boost myself with confidence whenever I needed to, but usually it won’t take that long. As far as I’ve known myself, I have this limitation that takes me into part of myself that being worn out after holding in. I wanted to be continuous.  I wanted to be happy, wanted to express myself through telling stories and be the woman I wanted to be, a free spirited one! But there are things that stop me from doing this, which it does frustrate me sometimes.

         Thirdly, I could say I am somewhat a procrastinator.  I have so many things in mind, and planned that think of. However, implementing this thought takes me to never of doing it due to this thing. I wanted to earn an extra income. I’ve look for so many websites but to no avail I haven’t. I’m sick of being so weak. Aside from this I wanted so many things that I wanted to try like teaching kids, build a orphanage, and be a help in so many people, but fear always comes in. I am already 26 and I never get rid of my negativity in me which made me so disappointed!

            I am hoping that someday, all of this thing would be a part of my past that I’d be thankful for. However, for now I WONT. That’s why I am always seeking in anyways to get rid this, and be myself someday!


Blog is Fun!


           I am happy that I did reach the 18th days of the Ultimate Blog Challenge. I could say that at first, it was totally hard but sometimes when you do bloggings in a daily basis it becomes part of your routine. I am glad that I did join this challenge because it drives me to do something that is worthwhile, and that I can share something to some people. This challenge also helped me to do bloggings instead of staring my laptop at home and not utilizing it; due to this reason my Cherry Laptop is now always in good use through writing every thought that I had inside. When I am away from my pc/laptop, I usually think of what blogs do I need to write about. What kind of subject does I intend to cover on that day? There are those times when I cannot think of a topic because I have so many things in mind to tackle and a lot of things to think about. When this happen I usually take breathe in and relax.

            One thing that amazes me about reading blogs from other bloggers is that I could discover something from them. Once I sit down, look on the pc/laptop, browse those amazing blogs, and when there is one thing that interests me…*poof* I’ll stop there, read and feel the experience from that blogger’s written words. I’ll read word by word, and analyze it as far as my brain can dig in, sometimes I find myself engulf in them. When I notice a good piece and loved their writings, I can’t explain the exact feelings, but I feel like I was put on a spell to be so consumed and be so envious of their talent and skills in writing. I really could say that those people who write and blogs are really amazing people. Though, I don’t include myself because I am at my first level of expressing my thoughts through here. I can say that I am included on those certain group of people who are introvert. I don’t usually express my feeling towards other people, but once I get to know them and knows me back; that thing is something that I could thank for. I want to expand my life through bloggings and reading them is fun. This will be my way out from this monotonous life I have, and experience life through the words of those bloggers out there.

That’s all for now folks.


Happy Bloggings!


Television, is it for teaching or for deception?


          I was reading an article in an Islamic website, which hit me into something that I usually do as a habit to kill most of my time, and still doing it! This is about watching television. For how many years, I have been so hooked up watching anime, and some other TV programs that could possibly entertain me. I love watching them because it gave me the feeling that I couldn’t experience in the real life. However, I didn’t realize the effect of too much consumption of this action until I got myself to the point of being locked up in a disorder that I didn’t even know it exist! From the articles which I have read, the following statements were being pointed out:

· television is like a drug
· when people sit down to watch TV, particularly for long periods, they tend to be in low moods
· The longer they watch, the less able they are to concentrate.
· As time goes on, they grow sadder, lonelier, more irritable, and more hostile.
· Television is a good tool for manipulating, not for teaching.

           Thinking about my observation, Television do really have a bad effect on its viewers. I wouldn’t deny that this kind of entertainment were somewhat helpful, but there should be a limitation that must be set up in relation to this. Watching TV, and spending longer in front of computer ads up more isolation within you and become more self-centered person. There is no real interaction with the society, all we have is our self and the idiot box in front of us, and this type of action were dangerous. A statement were also being stated in the article I was reading that caught my attention to and this was stated as follows;

“Television can titillate, it cannot teach. It can bring images into our heart, not ideas into our mind. It appeals to the emotions, not the intellect.”

          So, most probably watching TV, its main point was attracting the emotion of one’s individual while the brain is stock up and become more stagnant! One’s a heart become so crumpled, and destroyed within, most probably it will cause a very obvious side effect, and this thing could possibly leads to negative side effects. As an individual, I could possibly agree on this part! Television is more or less for deception, and not for an ideal of teaching!

Incorrect Grammars and Reading Habit


          Every time I go here on word press, and put my blogs on, I can’t help but notice my English usage. I usually thought how it sucks! I really need to drive myself in correcting this kind of “wrong grammar” usage. I guess I need to read, read, and read. If in God’s will, I need to open my fact sheet on correct usage and relearn them. The information that we did accumulate over the years tend to drift away from our memory when we are not using them. I guess mine was indeed drifted away by the problems that I did encounter over these past years of being stagnant.


            On reading, I am not a well reader. I only read when I am motivated or in the mood. But I guess, I need to try to add reading into my habit as to exert my effort of diverting my mind from not thinking too much about those useless thoughts. I really need to do this! Nothing will happen if I stay in and not doing something. I might stay myself locked in but at least I can explore the world through reading. Hopefully, in time soon this will become part of my routine and become obsessed with it. Hope, God will let me do this. Self-discipline is needed to set this up in my system!


Happy Bloggings, and Good Day!