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Dodging Fantasy, and walking into the reality!

I guess, the time has come in order for me to end it. It’s not healthy anymore. I would say, I am currently indignant with my marriage situation I am in, but the fact that it’s not working, I have to stop it. Several girls in this world really would like to have a lifetime partner. A prince that will save them from the distress of being single, and love that a girl ever wanted. A happy every after effect, that’s what we are looking for. However, facing the harsh reality, happily ever after is not for everyone, just like me. I guess, I expect too much, and I am craving for an affection from a guy but it was dreadful. Love that is one sided and no proof of getting back would only put me in too much pain. Being martyr is not an option for me. I’ve been doing this, like for 4 years of this marriage, but I am only hurting myself in this kind of set up. I can’t take the pain anymore, and being so negative toward myself caused me too much. A collateral damage for my act of denying that someday, somewhere, miracles would happen for us. However, what Nora Aunor’s state in one of her movies: “Walang himala, nasa tao ang himala!” (There is no miracle, only human do the miracles” I deceived myself from the illusion of miracles. A miracle that he would love me, and somehow forget that girl. But some guys do really choose what their heart felt, even breaking the law. So, I did say to myself “Okay, let’s end it. Move on from our own pace.” I wouldn’t deny that maybe at some point, I’ve done something wrong. This might be the reason; I never had been into a relationship, and I never had the chance to experience the boy-girl relationship, and that’s why ended up with nothing. Being single woman is the most appropriate for me. Yeah, I might be selfish in this kind of thinking, yet I am protecting myself from going to another relationship that would end into oblivion. Is it wrong to be born as NBCB? (No Boyfriend since Birth) I guess not. It is only that one’s heart cannot be altered once it loves someone else. I don’t care about what other people says, all that matter now is letting things in order to free everyone that is involve with this parental marriage. A marriage that keeps his mother in pain, my parents who always think about my feeling, and relatives who are concern about us. I guess, once I cut the string off, it would set everyone else free. He can marry the person he loves, and free me from tying into a doubtful future. This is for the best, “That’s what I am thinking about!”

As much as possible, I wouldn’t be so negative on this post, and even say something from this pain I am feeling now, but rather, I would like to share with you guys the positive wisdom I did get from this marriage.

  1. I did find that love is such a wonderful thing. It’s no wonder that some people are addict finding this one, as it makes you happy. It’s like every day is a beautiful day. It even gives you the positive vibes, putting a smile in your cheek, and looking forward seeing that someone in the morning.
  2. I did realize my weakness, and the person who I really am.
  3. I also see the super ego deep inside me, and that I don’t have the most control of it.

I guess, that’s the high light of positive marriage life I had. However, the pain and the stress I’ve gone through is something extraordinary. I never had a painful experience in my entire life than this one, and it then follow after the other. If you’re going to ask me either I will go with the same experience or not, I guess that’s enough. I would gladly accept the fact of being single ‘til the end. Yet, I am not closing any door since Allah (saw) always has something that He destined for us to do. To tell you the truth, I don’t really know how will I coop up with this thing, but I guess I just let time heal itself. Compared to the previews years, now, my heart is somewhat calmer than the previews. I am happy that my freedom will be returned to me, yet sad because He was my FIRST LOVE. A fairy tale that came so soon, and ended so soon. Life is always imperfect, but thanks God I am alive, and I have my family, and friends whose there no matter what.

Live life to the Fullest
Live life to the Fullest

LIFE isn’t all about REVENGE

Just early this day, I heard so many negative news about the place where I so called HOME. Curfew hours, killing somewhere, kidnapping some people. Some even predicted that it was all about revenge due to the election and even some say that they needed money. All this unreasonable reasons really made my heart so loosen, and that made me asked myself, “how could one human take a way life in just one click because of this unjustifiable reasons. “ Sorry if I may be ignorant with your entire raison d’être, of why you’re doing all of this things, but did it came across with your mind, that taking away of LIFE is a SIN? Revenge will only cause revenge. You kill one of her/his family, next morning they will kill one of your kin in order to revenge. But what is all good about this thing? Is it good because you kill someone for the sake of your dead comrade? Is it good because you kill your own enemy and that no one will hinder you from doing all your stuff anymore? Your dead comrade will never be happy of what you have done. Instead you’re making their SINS more unbearable. Even how you tried to eliminate people, your life will be put on cycle just like that. In the end, how your answer did came across with you? Did you find the true Happiness? Did you get what you wanted from the start? If anyone can justify the perfect reason on this so called REVENGE let me know, because the perfect answer to this had never came across with my mind ever since, and let me know how it should be justifiable from the start.

I believe that KARMA will roam around in your life, unless you’ve change yourself for good. I am not perfect human for saying this, and I am not a saint to say these things, and I am not that religious to lecture some people in here. What all I am saying here, are the things I’ve learned from living in this life for almost 23 years. Forgive me for being so sentimental, but this is how I feel right now. The truth is, I feel SADNESS, and the word they called FEAR? I am feeling it right now, and it’s not for my sake why I feel those emotions but for the people whom I cared the most. We didn’t know how the future will bring us, and what we might do, but for my case, if I can give something in order to save those people I cared the most, I will.

Only the Almighty Allah I can ask for help from all of these things that are happening. May Allah (s.w.a) guide us on the right path and protect the people whom we cared the most. Islam didn’t teach us to satisfy ourselves by destroying one’s life, but instead ISLAM do teaches us how to live our life in tranquility with everyone.