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The Taste of Life

“This story is something I created when I was a first  year college, year 2005. My teacher from English 3 instructed us to make a story based from the picture he revealed to us. At that moment,  the picture he did revealed was a photo of a cave and war like scenario, then this is how I created the story.”

It was May 14, 2014 when my friend Joan invited us to be reunited again after a long time, her friend since high school, to go in Palawan. It was her treat for us to relax from a heavy office duty, to have a sightseeing not to mentioned, vacation with the gang! It was the right time then since it was summer. All of us were free from work. The sea was a crystal clear as well as the sky that was very much bluer than blue when we arrived, and Joan was standing near the shore waiting for us.


After a few days of appreciating the beauty of the said place, we have decided to go to the cave. The last spot that we haven’t gone to.  There were three boats that were going inside and one of that boats were us. Before entering the cave, Aliyah was quite afraid going inside because it was dark. I, myself was also afraid from the kept hidden mystery from the cave. Still, the man said that there’s nothing to be afraid of since the cave is not perilous. As we go in, we’ve seen lot of things inside and one of this was a limestone which was created by a slight acidic substance that slowly dissolves the rock along cracks and it looks like a crystal as the light of our flashlight hits the wall of the cave and we are amazed how wonderful it was. As we row the boat, many bats were flying towards us, until we arrived at the zone of the cave which is called the twilight zone. Joan explained to us what twilight zone is. She said that this zone is sheltered from direct sunlight and normally has a moderate environment than above ground and host to a diverse population of animals. After an hour, we succeed coming out from the cave with a feeling of contentment and memories of our experiences inside the cave.

image 2

After enjoying the trip, we finally decided to go back to the resort hotel. It was getting dark when my friend wawa was reading a newspaper when suddenly she started to uproar. As I look at the newspaper, it was a picture of three cars that were burning into flame beside a building and it came from the country of Iraq. Bainarie told us that they were at the chaos that is happening in Iraq at this very moment, and it was true as seen on CNN News today. I’ve seen many people, military unit and other events that are involve in that pandemonium. From that moment, I feel bad and pity to those people who are involved in that turmoil. As I look up the sky, the stars are shining so brightly and the sea was calm. I suddenly think that, while we were having fun on this island, other people were suffering from commotion that caused by misunderstanding. Now, I realize that sometimes, life is becoming unfair.

“It was a story I created 11 years ago, and to tell you, this didn’t happen since our friend Joan died from an incurable illness last 2013. It was an unexpected sickness that caused her body to grow frailer each day. The treatment from her illness haven’t been resolved by science, only to reduce the pain. Due to her stress caused by her environment, her sickness grow quicker than expected. Not later than a year, I guess, after knowing her illness, she died. The sickness that caused her life to demise is called LUPUS.”

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Ranma 1/2 The Movie (Live Action)

Movie Insider

Ranma 1/2 The Movie (Live Action)
Ranma 1/2 The Movie (Live Action)




Ranma   ½ The Movie


The premise is the background of the story, which   includes the possible events that might have happened before.

If Ranma and his father   didn’t went to the legendary springs located in china they will not   supposedly turn into something that they don’t wanted it to be. Learning   Martial Arts beyond the border and doing too much is something harsher   someone, just like what the two of them gone through.


Characterization is the description of characters’   personality, beliefs, motivations, etc.

Ranma, the main   character of this live action, has a strong will to become the strongest man   in the world. He was being inspired by her sick mother when she was alive.   Ranma’s belief is strong enough, and the inspiration that Akane gives to him   becomes an additional for him to be stronger than ever. The actor who played   this role was really cute, and some characteristics of the anime version of   Ranma were being portrayed by him very well. The woman who portrayed as the   female version, was really befitting in the role of someone who is so boyish   who denies the fact that she is a woman. I could say both of them portrayed   them very well. I was a little bit not well acquainted with their expression   from time to time. It was some kind of a very child like act.

Akane is a determined   girl to inherit their dojo, and maintain its status. However, her father   seems to conclude that her youngest daughter could not handle it alone and   decided to betroth her to Ranma. Akane is a strong woman, who works things on   its own. She has a crush on a doctor who works in her school, but it was so   unfortunately that that guy was in love to her oldest sister named Kasumi.   The girl, who also portrayed Akane, was very beautiful. It does make sense   why they indeed choose her as Akane Tendou, but I have this little bit of a   comment. Akane in the anime version was a little bit of a chubby like, and   much stronger than the live action. But then again, though she didn’t   completely perfect the role, but she did justice to it.

The List of the Character as well as the name of the actors/actresses were the following;

Main Cast



Plot and Structure

The plot is the flow of events and actions that   consequently develop in a story.

The structure of the movie is how the parts of it   relate to each other, or how the plot is built.

At the beginning of the   story, they started at present time, and a little bit of past to convey what   had happen to Genma and Ranma, and then going back to the present.  The story flows accordingly like that of   the anime series. Though the anime series were being played with long   episodes, but in here, of course it was being shorten. The flow of the story   is well understood, and there is no defect that you could probably notice   while the story is playing. Everything seems to be well organized and will plan   by the maker of this movie.



A dialogue is a conversation between two or more   people, or characters for this matter.

In terms of Dialogue, I   find it very funny when each of the characters where having this   conversation, because they seems to be over reacting with their expressions,   and they really do liked to imitate the anime version of this series, which   is somehow hard to do. While this movie was playing, and this kind of comment   roaming around inside my mind, I just thought that they were acting like that   since the story is related in its anime version. I also do notice this type   of acting with some live action movie that was based also from anime series.   A typical over reacting expressions which I find it very entertaining.


Originality refers to a fresh plot or idea   implemented in the film that attracts viewers’ attention to the story.

Of course, this movie   isn’t the original version because it is based on its anime version that was   created during the 1990s. However, the alteration of the story was kind of   unique due to the reason that I haven’t seen the plot that was being showed   in this movie from the anime episodes of Ranma, which I can say that they   also have their originality in altering the story. Those fanatic anime goers   and a fan of Ranma surely do like to watch this after seeing the title.   However, for those who aren’t very well acquainted with anime, they can   attract the viewer in relation to its kinky side of the story, like how fun   it is to watch it; the characters were seemingly at its best in portraying   their designated role.

The Cast of the Original version!
The Cast of the Original version!

A scene is a self-contained episode within a larger   work.

The scenes were not hard   to locate I guess, because most of the scenes were located inside a school   premises, dojo, plaza, and underground tunnel. So, these elements were easy   to find. I guess, the maker of this movie didn’t have any problem looking for   a great spot. The same with its anime version that mostly the scene where   usually in those set that was being mentioned.

Visual Presentation

A visual presentation is when characters act and   react to each other and the setting to develop the action and the plot of the   movie.  This interaction typically   involves a lot of dialogue.

As I said from my   earlier write ups, characters’ reactions were somehow funny because in some   part they are over reacting. The conversations that were being gone through   in the series of the movie were good as it is. I am well entertained by them.   If I would be asked if I wanted to watch this again, I will surely going to   say yes. There are those movies, which really are rich with so much   visualization effect, but in here, there are only few of them. They didn’t   give much of an importance of going so much magic effect from the beginning   until the last part of the movie.

The Structure of Critique

The general structure of the critique resembles the   structure of an essay.

Ranma was a young man   who goes in an adventure together with his father Genma. An incident happens   when they were traversing the land of China. When they arrived in the   legendary cursed spring, each one of them fell in a certain springs that turn   them into something else. Now Genma, Ranma’s father, was really wanted to sit   his son to Akane. He did pretend and said to Ranma that there is that certain   springs will get them back permanently from whom they were before, and it   could only be found at the Tendou’s Residence. For this purpose, Ranma became   so interested in going there and agree with such betroth idea, believing that   he could find the springs in there.

The movie was totally   based on its anime version, but only it has a little bit of an alteration. I   find it very entertaining. I am the typical person who can be easily bored   when I don’t find a movie very interesting, but when I watched this, I was drawn   by the characters especially to Akane. On Ranma sides, I didn’t find him   handsome, but when I look at him? He is also a quite good looking guy in a   much nearer look. They have a few characters in the story, which you can   easily count them in your finger tips. In terms of values, it has a little   bit of this.

To conclude my critique,   I would say they did a good job. It was simple kind of movie, without costing   much for the maker but they give due justice for the characters that the   actor/actress portrayed. I recommend this for the kids who don’t have any   assignments to take care of. But the kids should be guided while watching   this movie because their might be a question on some part of this movie that   the kids might misinterpret it.

Help Message!

Yesterday morning, I was looking at my email inbox. When I do this I am also checking up on things inside my Junk Inbox (SPASM) if there were something for me there that are urgent. To my curiosity, I did saw this one email from an unknown addressee stating from her Subject:



I got puzzled in this message.


I did click it and there, I read her statement stating “I need your help”. Then right after that I’ve decided to give her a reply asking; “help from what?”. The next day after that (like right now) I am here again at the office checking up on my emails, and there I saw another message coming from her and when I opened it, KABOOM! A big phrase suddenly appeared, with a good English and Grammar Skill. She mentioned many things, and one of this was introducing herself. There were so many thing she did mentioned, and one highlighter from the things she spoke about from her letter was about a transfer of a big amount of money that consist of Million Dollar. She wanted to transfer this money to me, because as she explained, her husband died and no child to give this money, and left with a greedy friends and relatives to leave that certain amount. According to her, most of the properties of her husband were already sold by his relatives and now that she is sick, those people were just waiting for her to be pronounced as a dead person at the hospital she was in. For this reason, she wanted to fulfill her husband’s wish. This wish was to use this money in helping some people in need or build an orphanage for the children who don’t have any home to go to. She even mentions about Allah (swt), and other religious stuff. When she did mentioned this, somehow I suddenly got doubt whether she was stating the truth or not, because if she didn’t I guess, I won’t read her letter any further. In the last portion of her letter, she was saying to reply her message urgently by me, stating my full name and address, and even tell something about myself. If I do so, she wanted to pursue the money transfer she’s going to make.


I really doubt this message since there were those instances where I received few of them to some countries like in the continent of Africa, stating about money transfer. Since this woman was mentioning again and again about the name of the Almighty, I did send her a reply and I did state there:

“I’ve been receiving a certain email just like this, money transferring. I am not sure either to trust you or not. There are so many things just like this that I have been receiving for how many months now and I guess, I need a definite proof of this story.

Furthermore, I am very confused of why you are entrusting this amount of money, who is a very stranger to you?

I replied in this message of yours since you are speaking about Allah (swt) in your story. So, I am assuming that you are a religious person. I am a Muslim born here in the Philippines. I am an average person living in an ordinarily life. I don’t have anything to be proud of except for the fact that I am living a good way of living. If you want to trust me on the things you’ve mentioned in the letter. Gave some information that I could validate, because a mere letter and a mere story telling is a mere lie without getting things into full details. I could not give the information you need unless; I could see the truth behind this.”

However, if this is true…I guess, I could fulfill her husband’s wish, because here in our place, there are those certain areas that needs help. There are those children from remote area who needs a lot of attention because of their poor situation there. There are those children who cannot go to school because they need to work for their parents, and sacrifice their studies. As well as students who are in need of school materials. I guess, I need to build a team on this project since I could not do this alone. I will ask help from my good friends, whom I could entrusted this kind of stuff.  These things will happen if this woman is stating the truth; if not then it’ll be a punishment for her and a sin.

helping hand

PS: Guys! I am raising a fund going to Japan and I am hoping for someone to back me up on this plan trip. hehe You can visit it the information at Trevolta Page. Thank you!

Finding a way out!


               I’ve been writing on this blog emotionatpeek.wordpress.com for how many months now. I guess, 2 years to be exact? I don’t know why am I writing. Maybe in order to release this million of thoughts that exists in my mind, or gets my mind off the hook from having too many things to think about. I am writing in my spare times, even though I know that my grammars were very unthinkable or not very creative at all, but what the heck I am still writing. This is something to be called Ä trying Hard Writer in the 21st Century (laughing out loud).However, I didn’t dream of becoming a writer of a certain novel, just an average writer.  I don’t know the main reason of this thing, but I just write. I guess, the purpose of writing some piece of me is for the people to read my stories, and maybe if something will happen, this will be my legacy. Will enough of this thing, I don’t want to go somewhere in the dark side of my mind!

                I am beginning to think, if there is something for me in store in the near future. Thinking, thinking, and thinking, but I usually find myself blocked. I can’t see anything. Do I have a goal? What’s my calling? What’s the purpose of my living, if I can’t let myself get out in this certain cage that I built within me, then what is it? I’ve been hearing some stories, to be specific; religious stories, about this people who change 180 degrees in their life in an instance. I find those people who change easily a very amusing people, changing in a way to a religious aspect. From time to time, I would ask Allah (swt) to shift my attention to him. There are those instances that I am eager but there are some that it fades away. Human souls usually aren’t that stable especially on their faith. In terms of this part, my faith is fluctuating. This is a dangerous thing to think about, but i am praying He won’t let me be like of this people who were deviated. There are those instances where in, I would think of going somewhere in order to learn, but sometimes fear submerge, and poof nothing happens. I am afraid to take the risk, because deep inside I felt there is something. I wish I could change in an instant. Waking up early in the morning waking up in a different persona. However, this is just part of that wishful thinking.

Officially Enrolled!

Documents for SMC
Documents for SMC

I guess, there is no turning back now. Yesterday, I did have a choice, either to attend the wedding or continued my plan in enrolling at St. Michael’s College, and I choose the second option that morning. I guess I should take the consequence of not attending at my cousin’s wedding.

At around 9 in the morning, I went to the college I mentioned about, thinking that the enrollment would be done in a couple of minutes and guess again, I am wrong. I went first at their guidance office to ask about my form and submit my requirements. There I saw two maranao ladies who were also have the same goal as I do. They were the first entertained by the guidance counselor. As I noticed this two, I asked one of them if they were also there to enroll, and she said they are. Preparing their papers was almost done by a couple of minutes, and I didn’t think that those ladies were also from Mindanao State University until I saw a glimpse of their TOR.  One of the maranao, who wears a pink dress, and a little cute and chubby, I noticed from her Honorary Dismissal that she came from King Faisal Center,  where I did spend my four years in college.  I was going to asked her but I didn’t have the chance at that moment. Right after taking care of their papers, the counselor did made a check on my requirements and other stuff as well. I did stay there for about 5 minutes waiting for the next step. He then advised me to go to registrar in order to set my schedule, and be on the list for the Magna Carta class.  I did step outside the guidance counselor’s office following their instruction.

A couple of minutes after, I did saw these two ladies at the registrar waiting in line. I did start to talk to them since we both have the same aim of enrolling at St. Michael. The registrar let us in to meet with their head officer giving out our credential for her to enter our names into the system and make a listing of our schedules. We didn’t wait that long and received our list. We did have 6 subjects enlisted there all for Saturday class:

  1. Educ-12 s             Facilitating Learning
  2. Educ-16s              Principles of Learning
  3. Educ-18s              Assessment of Learning
  4. Educ-21a              The Teaching of Profession
  5. FS-123                   Experiential Learning 1
  6. FS-456                   Experiential Learning 2

Some way or another I needed to pull this over since I don’t want my money go into waste. I need to invest in this regard for the reason that it might get me into somewhere near in the future.  Here in the Philippines, in order for you to become a Professional Teacher, you needed to pass the Li censure Examination for Teacher. According to sources, you can also take this exam as long as you finished the 18 units’ related subject in teaching profession as set by the PRC or Professional Regional Commission. However, recently I have been hearing about this cancellation of guidelines in the PRC’s office. Instead of 18 units as per required, they will set a new regulation on this regard, and now they require 36 units. Upon hearing about this, I was kinda frustrated but what the heck. After thinking about this for a couple of days whether to continue this or not and I finally decided to pursue it. I guess I don’t loss something but instead I gain something. If the rules of PRC is still applicable when I am done with this, I guess, this is what they call hitting two birds with one stone. I learned something, and I will have the opportunity to be part of takers soon. In sha Allah.

Continuing in our adventure at that school, I did join the two ladies in following the steps in enrolling at this College, and together with them, I went on to the Office of the Finance as our next step. Unlike our Alma mater, Mindanao State University, their school is much organized. Everything is in place. While we were waiting, I did have the chance of knowing these two girls. The one is named Asliah, who finished her college at MSU as BS Public Administration student last 2008. I guess, she is the same age as mine since I got graduated a few months before her. The other girl was named Bulit, who is my junior at King Faisal Center as BS- International Relations student last 2010. Both of them were working at a certain Non-Governmental Organization located at Marawi City named CFSI. Upon hearing this CFSI NGO, I suddenly remembered someone I know who works there and asked them about him. To my surprise they did know him. I thought “Wow, what a small world.”. We’ve talked lot of things while waiting. Somehow meeting someone in unexpected event and ask them about things which you can find an interconnection between that certain person is something amazing. If you do have that, communication goes smoothly. I did tell them not to mention me to the person whom I know from CFSI. We waited like 20 minutes in paying the down payment, which caused us 600 pesos.

Right after doing all the down payment part, we did have ourselves going to the canteen to get some ID chord and meet the personnel at DSA. We were instructed to go at their ITC to fill out a form for the ID through computers. It was our last step to be enrolled at it officially. After getting done filling out the form and getting our IDs, Asleah felt that it isn’t finish yet. We told her; that how come it didn’t finished were in fact we already pass through the final step. So, we got our self going at their dean to ask for the schedule, and it was a great thing that we did go there and asked. The Dean let us list our names and numbers to be contacted by her when the schedule is already done.

Now the enrollment is done, and everything was settled. The only thing left for me is to do my part and finish this. Hope I will not be half in this regard because this is an investment.

After I did manage to finish all the things I needed that day, I then went to a nice restaurant called “Pop Rock” to taste my favorite sprelli salad that they serve. YUMMY!

Sprelli Salad
Sprelli Salad


A tiny scent of HOPE!

In a night of full moon, everything seems so quiet and that everything was at its place. A girl then suddenly asked herself so many questions, which made her lonely tears to be frozen inside. She bares a scar that she herself couldn’t erase. The memory of the buried emotion had under gone with so much turmoil that confuses her. A dark cloud silences her with just a single stroke. She then looked upon a single star, and asked, “What is the purpose I still need to bring about? Is there any?” The girl was then reminiscing the past of her life, and then asked again, “Why my time didn’t come during my younger years? Fire took place, water suddenly engulfs me, earth crushed me, but still I’m here.” She was then thankful for the four chances to live during her younger years. However, it now came to the point where she asked, if it was then worth it! People live in a seemingly narrowed down road of life, a place where it is hard to find where you could fit yourself in. This girl wanted to ask so many questions, but she’s afraid and couldn’t hardly express, fearing not to be heard. Her emotions where now stuck, to the point where she could no longer has the control of it! Isn’t it a wrong time? She then felt sorry about things. She COMPLETELY KNEW, but looking her reflection infront of the mirror, she sees nothing but only a reflection of herself, LIFELESS. She then has decided to keep them in silence, and seal it along with the emotion of someone she cherished!



In a far way land, there were brother and sister. Living their life alone and supporting each other. For how many years, they have been in that wintry place, having no one but just them. Their parents died in an avalanche two years ago. Then one day, there was then an instances were one of them, think and listened to his heart’s desire.

The boy named Michael said, “I would love to go somewhere far from here. Don’t you find boring here in this place? We’ve been here for almost 5 years, and yet we are still here. Nothing change!”

Out of the blue Faith just dropped the white silver plate with a shock look, and replied him,

“Why did you say that? Aren’t you afraid of going out there in these woods? Mom and Dad told us not to go there, or else many dangerous things might happen to us.”

Faith was then shaking while telling him those words, but Michael didn’t listen to what she said and continue staring at the window, looking at the vast sea of snow. Michael was then dreaming of going out, see the world and find things that he could see and learned. Michael was a boy who really loved reading books. Their mother was a teacher in a small town nearby. She then lifts so many books, for her child to read. Michael was very fund reading them. It’s been days that Michael always telling Faith about the journey of going out of the woods, and go to the Big City, but then again Faith finds it unnecessary.

“We are always happy here in this place! Why do we need to go out?! It’s just useless! If Mom and Dad were here, I am sure they wouldn’t allow you! Will you be happy out there?” Said Faith with an angry voice!

Days had passed, both of them argued! Michael was a hot tempered child, while Faith was the opposite, a very mild girl and sensitive one. But the problem with Michael is that, when he thought of doing what he wants, he will. One night while Faith was fast asleep, Michael sneak outside carrying some of his clothes, leaving poor Faith alone in the house. Michael then was very happy saying to his self;

“Yes, this is the time were I can find new things outside. Faith, I am really am sorry!” whispered Michael, as he walks far from their doorway.


To make the long story short, years had passed, Michael didn’t went back home. Faith was then still there at their small hut. Hoping he would come back. Years after years and after years, faith has been there longing for her brother to come back. Michael didn’t write any letter to her, or anything that could give her a sign that he was okay. She was then left alone there, wandering the where about of his own brother!

Several years had passed; Michael decided to go back. Considering their small hut from a far, he then felt his at home at last. He was then tired from the journey, looking forward to meet his sister once more. Upon entering the house, nothing change! He was then find solace. It was then, he realize that what he is looking for was so near yet he travel far for how many years, that he didn’t noticed that one thing that is important were the time being there to the place where you are supposed to be, the place where your loved one resides, because being with them is the peace that hearts truly are looking for.

Michael start to search for her sister, and later on he then went to her room. Upon entering, the only thing he sees was a letter near the window saying;

Dear Brother,

I have been waiting for you, maybe when you receive this letter I might be the one who will travel for long. I am sorry I couldn’t wait for you. Take care of yourself.


To his surprise, he went to the small town nearby, asking about her sister. No one could answer him. He went from house to house, asking everyone about his sister, yet there’s no one. Until an old woman tap his shoulder and asked him;

“Are you the elder brother of Faith?” asked the old lady.

Michael nod, “yes”

“I was then with your sister about a year ago. She was then sick!” Haven’t she told you about her illness four years ago?,” asked by the old lady.

“No, she didn’t told me”, replied Michael with astonished face!

“Maybe, she was worried about you. When she was on her deathbed, her eye sight slowly faded. She keeps on asking if you’re in the front door, hoping that you might come back. She then fills asleep on 4th night of December, until she didn’t open her eyes the next morning. But she was then happy, because at long last atleast you have found what you truly desire.”

After the last statement of the old lady, Michael silently cried, regretting the years he hasn’t been there for her sister.