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I love her as my MUSLIM sister!

woman                There is that certain person who did came in my life, and indeed I am very thankful to her because of some aspects. I won’t be mentioning that person’s name here as to keep her name in private. She is a very religious person, thoughtful, kind, caring, and very firm in her conviction. I did meet her long before, and in some circumstances our path did cross in one moment in life. I did judge here as woman of upper classman. I also did classify her as a woman who seems to be arrogant and don’t care about other people and won’t talk that much. But when that opportunity came along, and became an acquaintance of her, everything of that idea suddenly vanished. The saying that goes “Don’t judge the book by its cover” was very true. I never thought she would be like a big sister to me in the long run, and I felt like I am very welcome to her. When we do have those times together, I am always asking about our religion especially on my misunderstanding over things, and when I do that she always explains it to me in a very concise manner and in more understandable way. Despite of what I had under through during my dark stage in my life, she never question nor intrude in my private life. Maybe, she did understand some of my sentiment, and where am I that point. However, I felt that if ever I do need someone to tell, i could count on her. I always asked, what does she have for her to attract me in her wonderful attitude? I did even prayed that if chances happen, i would like to adopt here way of living because as for me she has something within her that I admire the most.

                    In our religion, there is that saying which goes to those people whom God’s love has that kind of aura which radiates and influences those people who surrounds her and in my own perspective, she has that. May Allah (swt) forgive me, but in some way or another she has been favoured in a good way. I am very thankful to God, that in some way He did make our path cross. I love her as a sister, and admire her as a sample of a Muslim woman. May Allah (swt) protect her family.