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Several Churches destroyed after Eidl Adha!

          It was out of predicament by many people. A sudden earthquake occurred at around 8 in the morning, after the eid prayer,  that hit several places in the whole country of the Philippines! The most affected places were Cebu and Bohol. Those places were hit with a 7.2 magnitude. It is said from the news recently that there were 85 dead, and hundred buildings were destroyed in just 3 minutes. Most of the damaged buildings in those sites were historical churches.

Several Churches that were destroyed!
Several Churches that were destroyed!

                          For more information you can visit this website: http://www.abs-cbnnews.com/

An Ambush Wedding

In these past few months, Margaret was having a very fine night sleep. However, in an impulsive night, she was so astonished when her vision of having a night dream was once again prevails. She doesn’t know if that was a reprimand from God for not waking up early in the morning for a dawn prayer, which is also her fault from time to time. At around 3 in the morning (estimated time); and in that moment, Margaret’s world seems in a faraway place. In her dream, Margaret find herself standing outside a 2 floor dirty white color building, with white stripe at the four corner of the edifice, having a white roof, and with a garden full of green leave plants. From where she stands, Margaret started walking going inside the building. She stumbles with so many people and a maiden wearing a wedding dress, holding out a bunch of white roses was walking graciously from the stairs. Commencing the way the maiden looks, you can perceive a happy face, and a contentment sensation that you could make out that that lady where somehow very lucky of having that wedding of her dream. But it was so unfortunate that Margaret hasn’t seen the groom. There were more people who were going outside the hall together with the newly wed. After a while, another wedding was then taken place. Margaret thought, “Wow, is this a double wedding or what?” Well, she finds asking herself “why was I in this place, where in fact, I’m not even invited?”That question keeps bugging her for a minute, yet she swift her mind on the wedding and tried to forget that oddity in her mind.

After an hour of watching the wedding, She find herself wearing a white wedding dress; again she asked herself “why am I wearing this thing?” However, Margaret didn’t totally find this thing as a big concern, so she just enjoyed herself wearing that dress, and tried to put on some make-up, without knowing what will happen next. While being so busy with herself, every person from crowd had suddenly hushed off. She was inquisitive what the reason was, so, Margaret ended up looking outside the door from where she stayed. And then there, she saw this man wearing a white tuxedo and a silver lining on his dress located on his chest. Margaret got alarmed, when she saw clearly that the groom was one of her relatives, whom she considered an older brother, and there she saw the guy’s mother, who’s a younger than her mother. She was more shocked and got panic, when she found out from someone that she was the one who’s going to be married, and that Margaret was his bride. Her feeling got mixed up at that moment, and for the first time she got so angry with her parents, asking “WHY DID THEY DO THIS TO ME?!!!! WHY OF ALL PEOPLE THEY FIND AGREEING A MARRIAGE TO MY COUSIN,” knowing that her father most likely won’t approve from Margaret’s point of view. She got pissed off, irritated, and almost cursed someone from what they did to her. Margaret felt that it was an insult, a betrayal on her side and they didn’t even get her approval and not even concern how she feels. The first thing that subside her anger then, was when Margaret thought of her friends, and gotten so suddenly heartbreaking because they didn’t even know about this event that she was in, and even the people whom she became friends from her workplace weren’t informed. All of the things that were happening that day were really a pain in the neck, and it even hurts when the people whom she calls friends weren’t there to back her up. Everything around Margaret was fuzzy, and her heart was filled with negative emotion that she could almost kill a human.

She wanted to stop the wedding as much as possible, but there’s no way for her to do that. She was too late to stop it. Her father and the guy were already made the ceremony, where a father passed on his responsibility to the man who’s going to be with her daughter forever. Margaret was on that room waiting, and remained calm, yet her heart was in deep fury. On the next day, she let out all her anger with one blow to her parents. The guy, whom Margaret was married with, was just silent and she keep ignoring him as much as she can. And when Margaret was looking at him, She is making sure to give him razor-sharp eyes that could make him shivered with guilt of marrying her. She thought, “Let’s see who’s going to suffer, and I will make sure to give you one hell of a life in making this decision of marrying me without giving me a chance to decide for myself.” Margaret was full of anger, and she’s becoming a more devil-like at that point of time, and when she was in the peak of her dream…***POOF SHE WOKE UP FROM HER SLUMBER DREAM, and she sigh with a relief, and said to herself….” THANK YOU THAT IT WASN’T REAL|!
Margaret don’t know what does this dream was all about, but she was praying that the feeling she felt that day will not take place in reality, since she don’t want to sense that raging sentiment to someone she cares about , especially to the people whom she didn’t even know.