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Yolanda Please Stay Away from us

Typhoon Yolanda
Typhoon Yolanda

I would like to tell a story about what’s going on here in the work place I settled in. Two days ago, a news suddenly break the silence of every one else here in Iligan. It was being foretold that there will be a typhoon that will enter the Philippine Area of Responsibility that will hit the country. The eye of the Typhoon will be centered at Samar and Leyte, yet some areas like the Northern Mindanao were a part of those areas that will be affected due to its diameter that reaches 600 kilometer. This typhoon is named as Yolanda, where in, it is called Haiyan in International name. So far, in accordance to the tabloids, this typhoon is considered the most powerful typhoon in the year of 2013. Currently, this typhoon was packing monster wind gusts of nearly 380 kilometres (235 miles) an hour as it approached the Philippines. The President of the Philippines announces addressed to the people of the constituent to prepare all the possible needed before this typhoon totally hits the country. The people in those affected areas were managed to be evacuated before this typhoon hits.

“Other vulnerable areas are the port cities of Cagayan de Oro and Iligan on the southern island of Mindanao, where flash floods induced by Tropical Storm Washi killed more than 1,000 people in December 2011.”

This only means that Iligan City is not exempted from Yolanda’s visitation. Iligan has been hit twice by a strong typhoon last 2011 and 2012 that almost killed so many people in this area. Now, that another is forthcoming on its way, upon the news break out, most of the people already secured their self and prepared all the things they needed. People already know how to deal with this and no longer think the idea of doing the Maniana Habits, which some Filipino have. They already exert efforts to do the necessary preparation as to save every ones life, as much as possible. Unlike the previous days at present Iligan seems to be in silence. All is aware, and all is prepared.

Filipino people are much attached to God, and we are most hopeful to God that this typhoon would not hit the country and not kill many people. We believe that God is not sleeping, whether one is a Muslim or a Christianity, everyone believes that God exist. This is the most powerful weapon that every individual do have and the best defence from this monstrous Typhoon.