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Episode 003: Looking for an idea to create a content to my podcast

How to create a content for a podcast? I’ve been searching for this on you tube and watch some podcast guru, all of them were saying do an episode that you love the most. So, here I am, trying to sponge out some ideas inside my brain. Any suggestion?


Script: https://www.edgestudio.com/

There is a distinction between the “Traveler” and the “tourist”. The Real Traveler travels off the clock. Schedules shift from the routine and expected to the new and surprising. The heart opens. Differences dissolve. Friendship and discovery are the most prized commodities on the traveler’s road, and cost only the time it takes to listen, to explore, to step from one well-worn trail to a fresh cut path through new terrain. Become a real traveler and discover an earth that gives generously to the gracious gust.

Sound: http://www.orangefreesounds.com/

Anime Clip: Violet Ever Garden

I will be much happier if you could suggest or comment about this demo. I know there’s a lot of improvement here.

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Voice Over 101: Spirited Away Trailer


Script from https://www.edgestudio.com

“Walt Disney Studios presents a studio ghibli film, from master film-maker Hayao Miyazaki. In worlds seen an un-seen, where spirits are transformed and sorcerers rule, one girls
future depends on her judgement, her courage, her loyalty and remembering one thing above all else. Walt Disney studios presents a studio ghibli film. Experience a magical movie phoenomenom, embraced by all the world. This fall, prepare to be “Spirited Away”.

Sound from https://www.orangefreesounds.com

Video from Waltdisney/Studio Ghibli

Voice: Of course, its mine:)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gnhz0nBCMAQ

Happy Voice Overing:)

Voice Over 101: Voice

Script from https://www.edgestudio.com/

This… is my voice.

There is no music, and there are no sound effects… only the pure, clear sound, recorded for your ears.

I am a voice over artist, a voice actor, a voice talent, and I can convey my message in many ways, in many tones and with many emotions.

I can speak in a very light whisper, to share an intimate message with you. Or my voice can boom deeply, demanding respect from those who are listening. My voice can express sympathy to someone who has just experienced a great loss, or it can reflect the happiness one feels after having accomplished something great!

I sit (or stand) before this tube constructed of metals, of plastics, of wires and of silicon, which listens patiently to me, as if it were alive, like a mistress, hour after hour, day after day, and night after night. It never judges me, however it is a reflection of me… one which is neither vengeful, nor forgiving.

I am a voice actor…and this is my voice.

The image and the voice is created by ME:)

Happy Voice Overing:)


Voice Over 101: Life

Isn’t it awesome to find something that you feel like doing it? I just did, I am newbie on this side of interest, and I’m loving it. I don’t know how far will I go on this thing, but I believe there is something to look forward on this. So, here’s my sample. Feel free to view:)

Scripts: https://www.edgestudio.com

Life isn’t just about passing on your genes. We can leave behind much more than just DNA. Through speech, music, literature and movies…what we’ve seen, heard, felt…anger, joy and sorrow…these are the things I will pass on. That’s what I live for.

We need to pass the torch, and let our children read our messy and sad history by its light. We have all the magic of the digital age to do that with. The human race will probably come to an end some time, and new species may rule over this planet. Earth may not be forever, but we still have the responsibility to leave what traces of life we can. Building the future and keeping the past alive are one and the same thing.

Sound: http://ngefreesounds.com/

Video: CG Meet up

Voice: of course mine:)

Happy Voice Overing;)

Chicken Soup for the Teacher’s Soul

I am selling this book entitled Chicken Soup for the Teacher’s Soul. If you are someone who is a teacher by profession and needed some motivation, this book is for you! Its a second hand book, and I’m selling it at 450 php. Send me a message if you are willing. Thank you:)

Chicken for the soul
Chicken Soup for the Teachers Soul

Lazada Philippines

The Taste of Life

“This story is something I created when I was a first  year college, year 2005. My teacher from English 3 instructed us to make a story based from the picture he revealed to us. At that moment,  the picture he did revealed was a photo of a cave and war like scenario, then this is how I created the story.”

It was May 14, 2014 when my friend Joan invited us to be reunited again after a long time, her friend since high school, to go in Palawan. It was her treat for us to relax from a heavy office duty, to have a sightseeing not to mentioned, vacation with the gang! It was the right time then since it was summer. All of us were free from work. The sea was a crystal clear as well as the sky that was very much bluer than blue when we arrived, and Joan was standing near the shore waiting for us.


After a few days of appreciating the beauty of the said place, we have decided to go to the cave. The last spot that we haven’t gone to.  There were three boats that were going inside and one of that boats were us. Before entering the cave, Aliyah was quite afraid going inside because it was dark. I, myself was also afraid from the kept hidden mystery from the cave. Still, the man said that there’s nothing to be afraid of since the cave is not perilous. As we go in, we’ve seen lot of things inside and one of this was a limestone which was created by a slight acidic substance that slowly dissolves the rock along cracks and it looks like a crystal as the light of our flashlight hits the wall of the cave and we are amazed how wonderful it was. As we row the boat, many bats were flying towards us, until we arrived at the zone of the cave which is called the twilight zone. Joan explained to us what twilight zone is. She said that this zone is sheltered from direct sunlight and normally has a moderate environment than above ground and host to a diverse population of animals. After an hour, we succeed coming out from the cave with a feeling of contentment and memories of our experiences inside the cave.

image 2

After enjoying the trip, we finally decided to go back to the resort hotel. It was getting dark when my friend wawa was reading a newspaper when suddenly she started to uproar. As I look at the newspaper, it was a picture of three cars that were burning into flame beside a building and it came from the country of Iraq. Bainarie told us that they were at the chaos that is happening in Iraq at this very moment, and it was true as seen on CNN News today. I’ve seen many people, military unit and other events that are involve in that pandemonium. From that moment, I feel bad and pity to those people who are involved in that turmoil. As I look up the sky, the stars are shining so brightly and the sea was calm. I suddenly think that, while we were having fun on this island, other people were suffering from commotion that caused by misunderstanding. Now, I realize that sometimes, life is becoming unfair.

“It was a story I created 11 years ago, and to tell you, this didn’t happen since our friend Joan died from an incurable illness last 2013. It was an unexpected sickness that caused her body to grow frailer each day. The treatment from her illness haven’t been resolved by science, only to reduce the pain. Due to her stress caused by her environment, her sickness grow quicker than expected. Not later than a year, I guess, after knowing her illness, she died. The sickness that caused her life to demise is called LUPUS.”

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Hash Tags: for categorizing!

I did join in a challenge from http://www.ultimateblogchallenge.com. This is a first time for me to join in this kind of blogging stuff. It now became one of my interest or a hobby as of this moment due to the fact that it gave me some new learning more about this blogging world. Aside from this, I am learning much stuff, which diverts me from my daily living, and roam around in the different kinds of blogs. For me this kind of thing is very awesome. Will, I am in right now. Hope it won’t change my mood.


Anyway, one thing that I did learn is about the use of HASH TAGS. Maybe, some of you already knew about this since some of the people here are already a blogger. This made me happy as a beginner in doing this kind of thing because you can let yourself share something to the world. In this challenge, we need to create a blogs for 31 days for the month of October. One of the requirements is to create lot of traffic in your website through re-posting your post to some of your links like facebook, twitter, pinterest, reddit and a lot more, also for you to gain lot of audiences. So, upon posting it to other websites you need to use #blogboost in order to categorize your post and be included to those people who also share your interest. When you include your hash tag to your post, try to click it (ex. #blogboost) and you will see those people who also entered in this challenge and their new posts. This is really interesting. Happy #blogging!

My Place of thoughts: BLOGGINGS!

          I never plan on writing a blogs, but the fact that I love putting my mind in words made me very interested in writing what’s inside my head. It is hard keeping all your thoughts just inside your head, and its quite better to make them into words and share it to the world.

blogs                    I did start my bloggings more than one and half year ago. There is that class that I did attend to here in Iligan, because it was free. I entered here due to the fact that I would like to expand my interest and learn something new. It becomes a one of diversion in my worries in everyday life. That class was all about Search Engine Optimization, more or less on internet marketing. On that day, I did not know what it was all about. The teacher introduces me about word press, about submitting links to other websites, pinning, and a lot of stuff which I do not understand. The most wonderful thing that they did share to me is this word press. I did think that “finally!” I could have my own area to set my mind free into a site which I could possibly share it to the world. From then on, I did write some of thoughts.


            Before this site was being introduced to me, I have my facebook to write all my thoughts. However, I thought it isn’t enough. Facebook has a limited feature in terms of bloggings, and somehow I am not very comfortable there stating all my stuff. When this word press got introduced to me, all my hormones inside my head suddenly popped out and loved the idea of putting them here. So, as the days goes on, I explored some of the blogs written by different people from different walks of life, and they made me more interested in writing. I am amazed about their experiences, ideas, thoughts and became excited on the things they are going to share.


            Now, I am doing this bloggings out of my interest or as a hobby. Grammar is very important, but somehow I don’t master them. So, please if anyone who notice something on my writings kindly tell them to me. I appreciate those people who see my mistake and tell them to me. It is such a nice thing to know something you don’t know. As a part of being hobby, blogging become one of my therapies from thinking many stuff. It did bring out the things that I needed to say. I am a slow blogger, so please have patient with me. Usually, I do bloggings when I am in the mood to write what’s inside my head.  Of course, I do love to make money out of it but I guess I need more time in knowing more of this thing.